23 Business Ideas for College Students | Part-Time Business Ideas

It is a mere fact that most college students struggle with unemployment or underemployment and need to rely upon parents for financial support entirely. Apart from that, there are lots of options available in the market offering a long list of business ideas for students in India.

Spending the money on children even after their graduation is a tough job for the parents as many of them may have retired or are unable to maintain their monthly budget plan.

In this scenario, many of the college students are planning to loosen up the burden of their parents by launching their own startup in the market. Startups if gets clicked in the market can bring huge profit overnight for sure which is why business persons are richer than the government job employee or any job holder.

Using perfect strategy and capturing the demand of customers in a certain place is one of the primary tactics that can lead the pave for a good future for students.

However, there are a few startup plans that any college students can choose based on their skills for a good step into startups in the market.

Here, a list of 23 business ideas for college students based on fewer investment criteria and visible profit, these are some startup ideas that can be useful financial support for any college students.

A Student with the proper skillset and enough knowledge from the lessons of the college can use their knowledge in real life to gain profit.

Some of the necessary startup ideas for college students besides attending the college campus are.

1. Tutoring:


Although there are many startup ideas for college students in India, It is the best way to use your skills in teaching that completely reflects your knowledge achieved in the class.

Moreover, tutoring can also increase your proficiency in the area of the subject and also can bring you good money. Tutoring is the simplest way to increase knowledge and earn money at a time and this is why most students choose this field of employment in their basic stage of a startup.

Tutoring can also be developed into a good money-making business if the results of the college students get much better than before.

If you are witnessing good progress in the tutoring business then you can increase the area of business extended to market by developing the environment or else starting an institute collaborating with many students of your age.

Starting process

The process is not laborious, and in India, there is no need of getting any kind of certificate for the initial startup of a tutoring business. All you need is some space where students can sit comfortably and can learn from you.

When it comes to investment, then one room is enough for the area in which you think that you can get some college students interested in having tuition classes. You can start this business just with 5 to 10 thousand investments.

For marketing purposes, you can use the old school method of marketing which is distributing flyers.

It will improve your presentation skills, and you can improve your sense of reading body language. If you choose the students from the intermediate level, then you can also develop skills to handle people emotionally, logically.

If you are doing it for a part-time, then it will boost your general knowledge, and if you applied for any government job, then you know how much importance general knowledge has in competitive exams.

2. Transportation And Delivery

Transportation and Delivery

Transportation seems to be a job of high grade, but it’s quite similar to the Uber drivers who are considered as an individual contractor working for the company of Uber.

A group of college students can start a delivery company by collaborating with any renowned company and can earn good money as online shopping is a new trend nowadays.

It will obviously be a good plan if the advertisement of those companies will be on hype after working with full efforts for some length of time.

If any of the students in a group possess a bike or car, then it will be of great help in deliveries and some enhancements from the existing companies such as delivery on time can bring in good customers for sure.

Unlike the tutoring startup, this may require some amount to startup with transportation and delivery and good interaction skills will make some good money by joining hands with companies.

This will be one of the best business ideas for students in India as it can make a good name as well as profit if it is proved genuinely consistent.

Starting process

There are a number of transportation startups one can open and especially for college students. Getting certifications or government every single idea has a different procedure to follow.

You can team up with big e-commerce companies, courier companies or you can start your low-level logistics transportation service through hiring a handful of small trucks.

Keep in mind that you have a perfect B plan for this business because due to the massive growth of e-commerce in India the transportation companies are also increased now.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

It will help you in developing managing skills. In the initial days after the business launch, you will have to do a lot of managerial work on your own including finance, budget planning, and numerous others.

This will help you in pitching your idea to a potential investor for getting some investment in later stages, and you will also start to understand the terms like market need, market curve, and fundamental skills are how to create maximum results from minimum resources.

3. Freelancing


With the rapid development of technology, the use of the internet and web-based application has gained a lot of customers throughout the world.

In this scenario, online business ideas for students in India are also rapidly increasing in terms of freelancing.

Students with their individual skills can gain money from freelancing in various fields such as content writing, graphics design as well as many dependent jobs in the market.

A system with a proper internet connection is enough in this case but it’s a kind of good and profitable part-time job that works from anywhere in the world and students can do their job whenever they get leisure or spare time from their regular schedule.

Starting Process

As you know this type of business doesn’t need too much investment but it does need great skills for which one can think that it can affect your business positively or you can earn money from.

For doing such business getting short terms certificates from any institute will be beneficial for you. Not for getting approval but for understanding the customer need.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This can improve you in many ways. Even a freelancing business can turn up in an agency, and an agency can be an IT company.

From a learning perspective, you can be an expert on your skill, and if you go for a job, then you will do your work more efficiently than your co-worker.

