15+ Best Business Ideas to Start in Kerala: Small to Go Big Guide 2022

Kerala is known to be the best place for both beginners in business as well as for jobs for fresher lacking experience in a particular field. Lots of industries, companies, and institutes in Kerala paved the way for many jobs utilizing most of the resources available.

Enough resources equalizing demand can give the best startup for the beginners in Kerala. Although, choosing one of the best business in Kerala from the available options becomes difficult at times but startups can click easily if everything goes with the perfect plan of execution of strategies.

Apart from that, a business needs to get started only after analyzing the scope of the success of the product or service and the demand for it in the localities.

Merely selecting a perfect targeted customer and a simple buzz regarding the product or service is enough to get renowned by the people of Kerala that is why most of the people from all over India migrate Kerala for the search of a job or for training in different management courses.

However, there are some best business ideas in Kerala that definitely has the scope of getting succeeded if quality and consistency is maintained at the beginning.

Best 15+ Most Profitable Business ideas in Kerala to Get Good Profits from These businesses

Kerala is the fastest growing city in India welcomes any type of business that can make a change or can solve any sort of problem with minimal efforts.

It has also been said that Kerala has more than 60k millionaires and more than 1k billionaires having companies that have begun in Kerala and has achieved a good reputation all around the world. If a beginner is looking out for the best business to start in Kerala, then these are a few ideas that can help.

1. Fast Food Center With a Faster Delivery Service

Fast food center with a faster delivery service

Kerala is the city with lots of colleges and institutions which means there are lots of employees who have no time for cooking at home. It is obvious that employees get to their snacks after the duty timing is over and thus fast food center works well in Kerala for sure.

If you are a resident of Kerala and can invest some amount in the business then you can also carry out the faster delivery service that will certainly increase the customer rate in less time. It is one of the best businesses in any populated area and clicks always for a beginner as a good startup.

This business will not only bring in good profits but also can give jobs to the fresher in any department of the business carried on.

How to get benefit from this business

#1: Food Center Location

The location of the food center matters most. The utmost important thing you’ve to take care of is the area should be crowded and people use to walk the restaurants.

The mobile food court (center) is also an option for you. As the life of people in Kerala is busy, they don’t like to travel to the restaurants. All they want is healthy food and if you provide good food then within no time you’ll gain popularity and can earn a huge amount of money.

#2: Tie-Up with Food Delivery Apps

In the starting phase, you may only to deliver if your budget is less or you have less space for the crowd to sit. You can also tie-up with many Food Delivery folks like Swiggy, Food Panda, Uber Eats, etc.

How Much Money You Need in an Earlier Stage

In a monetary budget, you need to have 1 Lacs to 3 Lacs if you’re looking to start with a mobile truck or if you’re looking to start in a building then your budget should have 1 Lacs to 10 Lacs depends upon the building. However, it can take 1.5 Lacs to 3 Lacs to set up an eatery.

2. Grocery Shops With Delivery Service

Grocery shops with delivery service

It is a well-known fact that waking up early and getting ready for the job itself is a quite difficult task and when it comes to going to the daily market and buying groceries then it becomes tougher for the whole family.

In this scenario, this turns as the best business to start in Kerala and if a company comes out with delivery service of grocery items then it is definitely going to be clicked by every householder for sure. No matter, what’s the price is, it will definitely gather massive customers for sure.

All you have to do is gather some persons in need of jobs and recruit them in the delivery department to approach the customers through the application.

How You Can Reap Benefits

Starting a grocery shop is one of the best business ideas in Kerala. However, you should make some pre-requisites to start a grocery store. You should do in-depth research on the target market. Since this is a local business it’s crucial to identify which areas you will cater to and you’ll have to identify procurement as well. This may include:

  • Collaborate with a local vendor and order them the required grocery.
  • Procure enough grocery and then sell it to the customers.

Online Grocery

You can also make it online so that customers can buy from you with a single click. And, all you need to do is deliver to them at their doorstep. You can add options like delivery slots and wish list.

There can be multi modes of payment such as wallet, online payments, or cash on delivery. If you deliver groceries for free, chances are more you’ll succeed early in your game.

