10 Most Profitable Small Retail Business Ideas in India

Retail business is one of the most profitable businesses that can earn high revenues when compared to other startup ideas in totally commercial business in the market. For a beginner in the market, it’s probably the most important thing to get the best retailer business ideas that can earn good profits with less investment.

In startup operation all over India, the retail business is one of the most preferred ones as it needs low-cost investment and the money made from it is far more than the invested amount for sure.

However, a customer needs the availability of good quality products with lots of stock options and many varieties of products at a store. According to the recent survey of Forbes, it is expected that the retail market will. grow surely to the further level in upcoming market days.

Every newly emerged enterprise in these days is being a part of retail operations just because they are more profitable and people as customers are also demanding the retail services to fulfill their needs.

Besides this, there are many small retail business ideas that involve buying products directly from manufacturers, wholesale retailer agent, an importer from other states, and collaboration with bigger companies to approach the customers demanding the products or services at fewer prices.

Retail Business Ideas That are Highly Profitable

According to the recent retail market statistics worldwide, these are the few retail business ideas that can bring in more profits than any other business for a beginner. The current market trend worldwide also points out that the retail market is the only field to gain more money in the market.

1. Automobile Service Stations

Automobile Service Stations

Automobile service stations are of high demand as they are lacking in many urban and semi-urban Service stations are required in many parts of the urban areas and no matter what will be the service charge customers.


Do thorough market analysis before beginning your service occupation in your area where you require to install an automobile service garage. Do an extended examination of service sites and attempt to obtain out the passage of chance. Which assistance is craving there? You also can adjust your marketing to that special assistance.

Create a comprehensive marketing strategy concerning your vehicle service station business. What signifies the assistance you are be conforming to propose for your consumers? What will denote the tools required? What variety of workers to possess? How much range is expected for the organization? Estimate the start-up resources with labor charge and some accumulation of additional parts, lubricants, etc.

Types of Equipment You will Require

As per condition research about the material and device, you will require to possess. For car washing, you will require to possess a water-powered lift including a pneumatic surging atomizer. For each specific assistance, you will require to have renewed technology tools to provide your customers with the best assistance.

Get the software for recording the agreement. The tailor-made software will assist you to trace your consumers correctly. Additionally, you can present them with a warning when the moment arrives for the subsequent assistance of their carriers.

Work for some warehouse of spare machines that are frequently required. You can create extra money from that. You can further keep some basic auto accomplices like chair covers, fragrances, etc.

You further can illuminate one among the intersections by installing this and further you will get additional income out of that.

2. Food Truck

Food Truck

Investing in a food truck is quite an innovative idea in any city of India. There is also a craving need for food delivery to home or any place needed for family or even friends. It needs quite a countable investment for the trucks and a few other resources but the long line up of customers for the food truck will surely bring in more profits than the invested amount in it.

Other than that of a normal restaurant, when you are going to the customer with the required food then they will be ready to pay the price.

Low Initial Investment

A food truck is estimated to remain high-profit retail business ideas, largely as it requires a much inferior expenditure as upon a sit-down establishment. This simply is an energetic benefit of operating a food truck rather than a regular eatery as the cash you preserve in establishing up can signify utilized for other services like buying or menu design.

The only chief cost is purchasing your vehicle, which is further avoidable if you get the support of the developing food truck rental company. With an antique vehicle and re-used material, you can install up your food wagon is smaller than Rs 10 Lakh.

Following, you will expect to provide your vehicle with the best facilities, including exhausts, heat lamps, grillers, and any additional specialty tools your appropriate food requires. Food vehicles imply a steal on the wheel.

A common road vendor in Mumbai, for example, makes ordinary monthly earnings of 40 to 50 thousand rupees; the primary food truck is valued at Rs. 21,500 which is comprehensive of combined prices for rises like- extra hot meals, stream filtration, and preservation factors.

