Top 8 Business Ideas for Women: Start Business with low Investment


Women of India are governing many international business groups and companies all over the world. They have entrepreneurial abilities and many of them proving it. At the same time, despite their talent, they are getting way fewer opportunities then they deserve. The main reason is gender inequality. In this post, you’ll get to know some brilliant ideas of business for women with low investment.

Why do they need small business for women’s at home in India

When we talk about India women are not allowed to even go for study in some places. There is a strong need to empower them so that they can be independent in all terms including financial independence. The fact which proves these side business ideas for women in India extremely beneficial is they are keen learners and have the responsibility and punctuality traits in their blood.

Below is some simple business for women which helps them in starting their entrepreneurial journey.

Top 8 Business Ideas for Women

1. Boutique


The fashion industry is snowballing nowadays. Having a boutique is not a great idea but also a fruitful idea.  The number of customers in such stores is increasing day by day. There is fierce competition in this sector because many brands have their customization stores in local areas. But if you’re able to deal with the latest design and can give a range of variety, then this idea will give you good money.

You don’t need a huge investment or a fancy infrastructure. You can start it right from your home after a bit of marketing your store will start attracting the footfalls.

2. Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor

When it comes to side business for ladies in India, we can’t overlook this idea. If you’re a housewife and have a little amount of money somewhere in your kitchen and the corner of your almirah, then you can quickly start your business just after having training.

Girls who are not furthering their college can also give it a try.

3. Fitness Center


If you have some investment in your bank account or you can arrange money from your family then establishing a fitness center is a golden idea for you. This one-time investment business is quite profitable. You don’t need to advertise too much for this business because now and then you can see a social campaign which promotes health consciousness. You need to be a part of such movements. If you have some knowledge of yoga and nutrition, then it will be the cherry on the cake.

If you’re shorting money, then you can apply for a business loan. The government also has a lot of loan schemes which are empowering women in India.

4. Consultancy


India is full of women who have profound knowledge on several topics. If you have expertise in any topic which you think can help in the growth of the market. You can start a consultancy firm. A small room can be your office in which you can share your knowledge and help others in growing the level of their life. You can be a life coach, career consultant and many other options are there.

5. Internet Business


The Internet opens a whole new world of opportunities, and you can use them for earning some extra cash. You can write blogs, articles and other content for the websites. You can record your videos and publish them on Youtube. If you know about computers, then you can open a cyber Café. You can also give such skills in your Café to other girls or women in your area.

You don’t need to have a profound understanding of tech skills for making the internet a source of money.

6. Restaurant


Most of the Indian women have excellent cooking skills. They are passionate to make new dishes and to serve their family and guests. Your expertise can help you in running a restaurant or café. You can also start tiffin service with the help of two or three helpers.

7. Gift Shop


This is the best idea and doesn’t need any expertise if you know how to wrap things in those glowing papers. You can research the internet and can notice facts like- Trending gift items and most importantly which are one your customers can buy. Because if you live in an area in which people are not much educated then selling the high tech in trend items to them would be quite difficult. So always start selling items that are most likely to be sold in your area.

If you know some art, then you can make your gift items and sell them on the internet through websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. You can open your own e-store with very little investment and can sell your pieces worldwide.

8. Interior Decoration Store

Interior Decoration Store

If you’re one of them, who keep their house clean and decorated. Many women have a great sense of designing and furnishing the interior of their home. This skill can be your cash cow because you can open a store where you can sell this kind of thing. Your knowledge will help in getting the repetitive business from your clients.

You can do an interior designing course from any institution and can be a certified interior designer. This will help you in sharpening your skills. A certificate on the wall of your office will subconsciously trigger your customer to buy some stuff from you or hire you as a designer.

Points you need to focus before starting any business

Increase your confidence level

Indian culture developed this in Indian women. They lack confidence. Many of them can’t speak like a professional even those who have vast knowledge. Some well-educated women also need to develop their confidence to make your startup successful.

Improve managing skills

If you want to be a successful businesswoman you need to develop great managing skills to manage your assets, your staff, and your family as well. Many times this is the poor managing skill which keeps them from materializing their dreams.

Be self-motivated

In business, you have to face some losses as well, and there would be a time where you would find yourself shattered. This time decides whether you’re a loser or a winner. You have to stand up again and give one more shot. This only happens when something within yourself drives you not the external factors like some motivation content or video or most of the times the only source of motivation is buying a specific costly thing.

You have to have a burning desire of acquiring freedom in all terms. When your heart has a more significant storm than outside storm, no one can stop you.

Develop good analyzing skills

You have to have good skills in observing the market and customer behavior. This is not the motivation that makes a business successful but a motivation accompanied by smart decisions. Learn the required skills which you think can make your business more profitable then it is now. The world is changing, and you also need to adopt this change to be in the market. Learning and upgrading yourself on a consistent basis helps in adapting and mastering.


We hope now you know everything which is needed to start your new journey. Business is all about improvement and improvement. Everyday world changes and one needs to change as well. These above ideas can be life-changing for you. Happy entrepreneurial journey!

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