Budget Required for Grocery Shop

Generally, it depends upon the area and quantity you want to put in your shop. Just like other businesses, you’ll want it to start in a leased building, owned building, or you’ll construct a new one. And the budget will vary according to the building.

You need to get the racks to keep the grocery items. You can get it custom or ready-made pieces. Beautiful racks are even available at 2,000.

So, for a mini supermarket or grocery shop, you should have a budget of 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs and there is no maximum budget as you can keep on adding the grocery items and extend the shop with time. That time you may need a budget of 20-50 lakhs.

3. Hostels or PG for Students or Working Persons

As Kerala is known for lots of institutions, many students come across India to join in the institutions or colleges. Hostels and rooms for students will be surely profitable as there will be never-ending rent as students keep coming every month and probably every year.

If you possess a place for hostel or money to take a lease of an apartment or home with many rooms, then you should probably go for turning it into a hostel or pg to get more profits then staying in the spacious

How to Get Benefits From PG

You can either start a girl’s pg or a boy’s pg. There is not much difference between the two but you have to provide extra security if you’re running a girl’s pg. However, there are 2 models to start a pg. This is the best business to start in Kerala through which you can become reaching.

Model #1: You don’t own the building

You can start a pg by taking the building on lease. When you take a building on the lease you’ll be responsible for the building of their uses. So, if you make it a pg or hostel, you can earn more than renting the flats in that building to different-different persons.

Model #2: You Own the Building

You can construct a building and then operate it. When you own the building you can think of recovering the complete money within a few years. You can take the loan to construct the building and later you can pay as you get monthly rent. A 6 year or 10-year plan would be ok.

The Investment Required for PG

Everyone from students to corporate employees wants to stay in a furnished room and so you need to make your rooms fully furnished with all the facilities available. There are 4 major investments you need to put in:

#1: Furnishing

Every room requires a wardrobe, computer table, chair, cot, fan, mattress, shoe rack, mats, bucket, and mug. If you’re not providing the centralized water heater then you should provide geysers.

Power backup is a mandatory thing on pg. BBMP has mandated that all pg should have CCTV.  Despite these, washing machine and TV is also necessary. You can provide a common tv or 1 in every room.

#2: Initial Operational Capital

In the beginning months, you may not yield much rent so you should keep some additional money to pay off the rent. You have t pay the salary of the cook, housekeeping, and attendants.

#3: Marketing Cost

As you open a pg customer won’t walk into your pg. You need to face a lot of competition, pay for marketing, referrals. And, all these will grow slowly as the trust and reputation grow.

Once you have built the trust slowly your pg room will get filled and you start earning handsome money.

In monetary terms, you should have as low as 5 lakhs of budget to start a pg. However, if you are looking to operate a big pg with all the facilities then even 10-15 lakhs can become a small budget.

4. Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services

If you have a group of people around you or else a good network in your society then you should attempt for some innovative ideas such as cleaning services.

A company with the fastest approach to the house by just one click in the application related to the respective company will be highly beneficial for sure.

People in Kerala are busy enough to look around the home and clean up their rooms which is why this business is going to click sooner than any other commercial services. Also include dry cleaning, washing and other regular works for a home to suit perfectly to every lifestyle.

How to Get Benefit from Cleaning Services

Any individual who is passionate about cleaning and has a clear understanding or services related to this can start this business. You should also be passionate to work with other business owners and should maintain high-quality cleanliness.

Commercial cleaning services usually start organically. The simplest way to start this business is to go door-to-door and find prospects (new customers) for your services. Contact local business owners or restaurant owners and ask if they want such services for their kitchen.

Slowly you can start and try to gain referrals from those business owners and expand. If you have a budget, hire a mailing list broker and mail all the hospitals, restaurants, and other businesses with the kitchen for your service in your local area. You can always follow them up over a phone call and offer your services. You can use email marketing if you have a business email.

To attract a number of customers or to retain the customer you can offer them some value-added services like decoration services and removal before and after holidays or during some special events. You can also provide your services at a discounted price.

If you offer permanently discounted rates to the long-time customers in an exchange with referral customers. Moreover, you can offer those customers a discounted rate whose services exceed a specific amount or for those, who are having a long-term contract.

The Budget Needed for This Business

Just like other services, in this service also initially you have to pay money for many things. Here’s a breakdown of estimated expenses you can expect.