4. Web Designing

Web Designing

Although there may be many plans for startups for college students in India, with proper and definite skills, web designing lead all the startups if properly nurtured with consistency.

If a student is an expert in web designing and development then he can start with freelancing and end up with limitless profits by opening a company with many professionals either trained by that individual or recruited.

A group of professionals in web designing and development field can gather lots of customers as their clients for enhancements in their sites or any additional designing process to attract more customers from their side.

If you are skilled in web designing or have a clear cut idea about graphic designing and content building then you can earn good money for sure.

It is better to startup by creating independent websites of some small scale companies or stores nearby you as testimonials.

You can then expand your business to a further level to the bigger community that can provide more money and can also pass your fame to other clients for sure.

Starting Process

You don’t have to take any government approval if you are starting it as a self-employed person.

But if you want to team up with your mates, then there are chances that you should have to go for a government certificate to start your business.

In starting you don’t need too much investment one computer/laptop and impressive designing sense will do.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This idea also has a lot to learn in order to make your future brighter. One of those skills is putting your creative idea with logic in front of your team.

This is very important in all terms whether you want to expand your this business on a big scale or want to do the job after your college.

5. Marketing


Marketing services are also one of the best startup ideas for students in India as every newly started company as well as reputed companies needs advertisement and publicity to gain customers.

If your group of friends is expertise in graphic design, arts, writing, and poster making then you can form a good group of professionals in your company to prove your skills and ability in the market.

It will be better to start up with local stores and companies to offer your marketing services and if everything turns well with the best efforts then your company will get publicity automatically as a good and active marketing service.

Starting Process

This business is similar to the one of freelancing and designing, and they share budget similarities as well. The only difference is that in this business you have to understand the speed of trend change.

One of the skills you must acquire before starting a business is how to trigger the emotions of people in order to push your product.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Besides making you a good marketer, it will make you a smart buyer as well. You can stop yourself from buying unnecessary things just because of a good marketing campaign.

You can save your money and will also know a lot about your decision-making skills.

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6. Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant

This business idea is suitable for those who have some prior knowledge about social media channels and how you can promote yourself or a company or a personality on those channels.

This needs a lot of expertise and studying about people and how the mind reacts about a certain message, post, or color. You can also say this is one part of digital marketing.

Starting Process

You don’t need to get any certificate from any government, but you need to know some psychological skills and also need to learn the people or customer behavior on social media sites.

If we talk about the initial investment to start this business, then you have to learn how to get results from social media through paid promotion.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This again will help you to know the intention of every post being post by any celebrity or brand.

You will also optimize your time-wasting habits after getting known about the laws and tricks of psychology used in social media sites and promoted content.

7. Clothing Designer

Clothing Designer

Most of the college students love being a trend in terms of using gadgets, hairstyles, and clothing as well.

Being a cloth designer not only will give you money but it can give you a lot of opportunities for making this business your passion.

Every other person is being a celebrity just because of social media and the demand for skillful designers is increasing day by day.

Starting Process

This business is also one of those which can be started with low investment. In fact, if you have an excellent social media presence, then you can reap the benefits.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This business will tell you about the youth mindset and will force you to observe the trend or to change a pattern. Over a while, you can enhance your creativity and observation skills to a considerable extent.

8. Ecommerce Reseller

ecommerce reseller

There are many sites in India which are giving you a platform to sell your goods. You can also sell your products after buying all those from the market at reasonable prices. Choosing the type of product and their rates are entirely up to you.

Starting Process

This idea is quite easy but varies as per the platform. First, you have to decide which type of product you want to sell and from where you can buy them at low rates.

After that, you have to register your company and to have a GST number and dealer license from the manufacturer. If you have these two certificates, you can quickly start on any platform.

Knowledge of SEO and how to write product descriptions is a must if you want to have customers in the early stages of the business.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

When it comes to improving yourself, then it will strengthen your negotiations skill and people skills which is essential for any entrepreneur or a job.

You can also make this business a permanent business if you see considerable growth in your sales.

9. Student Magazine Publisher

Student Magazine Publisher

This again one of the businesses you have to choose as per your interest due to variations in the categories in a magazine. You can start with any type of magazine publishing business at a low level.

Starting Process

You have to choose which type of category appeals to you most. Whether you like the fashion type of magazine, animals magazine or any kind of magazine.

You need to have a publishing license which you can get if you state your level of distribution and quality of your content clearly.

From the investment point of view, you have to check how much the fees of getting a license in your area.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Magazines, media, and other types of media can be used to power the local issues, answer the public questions, and contributing to voicing the people who can’t reach the management level of any organization or in government as well. Empowering the poor is what everyone needs in any area of life.