Three-year businesses and lease opportunities mean that merchants don’t have to destroy the bank to perceive some superior new tools.

Lower Overhead Costs

Food truck generally possesses lower overhead expenses compared with the vehicle than a conventional stone and pot industry would create. Although if it remains a food wagon or a portable boutique, the number of staff required at one moment is extremely profound.

If you live anticipating taking an establishment and you are viewing between possessing a legendary sit-down establishment and a motor-activated eatery, consider the value of the property you will lessen the price of operation every day.

Food trucks normally receive simply approximately three to five representatives at one moment, whereas a sit-down eatery may possess 10-20 employees operating at once.

3. Internet Cafe

internet cafe

The Internet cafe is of great demand in any area and mainly in places where colleges or institutions are nearby. Students need to use the faster internet for research as well as data collection for project works.

Employees also need printouts and official works to be done on the internet If you have money for such an investment then the profits will be unlimited and much more than the invested money for sure.

Having some additional services such as Xerox, printing, etc can also be beneficial to customers as well as the business person.

Corner Purposes in the Internet Cafe Retail Business Ideas in India

Drafting a business strategy concerning your internet cafe company has multiple interests. A marketing strategy will support you to decide-out if beginning your marketing will be possible in the initial position. It will encourage you to investigate your business and opposition. This will work as your example within the means of beginning and operating your company.

It is extremely essential that you determine the assistance your web cafe will present to clients. You need to understand if you wish to be endeavoring add-on aids such as type-setting, photocopying, stratifying, CD/DVD burning, faxing, food and drinks, internet telephone requests, and such forward?

Will you continue endeavoring wireless internet entrance to customers who possess their individual PCs among them?  But keep it in understanding that these supplementary services will necessitate supplementary charges, although they will remain deserving the value contributed there is the proper need for them.

Level of Competition in Internet Cafe Business

These ever-bustling cafes are established globally, and a number of characters practice them when progressing to obtain webmail and immediate messaging assistance to remain in perception with parents and colleagues.

But apart from tourists, in several developing nations Internet cafés remain the principal method of Internet entrance for residents essentially a shared-access design is further affordable than private ownership of the machine.

You require to recognize that the change approaching the Internet café market model remains the LAN gaming market worked for gamer and player gaming. It is believed that these cafés possess several computer terminals attached over a LAN.

The associated machines are custom-assembled for games, carrying modern multiplayer tournaments. Experts understand that this implies diminishing the essentiality concerning video arcades including arcade sports, a number of which remain being locked down or consolidated into Internet portals.

Articles had likewise dispensed that there remain further Internet kiosks into public areas like public institutions, airport buildings, seldom only for small use while enduring.

A number of motels, retreats, and cruise vessels present Internet access concerning the well-being of their customers; it can take several forms such as in-room radio entrance, or a network browser that utilizes the in-room video set concerning its performance.

Simply like the phone assistance, several mid-priced resorts implement Internet admittance from a machine in the entryway to designated customers without requiring additional payment.

Beginning Your Internet cafe from Scratch or Buying a Franchise

This market has evolved from holding simply a regular cafe toward a more modern industry, which implies why investing within a license toward the Internet cafe enterprise is far further desirable than beginning from scratch.

A franchisee earns larger than the power to practice a business style: You win both the protection regarding the franchisor’s knowledge including the business’s direction for victory.

4. Used Car And Bikes Dealer

Used Car And Bikes Dealer

Second hand dealing companies are the best of all other retail business ideas in India. There are many people who are in the need of a car but can’t afford them due to crippled monthly budget management plans.

If you can collect some working cars and redesign it for sale at the lesser price then it will be of great demand in the market for sure. It can also bring in good money which will be certainly more than the price invested in gathering the cars from the sellers.

Having an application for the selection of the required cars from the readily available options can bring in more customers to the company for sure.