  • Licenses and permits – Rs. 2,100-4,200 if you’re registering as a sole proprietor or 7,000-35,000 if you’re registering as a limited liability company.
  • Insurance – Rs. 35,000-2,45,000 this amount can vary annually depending on the number of employees.
  • Cleaning Equipment and Product – Rs. 21,000-42,000 depending upon the type of tool you buy.
  • Advertising – Rs. 7,000-14,000 for print and online marketing. Here the amount can increase if you want to do more promotion.
  • Labor – Rs. 500-1000 each day or you can keep them on per hour basis also.

With all these things you can start a registered and fully operational cleaning services company at a budget of around 1 lakhs. However, this budget can go up if you need more promotion and starting a big company.

5. Web Designing and Application Developer
Web designing and application developer

There are many best business schools in Kerala that offer classes for web designing and app development. These will be quite beneficial as these classes and these courses are needed more than anything in Kerala as every store and every company works with their respective application or else websites.

If you can start a freelancing service or else gather a group of an individual for freelancing and approach some clients for website management, then it will be quite profitable.

There are many other ways to get settled earning good money in Kerala, but choosing the best business to start in Kerala needs clear cut planning for future and probably skills to hold up with the productivity and outcomes of the investment in the business after getting started.

Joining the best business schools in Kerala will also help you in getting placement in any company which will give a brief idea on the practical application of the strategies and marketing management.

Once you have decided on a business plan on your mind, be consistent on the plan and also plan for the future progress to make it a brand competing with renowned brands in Kerala.

It is quite obvious that the best business in Kerala requires a quality product or service and moreover genuine efforts and consistency to hold up with the existing customers and acquire new customers who are in need of the provided service of the business in Kerala.

How Can You Get Benefit From a Web Designer or Application Developer?

You can develop your own product in-house if you think you have the necessary skills and proficiency to accomplish this. Alternatively, you can outsource the work but one thing you have to keep in mind that you should find employees for you at a lower price.

If you can’t find an employee who can work at a lower price, you can look for a freelancer on one of the platforms like Fiverr.

The last thing you can do is work with a professional web and app developer and this would be the safest option. A professional web and app developer will generally have a few years of experience and they know what they are going to produce with pros and cons.

The professional developer will enthusiastically work for you as a team and create the perfect digital platform, product, and service. And once the work is handed to them you can do your own work.

How Much Investment Needed for Web Designing Company?

It totally depends on you and the budget you’re looking to invest in. Initially, you can start as a freelancer and slowly you can set up a new office then hire a few employees, spend on marketing, etc.

As you don’t have any prerequisites in this business and can get projects if you have some connections as a freelancer. Connecting with people is the main budget you need to start a web designing company.

However, when you would like to set up an office later after the freelancing work then you need to invest some amount. You need to purchase or rent computers, chairs, and make desks. If you are starting with a few employees then your budget can be as low as 50 thousand to 1 lakhs. It can rise if employees are more and you are owning or leasing a big room or office space.

However, office spaces in Kerala now available on rent. These spaces are payable daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is the best business in Kerala which is on a boom.

6. Event Management Services

Event management services

Yes, in metro cities and busy cities so many events or parties will be organized and so is the case in Kerala. If you start, this can turn into the best business in Kerala. An event can be of different types, it can be a first birthday party, fashion show, a fundraising event, concert, product launch, etc. These events happen very frequently in Kerala.

How You Can Get Benefit From Event Management Services

To start this business you need to have a good network of people such as caterers, orchestra, decorators, and others, you’re on business. Most of the events occurring in multi-national companies are outsourced to event management companies.

When you’re doing this business, you need to take care of arranging everything needed in the event. You would get paid for all the things you’ll arrange.

Investment Needed for This Business

This business you can start with very low capital. You need to find workers who can work on lower prices and buy the material needed from a wholesaler in bulk.

Since multi-national companies will take care of all the finances for the event they would like to organize, you don’t need much investment if you’re starting this business in Kerala. But, having a good network for workers and the store from where you can get cheap material would keep you in the business. The speed of growth of your business depends upon the project (event) you get.

However, for a low budget, this business can be started even in 10K or if you’re buying everything on your own then you may need to invest 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs.

