Top 20 Business Ideas In Kolkata With low Investment

West Bengal has a lucrative and prosperous capital city Kolkata. The state itself is a gateway to southeast Asian and Asian countries. Starting a business in Kolkata is tricky. If you are ambitious enough and have proper knowledge of the market pattern of Kolkata, then it is way easier and effective for your startup plans. Business is highly preferred to earn well in this modern era. From big companies to small business units,  profit and job opportunities are the core reason behind the rising business interests of the wide population.

We will help you find the best business in this article. Your small initiative can provide you a great opportunity in the future. Nowadays high disposal income lets people start a side business with low investment and high returns plan so this article will guide to the right path. 

So let’s get straight into it.


recruitment agency consultant

The business of providing service like providing people jobs in work enriched sectors is the idea with a commitment to efforts and time. Investment capital is low to commence with. Long time revenue is high as it fulfills the evergreen demand of finding work for locals as well as migrants.

To set up a proper recruitment firm, firstly make a proper plan.  To work as a retail business-oriented staffing agency,  determine the competition in the local area. Assess financial spending on infrastructure,  digital tools,  staff, etc. Follow the legal regulations like GDPR ( General data protection regulation). Look for marketing options like framing a logo,  reach out to the job seekers or clients through the right channels like LinkedIn. Set up goals for the firm to jump 20% in  stable clients in 4 months and invest in tech tools and  ties with recruiting companies


event planners

The organized way of life in Kolkata reflects the systematic as well as conventional ways of living in the city. Devising the corporate events, business parties, weddings, etc. calls out to the successful business of Event Management. Holding to the norms of low capital investment and strong connectivity with networks, event management has found its way to be the triumphant option.

Firstly,  register your business name. General liability insurance is a must. Initially, your staff should be minimum. A coordinating,  clerical, and marketing employee is crucial. Administrative activities are to be personally managed by you as an owner. Marketing your company is quite important through publications, business cards, and prospectus regarding your categorized services.

Consider long term partnerships with key service providers that will help you to get discounts which further aids you to keep your expenses low and ensure funding to maintain your staff at the initial stage of business. Prefer the local market and make yourself visible online. Try to make collaborations to help you build a reliable reputation in the market and back up option for future uncertainties.

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business of bookstore

Education is the most valued element in organized cities like Kolkata.  The old book bank is an innovative idea. In order to save money, students usually buy old books that further leads to good income generation to invest in the book store. The stationary items and books are constantly in demand. Hence, this business allows a regular flow of income.

As investment in low, you need to find a low rented out commercial store. After all the legal processes you have to understand the market of the area. If your area has a high population of kids the kids stationery and book items would let you make good sales and profit. Giving coupons during the opening and offering unique knowledgeable content will help you get the attention of the readers. School books always let you earn well. Used books and old books service is also a great deal to make long term customers.


coaching business plan

From the past few years,  coaching centers have become an important element of education to the youth of India. Competition is on the rise and so the requirement of coaching centers has eventually brightened the business of coaching centers. It further leads to greater employment among the teachers in the city

The business of the coaching center is quite successful nowadays. The basic assets are students. Flighting with a low margin fee structure along with high-quality education ensures the regular income from the business. Investment is to be checked in various elements from infrastructure to staff but the returns are always impressive.

Advertising in print and radio and setting location feasible to the student community is key factors. In the middle stage of business, inculcating competitive studies is one step forward in profitable business.

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open cafe in kolkata

The city of dreams allows people to have a good income that they use to fulfill their desires. Affording cafe and restaurants is common to them. A cafe offering unique cuisine as their specialty work spectacular to get a wide range of regular customers. The mobile food counter also works well in a populated city like Kolkata.

Cafe in West Bengal is a tiresome business to start. All the capital investment on elements of infrastructure,  staff,  etc is open. You have to make a symbol drink or coffee of cafe to make it significant. After all permits, the cafe has to be advertised in the area. Initially choose an eating area for a cafe in the market that is visible out. With low fares and the high-quality product would eventually help the business to flourish.


beauty parlor business

Grooming is important to women and men. This renders a great opportunity to earn well in the densely populated city. Figuring out specialties of your parlor or salon further helps you get greater returns at its best.

Beauty salon also needs investment funding. The different services owing to different rates are key income generators. The equipment is a huge asset to the owner. The location is the very effective reason behind high or low returns along with the customer reliability

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bakery business plan

Bread and cake making business is a very lucrative idea in Kolkata. Starting with a small bakery,  this business has a potential of flourishing to a large extent in a long span of time.

Location is an element. The bakery business follows the same pattern as the cafe. You can include instant delivery services to enhance your business reach.


tailoring business ideas

Tailoring business is also considered as one of the core business ideas in the market. So starting with getting legalities,  start from home area to reduce rental expense. You have to get the name of the store, promote the types of tailoring among the best icon of them.  Investment in equipment that is assets is fixed cost.

Conclusively,  you have to plan a good customer policy and rates to ensure that you have regular customers to increase your business arena. As a businessman,  you should have close contacts with the clothing shops that would further render good customer to you in the market to make money.


photo artist

The young generation has a keen interest in photography. If you are a skilled phot artist then, starting a photography business is quite easy. Making your trademark and own website is effective. After all the legal formalities now you need to maintain a highly active social media accounts to influence a great number of followers.