Create a Business Plan

Crafting a particular business strategy is a requirement for beginning this industry. Aside from building a blueprint, that business strategy helps to distinguish the purpose and the methods of accomplishing that purpose. Additionally, it accommodates to obtain startup funds from investors or creditors.

Acquire both a sales and purchasing system. Your marketing strategy must comprise of data about specifically how you continue working to administer the industry. Additionally, consider the specialization domains if any plus how you will present and manage your market. Where you will receive your car components, and whereby you will value them to deserve a value.

Your marketing strategy should include erudition regarding your purpose public and local opposition as well as whereby you indicate to attract in your purpose public. You can make the system yourself contrarily, you can seek the help of acknowledged plan representatives or marketing plan software.

Calculate Startup Capital

After receiving the information and settling the market model, you should calculate the provision of startup funds. Frequently, you have to think about the rent concerning the retail location, store service prices and buying the spare components of the wholesaler or construction businesses.

Additionally, you should assume and keep the investment for operating expenditures further. It will assist you in anticipating the breakeven including expected ROI concerning your company.

Capital Investment Required 

For starting an additional car and bikes components market, you require to possess a capital expenditure of 5 to 15L dependent on the marketing and rules and regulations which you need to abide by. This changes inferior or greater based approaching the property for employees,  a store, storage space, authorization for the specific brand, etc.

Therefore it is helpful to reach out to an organization in which you desire to remain the agent of spares plus get recommended by them concerning the money or hit some local stores to receive an idea.

5. Second-Hand Phone Dealers

Second-hand startups for mobiles are also the best business ideas in retail marketing. Used and working phones will definitely be of less price than the original rate that will make every phone affordable to a person in every class.

This retail business will gain more attention if the repair or any minimal services can be done with fewer prices if the phone contains the receipt of that store.

The Need To Customize and Personalize

Ranging from fashion-conscious kids to savvy soccer mothers, the requirement to personalize, customize, plus bling out your smartphone is a tough business. Smartphones Specialists, a system of portable phone e-commerce markets, increased from below $500,000 in income to above $16 million within 3 small years. What’s your portable phone accomplice design? There is an opportunity for several more.

Forthwith that you have seen some of the numerous profitable business possibilities compared to a smartphone, it’s the opportunity to examine what it demands to begin a flourishing business.

Possess Some Capital Placed Out for the Market

To begin this sort of market, a definite value of the property is needed. The product must not imply that enough, but it must be something extraordinary in an amount to procure the necessary demand for the profession.

Based on economic strength and abilities, an ordinary character in this industry should consider beginning the industry including the least of N200,000 (two hundred thousand nairas) or roughly $1500USD based on the style you need to work on.

Promote Your Company

People regularly sell extra expensive mobiles such as Apple and Blackberries by this method, as there remains generally a slight cost to put the adverts. Online listed websites similar to Craigslist does not require any payment, and the maximum of the customers will proceed to you to choose the parts. Funding for an advertisement will lower your cumulative acquisition.

Check means for additional listed sites that are available. Another idea to merchandise your stocks is to arrange your telephones in a sample glass plus place it in high traffic kernels such as highways, road crossings, shopping marketplaces, markets, etc

6. Home Furnishing And Cleaning Store

Home Furnishing And Cleaning Store

This plan of business includes cleaning the newly bought house, arranging furniture, bed cover, pillows, and all other decorative items. People representing the store arrange all luxurious furniture and decorate the whole house as required by the customer.

Many people have no time for decoration and arranging furniture from different stores and this may help them in saving time as well as money for transport cost for the furniture brought from the store.

Customers are given the option to select the type of arrangement and organization required in their home and the perfect replica will be shown in the service.

Online Home Décor Business Budget

Home décor business is experiencing a transformation within an online principle wherein a substantial abundance of innovative startups are pointing the direction. A statement highlights the completion pace of online home furnishings business by a CAGR concerning 19.45% throughout the term 2016-2020.