7. Software Classes 

Software Classes

Kerala is an IT hub and peoples from all the corners of India come here to search for a job. If their qualification is B.Tech, M.Tech, B.SC (IT), BCA, and MCA, they come to Kerala to search job in IT (Software) field.

Most of the multi-national software companies are there and they would be hiring for them according to their need throughout the year. Kerala also has the highest numbers of a start-up that provides job opportunities for the candidates.

For these job opportunities, a large number of crowds would be trying their best to get their first job.

How to Reap the Benefit From this Business

The first thing you need to search for is a good location, where students or job seekers are staying in a large number. Because if you’re going to open a training classroom, you should get enough numbers of candidates.

Second, get a good software trainer who can teach the candidates in a better way by clearing all of their doubts. If you get a software professional who has a good experience and know-how to train.

Once you get these, you can charge a nominal fee per candidate for the training and tie-up with few companies to provide placements. If you gain popularity and provide good training companies themselves will tie-up with you and hire your candidates. Later, you can get N number of candidates.

Investment Needed for This Business

You can make a profitable business out of the jobseeker’s desperation of getting into op software companies. You can buy or lease a few computers, desks, chairs, projectors, and blackboards or whiteboards.

You can even turn your room into the classroom if it’s in a good area. Start training them with trending software and programming languages to the students. As the strength of the student increases, you can expand your business.

The lower budget for this business can be 30K to 50K. However, it can go up to 1 Lakhs o 2 Lakhs, if you would like to start on a big level.

8. Moped or Bicycle Rental Shop

Moped or bicycle rental shop

Do you have any idea how many tourists visit Kerala every year? You would be aware of the traffic condition in the city. Not only the tourists but local residents, students from outside of Kerala, and jobseekers too need these services, who don’t have mopeds. Fitness freak people will also hire a bicycle to stay healthy and lose their weight.

However, these types of business can be very seasonal because they can be impacted by adverse weather. You don’t have to hire many employees to get this business off the ground and running.

How to Get Benefit from Moped Business

  • First thing first, you need to select the right location where tourists gather.
  • Select the right vehicles as per the trends.
  • Lease or rent a place to start the business near the bus stand, airport, or railway station.
  • Once you start the business, try to know who is losing one, try to come in terms with them.
  • Guys who have good contact near those places can become your good employee for you. You can share profit with them until you gain a good hold.

Budget Required For This Business

This is the best business to start in Kerala if your budget is low. You don’t need to crack your bank to start this business. This business can be started at a very low budget.

If you’re portraying your business in association with tourism, fitness club, or create an event to increase the popularity of your store. But, you need to make some expenses. The budget for this business is very minimal and that can be 40K to 50K.

9. Coffee Shop or Café

Coffee shop or cafe

Youngsters nowadays are looking for a place where they can hang out with their friends. Even working professionals would also like to have some good time over a coffee after a tiring day at the office. With the sweet sip of coffee, they forget their tiredness and feel energetic.

These are the main reason why there is a lot of demand for coffee is there in Kerala. In the busy population area, there is a huge demand for coffee.

How to get benefit from a Coffee Shop or Café

If you are providing a tasty coffee with a reasonable price in a prime location then no business is as good as this. People, who are visiting your shop, if they like your coffee or food then just get ready to count the money.

This is one of the best business ideas in Kerala because people from this business are making good money after opening cafés in different areas of Kerala.

Budget Required for This Business

This business doesn’t require a huge investment. But to start this business in prime location need some budget for renting a shop. However, the budget can go in between the range of 1 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs.

10. Talent Hunter or Recruitment Service 

Talent hunter or recruitment service

With the increasing number of companies operating in the city, the need for the recruitment process is very high. Companies don’t want to waste time in this process and they leave all their recruitment work on the consultancies or talent hunter.

Job seekers also would like to consult the talent hunter or consultancies because they are not getting enough number of interview call. So, by starting this business you can become a mediator between companies and job seekers.

How can you get benefit from this business

With this business, you can assessment exercises, prepare tests, and other recruitment processes to shortlist candidates for the company. You would get a commission if your candidate gets selected. You can also charge some amount from the candidate if he/she gets selected.