10. Tech Support Provider

Tech Support Provider

Also known as BPO many companies which are dealing with digital products don’t have a budget to hire in house teams of answering the queries of their customers.

In this age of internet and technology development, there are various products and software which can confuse the customer.

You can make a small team with your buddies and start giving solutions to them. The company will provide you with good money in exchange for your service.

Starting Process

When it comes to starting this kind of business you need a little investment which you can easily arrange with the help of your family members and launch your idea.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

If we look at the angle of improving your skills for the brighter future from this job then that is distinguishing the important thing from your favorite list of tasks or things you love.

You will know more about society, people’s interests, and more importantly, you will know how to pen all those problems in a way that can draw attention from common people.

11. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

This niche of business is also one that has numerous options to give it a start and earning some cash from it.

One important thing to start this type of business is one needs a level of expertise that can make a difference in one’s life.

You can be a fitness trainer, memory trainer, diet trainer any type of field you can choose but the essential point is you have a lot of knowledge and a bit of experience in that area.

Starting Process

This is also easy and doesn’t need a considerable amount of money. You have to figure out in which area you can improve others and offer training sessions to them.

Digital marketing is the best medium for such businesses and coaching because there are numerous questions one can’t ask face to face from his/her coach.

Another best point is you can get the attention quickly and at the meager budget through digital marketing.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This type of business can make you expert after some time, and after that, you can offer your consultancy service as well.

You can train the trainers in your niche after some time which will give you a chance of earning more money than educating the normal students.

12. Hair Styling Service

Hair styling service

Usually, this is one of the most trending ideas because youth is hunting newness in everything. They are trying everything which can make them look smart. Hairstyle plays a vital role in personality. This business holds the chances of earning a profit.

Starting Process

To start this business what you need is premises and some instruments which are essential for having an awesome salon.

This includes mirrors, scissors, colors, and cosmetic items. Arrange them to give an impressive look, and you all set now.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Understanding the trend and youth will help you in whatever industry you choose in the future. You can also choose this niche for your career.

In case if you want to switch after finishing your college then observing skill and people skill is the core demand of every corporate job and also for your future business venture as well.

13. Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service

Residential and Commercial Cleaning service

Cleaning and related jobs are not low profile tasks nowadays. There are many high tech companies that need an intelligent group of people to give an exciting look at their workplaces.

College students can do this even residences are also becoming high-tech. You can start alone or with your friends as well.

Starting Process

Before starting your venture, you need a complete analysis of your potential customers and the type of technology advancement you have to tackle.

Learn everything about that.

In many companies, there are different signboards that have their meanings. List the types of equipment you will need in the future and start a website using a small business website builder.

Getting customers depends on your marketing and online presence. Make sure you have done it brilliantly, and your idea is attracting the attention of people.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This business has a lot of opportunities in the future, and you can read them. Apart from this if you wish to take it as a part-time job.

It can give you a significant understanding of the corporate ambiance and way in which any big companies are installed.

This will help in thriving in the corporate career. The initial part of this business will give you the experience of researching, planning, and executing.

14. Create And Sell E-books

Create and sell E-books

Writing e-books is also a fruitful business idea for students. You can create an e-book for any content which doesn’t have strict copyright conditions, and you can sell them either online or offline.

The more exciting thing about this idea is you can make an e-book of your notes.

Starting Process

This idea doesn’t require too much money. All you need is an entrepreneurial mindset and some writing skills. This is simple that can help you in improving yourself.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This will help you in understanding the online selling and purchasing behavior of people. You will also get some writing skills and technical skills which will help you in enhancing your career.

15. Start Building Mobile Applications

Start Building Mobile Applications

Building applications is one of the most profitable business ideas in low investment.

Every business and entrepreneur needs an app builder to increase the people to people’s interaction with his customers or readers.

This idea promises you some handsome amounts in your bank account.

Starting Process

Heading for this idea needs some coding skills and a laptop or computer to execute those coding ideas.

You can learn these skills just in one or two month’s short term course. There are many online platforms that are teaching such skills for nothing.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Having technical skills helps in advancing your career in any field. This is the computer and internet era.

Acquiring technical skills will keep you aligned with growth. You can do this business along with your future job.

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16. Provide Language Translation and Transcription Services

Provide Language Translation and Transcription Services

The Internet is bridging distances. International businesses are hiring talent as their remote employees. Google, YouTube, and many websites are supporting multi-languages.

You can also offer the translation service to the existing content in other languages.

Starting Process

If you want to reap this idea, you need to have professional knowledge of two languages. For learning these languages, you must check that those languages are being used widely or have a large group of native speakers.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Learning two languages not only makes people smart but also improves their adapting ability.

This will enable your mind to learn anything new in a faster way. As it seems the future is all about learning fast.