Owing to over an all-time availability concerning an extensive array of house décor results at affordable costs, the online apartment decor business is approaching growth. To begin online home decor company you must at least possess a statement of Rs 10 lakhs plus that’s the smallest amount where you lastly ready to gain some different outcomes which continue not possible additional websites.

In case, you are attempting to market random outcomes then you won’t persist including this statement as there exist various big businesses which are spending a lot of cash on commercial to market their merchandises.

Offline Home Furnishings Business Budget

The offline house décor business commonly identified is the brick plus mortar local idea, though growing financially unviable as according to leading real estate prices, they are constantly improving their listings approaching e-commerce websites in order to succeed in today’s business. To begin offline home decor company you must at least possess funds of Rs 15-25 lakhs.

7. Brewpub Business

Brewpub Business

Brewpub business opening demands sufficient experience and ages of expertise regarding microbreweries. Brewpub market is really an eatery plus microbrewery organization that commonly contributes craft beer including several customized flavors and essences to their customers on-premise.

Researches have revealed that guzzling beer in various customized flavor is a bias of today’s events. It is growing more familiar in India further.

In the brewpub industry, you can allow your consumer a wide variety of brew including your personal beer that ferments on your axioms. Authorizing brewpub company is also accessible than making a full-scale drink permit.

The demand for the brewpub market is nevertheless happening in India. Possessing a strong buying plan a businessperson can inaugurate a brewpub plan with plentiful capital expenditure.

Research and Plan

Before starting the brewpub company, make some analysis regarding it. Analyze the business and regarding your would-be rival. Investigate the lifestyle of using beer concerning the characters where you desire to ascertain the market. These alone will encourage you to plan a business probability statement.

Design a business strategy. Determine your marketing purpose and mission report. Account set up the price with facilities and personnel resources required. Fix your buying plan considering the corner public you desire to lead.

A business strategy will not just encourage you to make investment further help you to examine whether your company exists in the rational path or not.

Setup and Equipment for Brewpub Business

In beginning a brewpub investment, it is perfect to choose a neighborhood on a high transportation path on rent. Choosing the area you require to contemplate the position for bar service, delivery floor, kitchen area, and breweries place.

Request an interior specialist to build a healthy and engaging bar zone. Center on floors, roof, furnishing, song and about everything which can generate a cozy space for your customers.

It is suggested to use professional experts who can use the credit of sourcing the best stuff and planning the brewery plan for the range you’ve made including beers you desire to present. Think to possess outdoor signage including, if plausible, offer servant parking for guests.

As per the raw stuff that you desire to utilize to provide beer, various different parts of tools are accessible in the store. On choosing the means, examine the matter that how substantial quantity you desire to perceive as the product.

8. Boutique Store Retail Business Ideas

Boutique Store Retail Business Ideas

A boutique store is a practice retail market that markets unusual and fashionable clothing or clothes targetted toward a niche business. A custom boutique shop is a pretty lucrative venture event. With a strategic plan including retail expertise, you can begin this industry with a modest capital expense.

Maximum of the boutique buyers market their own perspective. You can likewise include some concerning the famous labels with your apparel line. Related to a local shop, a boutique holds little retail possessing less quality of things. Starting a boutique store is an excellent chance for trained stylists.

Business Plan

Market analysis is the primary thing you should do. The clothes business is a little congested. Uncover out what implies the goods consumers are craving. Or a genuine alternative you can suggest something toward them. Boutique markets are further concentrated on community business.

Select with what variety of apparel pieces you will unlock the shop. Assess the possible conflict in your region. What holds the additional boutiques are working with the very product range? What remains their pricing policy? How they increase etc. Discover how much area you require.

A quantity of careful preparation is needed in beginning this market. Determine your startup resources including the value of the venue, services, decoration, record, and original promotional resources.

A detailed marketing strategy will benefit you in obtaining investment from one bank or several additional investors. Speak to a concise business adviser regarding the licensing portion of the local market of your region. Pick a single and significant ‘Name’ plus ‘logo’ concerning your label that correlates through the store’s layout and technique.