Budget Required for This Business

This business needs a budget of as low as 75K to 1 Lakhs because you need to set up a recruitment panel.

11. Telecom Consultancy (Call Center)

Telecom consultancy (Call Center)

This is one of the best business ideas in Kerala. The city is fully filled with software and many other categories of companies. They need these kinds of consultancy to outsource for their marketing processes.

With this kind of marketing, they can get results quickly and easily. Software companies’ expectation would be from you is to generate a lead for them.

How can you get benefit from this business

Most of the company would pay you for the revenue you’ll generate for them. How much leads will be converted that much you’ll get paid. Software companies may give you some years of the contract to you and that can be increased if you continuously generate a lead for them. They’ll also hike the price for each lead after the first contract.

Your business growth depends upon the type of project you get. In starting you’ll need some phones and a computer with an internet connection. This business can be initiated from your home location also.

Budget Required for This Business

Since this business requires only phones and a computer with an internet connection, you don’t need a bundle of cash to start. You can easily start this business with a budget of 50K to 1 Lakh.

12. Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency

As the crowd of job seekers and students are growing in Kerala, the demand for proper accommodation is the need of the hour. Moreover, start-up and multi-national companies are also growing in Kerala, they are also looking for convenient office space.

You can start as buying and selling plots or you can buy a plot and construct an attractive building and later rent them for offices, shops, etc. People already staying there are willing to change accommodation and new residents. Whereas, business owners are looking for commercial spaces.

How to get benefit from this Business

Since the prices of plots are immensely growing each day with increasing demand, you can gain a huge amount of money from buying and selling plots. When you build your own building and lease them, you can get a huge amount of money in which you can invest further and even the building will be yours.

When you’re leasing in someone else building that time also you’ll get paid from the owner. So, this business can grow with time and is the best business to start in Kerala.

Budget Required for This Business

If you have talent then you can start this business without any money. For that, initially, you need to work as a real estate broker, from there you can gain money. Slowly you can start investing that money for buying plots.

However, for starting this business from buying plots, you need a big budget and that can be in several lakhs to crores.

13. Daycare/Childcare Business


Kerala is a Hi-Tech city and its in the first position where most of the parents are corporate professionals and they don’t have enough time to take care of their own children during office hours. This is exactly why this is the best business in Kerala.

Working parents want that their children stay safe and secure somewhere and so the daycare center provides them the best option. This provides their children with not only security but good learning. This business can even turn the best business school in Kerala for children.

How to get benefit from this Business

You can start this business in your home (In-home daycare) or in a separate dedicated space (freestanding center). When you are starting this business, you need to get the license that meets the criteria of state and local licensing laws. You may need approval for the below things.

  • Your home or place where you are going to start this business may need to meet specific zoning, safety, and health standards.
  • Background checks: you and adults living in your home as well.

In this business you’ll get paid for each child you take care of. If you have a well understanding of caring for the children then you can grow exponentially or else you can attend child care classes and get a completion certificate.

Budget Required for This Business

If you are going to start this business in your own home then you need a budget only for the license. But, to start this business in a separate space with all the facilities, you need a budget or around 10 -12 lakhs.

14. Photography & Videography Business

Photography and Videography Business

You might be thinking who needs a photographer in today’s world when in all hands having a great camera phone. You’re wrong still people need a professional photographer. They want to get clicked with DSLR and pictures and videos perfectly edited by the professionals.

Events will often be organized in Kerala and to shoot the best moment event owner need cameraman for photos and videos. They want to create a memory with an awesome moment at the event.

How to get benefit from this business

All you need to click beautiful pictures and edit them with the perfect theme. If people love pictures clicked by you then you’ll get recommended to others by them and slowly you can grow on a large basis.

You can charge a professional fee for your photography. Build a portfolio for this because you need to show your clients skill and experience to deliver the job. You need to buy a high megapixel DSLR with a good lens, tripod, and computer to edit the pictures.

Consult with an SEO company to bring your business online. You can start this business in your home also but it should be in the market.

Budget Required for This Business

Since you can start this business at your home so you don’t need to crack the bank. The main budget required for camera and lenses.  However, you also need to invest in lighting and miscellaneous equipment.  This business can be started anywhere between 50K to 5 lakhs.