It is one of the best ideas for a self-employment business. You should give wedding photography a good time. Cover short events and make a proper team. Your business card should be innovative and creative. Attach your company with the mass media industry to increase your business.


car washing business

Carwash business is growing for a few years. The car wash business needs an initial investment in the machinery. Starting with Pvt ltd and other legal works done you should opt for mobile machinery assets. Rental income along with essential water permits is credited.

If you are thinking of long term business then you should choose an industrial area location to ensure your regular customers to allow to take your business profits high. It is quite a profitable business that can have a long business future


startup travel agency business

Traveling is a luxurious activity that people pursue in their free time. From past years, traveling has its own market. Travel consultancy business works best when taken at both online and offline platforms. So you are planning this at a low budget then you should start with an online platform as it would reduce rental investment.

Set up your office from home. Get all the legal work done and take your niche market.  Marketing and branding are key to get your customers and build a reputation. Access the partners and make clients. Eventually, your assets will be built and then you can take an offline office in the market place with loans to work simultaneously through the online and offline platforms to give traveling facilities of tickets, hotels, tourist guides, etc to your customers.


driving school ideas

Driving school business has developed very well in the Indian market due to busy schedules and basic needs of driving skills nowadays. So if you are the owner of a car and thinking of starting a driving school then the things you need a proper commercial license,  hangings, and marketing with a Pvt ltd company domain. It is good to start as a small business option.


marketing business ideas

Online marketing lets you provide service to promoting the products of e-commerce sites. It is basically exercised through social media platforms like WhatsApp,  Instagram, and YouTube. This lets you earn from home.

Being in an online marketing business,  you should gain experience by working as a contractor first. This ensures that you will be able to work into different business conditions to finally making a strong plan business strategy as a founder. Known to all types of risk,  create a perfect model, and start channelizing through your close contacts.


startup blogging business

You should have something interesting to connect with your audience that needs necessary writing skills. But the foremost question is how to start a blogging business? Well, firstly we recommend you to make your own website in order to earn good through blogging. The initial investment is on tech equipment and domain name. Choose your topic of blog wisely. Now you need readers for your blog!

Promote your blog on social media accounts like Instagram and LinkedIn. Connect with other bloggers to make yourself visible in the blogging community. Create relatable and controversy related blogs to gather huge traffic. Get the advertisement in your blog from companies. Further, write for the sponsored companies to make money.


engineer business ideas

If you are a keen observer and have an interest in operating with technology then this may become your job option. Looking for any kind of defects is needed. So you need to have the technical knowledge and should enroll in ISTQB certification to get trained with the technical concepts that are required.  This will let you earn  10, 000 -20, 000 per project by giving average  5-6 hours deliberately to project as per your time management skills. Further, you can set up a proper agency.


start a freelance business

Freelancing is the working way of future generations. Freelancing refers to giving your work or craft to particular projects of companies for a short period of time. Those are basically short projects.

Freelancing is well known in web designing,  graphic designing, writing, etc. You have a skill so you can work for a particular period of time on a related project of respective companies. Freelancing writing is quite famous. From copywriting, a journalist writing to creative writing,  freelancing has become a creative and inclusive way to make money.

For this, you have to invest in tech equipment like equipment, high-speed WiFi,  authentic audio system, etc. There are various freelancing platforms that you can access to get good clients along with increasing your experience. It is a very low budget self-employment business.


youtube business ideas

The online platform is very fortuitous for the small investment business plans. YouTube is an online community that helps you get every sort of information and entertainment you have creative, technical interests then try to explore it as a business idea.

Start making videos by making a plan and list of your content in advance and make an account on YouTube. Upload your content and try to gain subscribers with the help of family and friends.

Join YouTube partner programmer and start earning with the content you upload. This is a very easy business to start with low investment. The initial investment is basically on the tech and editing software for your videos.


nursery business plan

If you have studied horticulture,  plant nursery business is for you. The nursery business needs an organized and planned way to implementation of your plan. Legalized terms and conditions would lead you to start this business with a proper name.

The investment goes from suppliers of seed, containers, and other equipment to the land area that is a basic necessity. You need to have regular customers and work with big corporations. Contracts with gift stores, etc will make you earn a good amount out of your natural hobby. The technical assets are costly but yet works for the long term that can be purchased through taking a loan to run this business.


carpentry business ideas

The carpentry industry works in a flow. If you want to get in the industry you have to gather the market trends to make your business work. Deciding your marker lead is necessary. Make a brand and register it with a trademark. Have a contract with the key suppliers and work with them according to terms and conditions. Make yourself settled in the market and gather clients according to their demand products. Make yourself available online to ensure the flow of orders.


online dropshipping business

Dropshipping Business is quite popular in entrepreneurship. You act as a retailer who opens an online brand. The customer places an order at your brand. You connect with a wholesaler or supplier which further supplies the placed order under your brand name. You are not responsible for inventory and delivery but if any issue regarding the product arises,  you are directly accountable.

Firstly identify your niche. Research about the current market patterns and choose your area of products. Go through online market places to get market information about your products. Further, build your store online by signing in Shopify and getting your store public. You have to set up connections with suppliers and wholesalers in order to gear in the actual business practice of drop shipping. As people will place orders at retail price at your store,  your suppliers will supply them. As soon as the order is delivered,  the margin between what you have been paid and what you pay to the wholesaler for the products is your income.

Hope it will help you out !

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