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Business Cards are part of an introduction and for every professional they are very important to make a favorable first impression. If the business card is attractive, eye-catching with all the relevant contact information than it can help to capture the attention of the customer and help you to remain in memory after your initial meeting. Business cards are important because they enhance credibility as they create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy for your business. Business Cards are relatively inexpensive and to make them very less cost is required with a cost-effective marketing tool for small business on a tight budget. A local printing company can offer hundreds of business cards for some money like yoga business cards and many more.

Why you need a Yoga Business Card?

yoga business cards

If you practice yoga, your life has added up to nothing without a yoga business card. You are desperate to get something move. Many yoga teachers are there. You won’t realize the value of effective personal presentation and some will not need to know. But, most of us are mortal and we should have knowledge of having the right marketing tools since it is crucial.

Various websites have a collection business card and when business cards are used it puts more color in your career in a mini rectangle of the colorful card.

So, why yoga business cards you need?

yoga business cards

  • It helps in a demonstration of professionalism.
  • It makes a strong first impression.
  • It supplies accurate contact details.
  • It gives a reason for people to contact you.
  • It indicates about the qualifications you have.
  • It reminds people you met in the event.
  • It enhances your personal brand
  • It helps you to get along with your fellow yoga teachers.

How to design a Yoga Business Card?

yoga business cards creative

You can make yoga instructor cards very easily. You can visit any of the business card designing website where you can make your yoga business cards creative. Or, you can call your friend who is a graphic designer and you can start compiling mood boards all over the house. Before some time, there was a need to hunt where business cards were made and it usually used to take weeks and weeks of internal discussion, supplier sourcing, proofing and a large chunk of the budget.

Nowadays there is no need to do so much work on your personal brand. It is extremely easy and simple to get something simple and effective mocked up.

Some tips for Yoga Instructor Business Card.

yoga instructor business card

  • You should keep it simple

If we take about creating a resume, you think of keeping it simple and sometimes you resist the urge to transform yourself into some kind of woo woo yoga alter ego, the same thing applies here. You should not fee to go to town with the look and feel. Few white spaces and clean lines will do and finally, some shapes will stand out. You should keep it in mind that it will be in your pocket always.

  • You should think about the details.

You should settle yourself with some fundamentals and decide about what you want to call yourself first of all like a teacher or an instructor. Titles like guru and harbinger of enlightenment will not go really well. It’s up to you whether you want to put your qualifications or not.

  • Make Sure All Your Information is correct.

Sometimes it happens that there may be some mistakes. If you notice some of the errors after printing it is going to cost you a lot. So, you should always cross check the content before printing such that it does not create a problem.

  • You should not compromise the quality

Yoga business card design or yoga business card should be of good quality since it is going to reflect your business.

Suppliers and Cost

Many websites and publishing stores are there which helps you to make a business card. You can explore various websites for choosing the best design for your business card.

A beautiful Yoga Business Card.

yoga business cards creative

You never know from hare your next student/client/new business partner will appear from. You can meet people on trains or at bus stops and have a quick conversation that quickly warrants the handing over of your business card. If you visit or attend some large scale yoga related events or festivals, networking is one of the main aims of the game. So, here you will need your little box magic and lots of confidence in sharing your chats and the love around.

If you are a teacher at some studio and you are teaching at a workshop or special event then make sure you have your little box handy on your mat so you can share with people around and when there is class over you can hand them out at the door – too much!.


It hardly matters and you should not believe that if you are not a good yoga teacher you should not share your business card. Many teachers use personal Facebook pages as a way of gathering their yoga tribe together so you can simply find people online.

Or you can simply ask for their cards.

Happy Networking Yogis!