15. Fashion Boutique

People in Kerala are more fashion freak than all the corners of India. They love to stay stylish and so they try all kinds of dresses that can look good on them. Their dresses also change with the season. Moreover, they need designer dresses for the marriage and for any other special occasion.

If you are a fashion designer or have a good sense of fashion style and want to be known for your work then do start a boutique.

How you can get the benefits from this Business

Keep 2-3 tailors with you so you can directly contact the customer for their requirements. To grow this business you can pay attention to

  • Customers: Interact with them personally and convince them why they should get their dress stitched from you. You need to make your customers happy and satisfied. These will include – using good material, delivering on time, and pay attention to fitting.
  • Craftsmen: Hire a good craftsman so that he/she can make the designs your customer want. A good craftsman is hard to find.
  • Boutique Space: You should start this at a good place where there is visibility for your shop. A mall would be a good place to start.
  • Fabric sourcing: the quality of dress you make will depend upon the fabric you use. Since the fashion changes every season, you need to be up to date with this.

If you can arrange all these, you are good to go. If you provide the good quality you can charge more for designing the dress and customers also would want more.

Budget Required for This Business

This business requires a little more budget, as you need to buy sewing machines and rent a place. Here, you also need to bring your shop online through advertising on Facebook. So, the minimum budget you need to start this business would be 3 lakhs and the maximum can go somewhere around 10 lakhs.

16. Home Cooked Food Delivered on Doorstep

Home Cooked Food Delivered on Doorstep

Kerala is the startup city of India and is also home for many innovative startups. While many food startups are there and they concentrate on aggregating home chefs and others try to build their business and serve a big number of customers.

To cater to an increasing number of customers and to boost profit margin theses home chefs or restaurants compromise with the quality of food. This is exactly what makes a negative impact on their business in the long run. So, if you provide high-quality and tasty food then you can grow your business in the long run.

How to get benefit from this business

Many startup and multi-national companies need this kind of business who provides food to their employees. Since Kerala peoples are there from all the corners of India so if your chefs know how to prepare South Indian, North Indian, and other foods you can grow in no time. All you need to maintain the quality and provide enough food for their hunger greedy.

You can referral also from one company to another by the time. Sometimes they may need some special dishes so that also your chef should know.

Budget Required for This Business

You can start this business in your home so you need utensils to prepare food and food materials. It means you don’t need a big budget to start this business. You can start this business at a small level and slowly can grow.

So, the budget required for this business at a small level is somewhere around 50K. However, you may need a big budget if you’re not doing in your home and want to start at a big level. This budget can go somewhere around 2lakhs – 5 lakhs.

17. Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

Kerala is a tourist place and all year long tourists would be visiting. Mostly they would like to stay near the places they want to go to. But, if they don’t get the place to stay over there then they want to stay near the airport, railway stations, or bus stations. Sometimes they are even fine with any area but all they need is a place to stay at night.

 If you are a big property owner and have extra rooms in your home you may consider those for letting them for the tourists. This is one of the best business ideas in Kerala.

 How to get benefit from this business

You may need to get a license even if you are doing this business in your home. The thing you need to start this business is bed, fan or A.C., and a made to prepare breakfast for them. If you keep a person to take care of their needs like water, food, etc., it would be much better or else you can do it yourself.

 You don’t need to market or do research for this business. However, if you hang signage or banner outside your home it will help you to get more customers. And this business will give you quick cash for your unused space.

Budget Required for This Business

Since, you need to invest money for beds, fans or A.C, you don’t need much investment. Your budget also depends upon the room you want to rent in this business. But, the budget you need to invest here is minimal.

 18. Automobile Workshop

Automobile Workshop

Kerala is a very big city and working professional over here earns a handsome salary. So, those who are earning a decent salary try to live a standard life and they want to roam in cars. Even so many cab services are there in Kerala. So, hundreds and thousands of vehicles travel on the roads of Kerala every day and break upright on the road.

 The reason for break up can sometimes be traffic, rash driving, etc. so, if they find a mobile workshop on the spot or get service on a single call would surely a valuable yet profitable idea. 

How to get benefit from this business

You can make a service contract with some of the cab services to get regular work. However, if you provide services on call then also you can get work. All you need to do is service a broken or serviceable vehicle. An ongoing service contract will ensure a steady income for the shop.