Promote Your Boutique Store 

Design your brand perception. In-store branding performs a crucial purpose in a boutique store. Before selling your name, it is essential to determine what it means including what that isn’t.

In the several simple designs, labels should remember about important information of any idea or aesthetic characteristics, determine their pricing or business divisions, and recognize precisely who their client is, factoring into details like gender, generation, topography, classes and anything extra that serves explain their lifestyle including decisions.

Notwithstanding whether you market online or offline, it’s significant for each stigma to possess a website. This might only expect a small expense of time including money however will imply a significant way to seize the traffic which you create when you devise engagement in your label.

Consider your website being the first fenestration into your stigma and your experience. You can reach for an effortless launch before a substantial opening.

9. Cake Shop Business Idea

Cake Shop Business Idea

Essentially, inaugurating a cake workshop is a profitable food local market. The industry is easy to begin and maintain. Additionally, this cake retailing market is ideal for women administrators. Any person can begin this market by exercising the tiniest uncertainty.

Oftentimes, there exist various techniques you can begin a cake-selling industry. As per your purchase reach and restricted business search, you will require to pick the best marketing model.

Before beginning the market, check the commissioning and permission problems. Usually, it changes from land to land. Review, if there is an unspecified type of license needed for store development and pantry services.

Business Plan

After choosing the best business image, you will require to make the marketing strategy. Essentially, a business strategy accommodates to describe your profession, set objects, find ideas to create interest, list prices, etc. Additionally, it serves to recognize your client’s support and monitor your competition.

In making the cake shop marketing strategy, the most significant character is anticipating the startup price. You will require to craft a program of primary products. The panel may comprise furnaces, freezers, fittings, appliances, etc. Furthermore, after determining the startup price, you will require to determine the break-even plus required ROI.


The overall approximate expense to begin a bakery industry in India is approximately Rs 15 lakhs. Furthermore, the price of material and location can lead to noteworthy variance in the approximate cost.

10. Cosmetics Store Business

Cosmetics Store Business

A local beauty store market or makeups shop is a profitable company to begin from any place across the earth. Also, this corporation is successful in small cities and rural districts. Broadly, you possess three opportunities to commence the profession.

Firstly, you can start your own label. Furthermore, you can begin as a franchisee concerning a supposed brand. And permanently, you can begin an online local beauty store shop with approximately little capital expense.

Though, each and all approach possesses its individual benefits and limitations. An online makeups store discounts the direct infrastructure expense. A franchise opening enables you to experience a brand advantage and proven working method of the progenitor organization. But, your profit edge is limited.

Business Plan

It remains the most significant step in beginning a flourishing business. Moreover, business benefits in managing these short-term including the long-term purpose in the market.

According to your output line including business type craft a comprehensive business strategy. Discover how much area you will get. Circumscribe your end demographic. Whether your stocks are for ladies or teens or guys or an explication to an aging predicament.

What are your shopping and product advancement approach? How will you play with other makeups store? Conclusively, craft financial preparation with capital expenditure, cash flow including the anticipated rate of return.

Final Remark

With proper efforts on organization practices and skills in decorating this business can earn more money than expected if it reflects the idea required by the customers in their house. This business with good publicity can bring in a massive number of the customer throughout the localities.

Apart from this, a retail store can gain more customers if more than one product or service is offered in one place. It not only saves the time of people to go for another store for other products but also makes a brand easily for any stores due to a lot of products under one roof.

This is the reason malls are having more customers then the retail stores as they have more products than the individual retail stores in the market. If you are planning for a grocery store then you must have all types of vegetables that the local people are fond of as well as utensils or other home needs to get more customers at a time.

Retail business with a massive number of customers in a single day will surely increase the numbers in the future but will not decrease surely. Therefore, a retailer should provide the best quality items with enough stock to please the customer arrived looking for any product available in the market.

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