17. Online Reputation Management Service

Online Reputation Management service

The online selling of products is emerging at a rapid speed. The customer gives their review online whether it is about their sale service or quality of the product.

This thing determines the originality and integrity of any company. As the internet is growing companies need people to look after their audience.

You can earn money by offering this service.

Starting Process

For starting this business first, you need to have complete information about the company, product and how the customer uses them. This also depends on the demographics of customers.

Along with this, you must know about handling various social handles and how to post on them. Last but not least you will need how to deal with an angry customer. When it comes to investment, this business needs no investment.

Just after getting all these skills you can start your business. Every celebrity, personality, and people who have a huge fan base need such services.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Above mentioned skills which you need to start this business will help you in building a rewarding career in any field you need. You can also start an online reputation management agency.

18. Data Security Providing Company

Data security providing company

Inter is full of information and data. Most of that data is personal and after launching all these social websites. Things became even worse. Competitors are extracting the data of other company’s customer contact databases.

People are having issues with their banks, and online frauds are increasing. You can provide them online data security service and charge them as per your skill set.

Starting Process

Starting this business needs high technical skills. Including the business model of different social websites and how you can set privacy or hide their customer or sensitive info from the internet.

For getting a customer, you can go for an interview, or if you want to target small businesses, you can explore your technical skills and can prepare a report of their business.

Presenting a complete idea about how their business is getting affected and how you can stop it will help you in getting some potential customers.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

The central part which is essential is about data security and researching. These are the fundamental needs of every business, company, or organization. One who has these skills can make his career in any field.

19. Rent Out Any personal stuff

Rent out any personal stuff

This is also the best idea for college students. There are various things which people need temporarily or can’t afford to buy them in college life.

If you possess any of this thing, then you can earn money by rent out those things include laptops, furniture, and expensive stuff.

Starting Process

List all those things you have, but others don’t or at least the majority of students. Brainstorm the ideas about how you can get the people who are willing to have these things on rent.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

This thing will be enabled to smart management of your assets and will give you enough smartness to convert your liability into the asset.

20. Can Create Online Courses

Can create online courses

A form of education is changed now. Many online websites are offering courses as per the industrial and human needs including self-development courses to coding or language advancing courses. They provide online certificates as well.

In addition to that, all these websites conduct an online examination as well. You can create a course and offer your course on these websites.

Starting Process

For starting this idea, you need to craft a whole course and shoot your video lectures. Then decide which website appeals you most to start this venture.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Most students will create the courses either about their hobbies or about some other talent or skill they have.

This will improve your confidence, and in the future, you will be able to put your opinion idea confidently.

You can also make people understand your concept entirely.

21. Pet Clothing And Accessories Business

Pet clothing and accessories business

Pet industry is, and you can also make some money from this growth. There are numerous pet products which can provide good profits for you.

Starting process

Besides investment, you must have in-depth knowledge about pet animals to start this business. Find a distributor of those clothing and accessories, and you can sell them online and offline.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

Every business or venture needs a profound research part of being successful or profitable. In this business, you will research the pets, pet clothing and accessories trends which will help you in earning money.

22. Hotel Review Websites

Hotel review websites

These websites are giving huge sums of money and also being helpful.

Starting process

All you need is a blog or website where you can post the reviews of the hotels or accommodations in your locality. For doing so either you can visit those hotels or can interview the customers of those hotels.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

You have to visit all those accommodations to give an honest review. This business model has numerous opportunities after this one. Ultimately it will increase your negotiation skills.

23. Private Nursery

Private nursery

This business suits them who want to make the environment pollution-free. With the profits, you can also give some contribution to the environment.

Starting Process

You can buy some seeds from the plants and can sell them after growing. To start this business one must have some gardening skills and enough knowledge about compost and plant growth.

When it comes to investment, you need some pots, seeds, and fertilizer which you can buy from your pocket money only.

You should also research the seasons and when you should show the plant seeds for healthy growth. This all depends on you which type of plants you want to see in your pots, buy seeds and compose accordingly.

How it can enhance the skill set of college students for a brighter future

As a responsible human everyone needs to give a constant contribution to the environment in order to keep the earth safe.

This idea may not give you some advancement in your skills, but it will make you caring and responsible.

Every person should have these qualities for the betterment of the environment and humanity.


All the startups mentioned above for college students are not for making money only. They will also ignite their entrepreneurial spirit which will make them extraordinary in tackling life problems and career problems in the future.

If you are one of those students who is seeking for an idea, then these ideas will help you in earning money. But make sure that you focus on improving yourself more than earning money.

No matter you get a success or a failure in your first venture but always remember the quote of the Winston Churchill “Success is not final, and failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts” and in simple words, entrepreneurship is all about improving yourself, your product and your brand and a powerful, extraordinarycomeback”.