You need to hire a mechanic or if you know how to service the vehicles then nothing can be better than this. You also need to buy tools and rent space for the shop.

Budget Required for This Business

Since you need to rent a space, you need more budget to start this business. But if your home is somewhere near to the road and market you can start there as well. Still, the minimum budget can go somewhere around 25K but the maximum budget can be 1 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

19. Storage Services (Warehouse)

Storage Services

Since many businesses operate in Kerala with a very small workplace. They don’t have enough space to store their records and other stuff that is not needed on a daily basis. Some companies also want space to store their products.

With the increasingly growing e-commerce business in Kerala, online retailers scramble for as much industrial space as possible. You can also put your property in the market through a commercial real estate firm as it could lead to business with big e-commerce companies like Amazon or Flipkart.

How to get benefit from this business

If the ceiling of the storage space in your home is 40 feet or more in height then Amazon would be attracted to your space. With this business, you need to have a parking area because shipment will go out on a regular basis.

However, if a small company wants storage space then you need to have a ceiling 40 feet higher and parking too. If your warehouse or godown is empty and unusable then you can rent and reap the benefit.

Budget Required for This Business

If space is in your home then you don’t need to invest even a single penny. However, if you lease such spaces in other buildings or apartment then you need a good budget. So, the thing is crystal clear, zero budget required if it’s your home or else you need at least 2-5 lakhs.

20. Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker

With the ever-increasing risk in your life insurance has become an important factor to cover up those risks. Most insurance products are a necessary part of modern life. And, the insurance industry is one of those industries that are largely untroubled by the state of the economy.

You would never want to own a car without automobile insurance. And, so you would never really consider leaving the single biggest investment of your life unprotected. Of the major insurance types, the only insurance considered optional by some people is life insurance.

How to get benefit from this business

In most of the ways, insurance is no different from any other business opportunity. It comes with some unique consequences. The first and utmost important among them is the licensing process. You also require insurance specific consideration to sell their product is gaining an appointment from insurance companies.

You have to be a people person who enjoys talking to anyone and has a deep aspiration of helping the people and learning new things. How much insurance you’ll sell, you are going to earn that much amount of money. You can go limitless in this business.

Budget required for this business

If you would like to start an insurance brokerage company then you need a big budget. However, to become an agent you just need agent license and you are done! You can go ahead with this plan with the side pocket expenses. You can start this business in your home and mainly you have to make an appointment to meet people. So, the budget required is as minimal as 10K – 20K.

21. Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

People love their pets but regret not having enough time to take care of them. You can help mollify their guilt and keep their precious fuzzy friends clean and clipped with a pet grooming business. You don’t need any degree or a license to start this business so it’s one of the best business ideas in Kerala.

Here, in this business, you need to have a love for pets and that’s a requirement because without that you can’t do. If you know nothing about pet grooming, you can do classes also.

How to get benefit from this business

You can set up a grooming studio in your home or office space but your bet would probably be mobile. Yes, in order to get from clients to clients you will need a vehicle. You don’t need to have it large as you won’t be supplying pets. You just need to have this for grooming supplies.

Initially, you can start this business by advertising in local pet shops and pet-supply stores. The word of mouth is very critical in this business. You can reach t your potential clients through the mail, who have pet or pet supplies in their yards. Groom a few pets for free and later charge a handsome amount. Know how to promote yourself and make your clients happy.

Budget required for this business

Apart from the emotional investment let’s not forget that this business requires a decent investment. The carefully planned launch can entail a capital investment of anything between 5-10 lakhs. You also need a cash burn of anything between 50K – 2 lakhs as running cost includes products, equipment, water and electricity, and groomer salaries.

This is for mobile pet grooming services; you may need added capital if you start this business in an office space.

There are many other ways to get settled earning good money in Kerala, but choosing the best business to start in Kerala needs clear cut planning for future and probably skills to hold up with the productivity and outcomes of the investment in the business after getting started.

It is quite obvious that the best business in Kerala requires the quality product or service and moreover genuine efforts and consistency to hold up with the existing customers and acquire new customers who are in need of the provided service of the business in Kerala.

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