Top 21 Profitable Business Ideas in India for Beginners


It is quite obvious that a student who has got relieved from the college after graduation needs to search a lot for a job other than that of proper campus recruitment. Getting a job in any company is quite difficult for fresher who has no experience in any company in the resume.

However, the companies are also quite correct by their side as every company wants their recruited workers should be enough experienced to handle their works in a better way to decrease their efforts on that work and that’s what they pay for.

In this scenario, business ideas for beginners seem to be quite a good idea if proper groundwork and strategies to be implemented are pre-planned.

Understanding the demand criteria practically is quite difficult which is why many students join management courses to get a brief idea on the business they should start, strategies that they should follow and acquire proper management skills.

On the other hand, there are a few ways by which any person can earn money through business ideas in India for beginners with low investment. The key is the usage of their skills gained either from the class or else from any previous experience.

Implementing the skills for getting money is also a completely different practice that takes a long time to decide. One of the basic ways is to be a tutor or freelancer that needs no investments but can gain some money for sure.

How to Start A Business in India with low investment?

In this rapidly growing modern world, skills and intelligence play a major role than money for a bright future. There is no need of even an inch for starting a business in India if you are stuffed with innovative strategies and plans.

If you are lacking enough money for starting a business, then use social media or Youtube to gain some knowledge on any subject you are interested in. Use of the internet has opened several doors containing incredible upcoming business ideas in India, some of them are

Top 21 Profitable Business Ideas in India for Beginners

1. Private Tuition and Online Tutoring

Private Tuition and Online Tutoring

If you were good at studies in your school days then you can either be a private tutor or an online tutor in social media which requires no huge investment in Private tuition requires some space and basic investments but online tutoring sessions require no investment to gain more money than that of private home tuition’s.

You can gain even more money by tutoring with the topics of the subjects in graduation or from the subjects that have huge demand nowadays. It is the best part of utilizing the skills earned in the college or school which will bring in money and also help in gaining knowledge for future studies or competitive examinations.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

There are two different ways of earning profits from both online and offline modes. In the offline working system, you can charge students in exchange for your service, but online tutoring can give you huge money. After getting an identity as a teacher starting a website for your tuition center is quite an impressive idea.

You can start premiering some premium content on your website and also can start selling an online course of a particular book. Nowadays every tutor/teacher is switching to YouTube or any other social sites to offer their video content to their students.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

Investment depends on your way of starting a business and also on the targeted scale and students. You need to analyze that from where your students are coming and what type of educational content or improvement you are offering them. In early-stage starting it with a room and for the online purpose taking video from your smartphone is not only a good idea but also a money-saving idea as well.

But if you want to hit the market at a massive level than you can rent a good infrastructure and can invest money on reasonable marketing means including flyers, newspaper ads, and other commercial methods.

Having smart classrooms is additional can give some extra benefits. Its online future is more rewarding than that small one. You can hire professional videographers and video editors to record your video. Hiring experienced digital marketers is also a good idea. This type of venture becomes successful in high profile societies and areas where people can afford your fee.

In monetary value for starting at a low level, 30k to 50k is enough, but for the second one you can decide on your own and for rough calculation it can be 2 lakh to 5 lakh.

2. Freelancing (Best side business ideas)


Proficiency in essay writing and good English can be helpful in writing content for the websites of many companies being a freelancer from home. Content building and upgrading the description part of the websites are the most demanded part of the companies that are trying their best to sustain heavy competition in the market.

It is one of the best business ideas without investment that can gain huge profits by utilizing just the spare time of the regular schedules.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

This business is a rewarding idea for those who want to see some huge bucks in their bank accounts along with their mainstream of money flow. At the same time, you have an expert like skills to earn such amounts. You don’t have to be worried about it because you can see the online tutorials for getting a full knowledge of the field in which you are dealing.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

People who just want to start exposing their skills online don’t require much investment at the starting point. All you need is access to the internet and a laptop to start this business. There are chances of expansion in this business after getting some experience. You can quickly launch your own company or agency after some time.

In monetary terms, you need less than 10k for getting clients and launching your own online presence.

Bonus Tip for The Writers:

If you are a writer and want to sharpen your saw and earn money through your word crafting skill, then you must read other writers first. Develop your style and flow and after going for working for a person will be easy and comfortable for both, you and your client.

3. Web Designing

The system works

Having some idea on graphic designs and programming for websites can make you a good web designer by enhancing your skills through the internet and also can earn you money for an investment in your future.

Web designing and programming are the future of the evolving companies nowadays as they are creating stuff that not only enhances their productivity but also increases their number of customers to an extended long line up.

Website development and designing works can be learned through the internet itself in your spare time and if you can gain expertise on those works it will take no time to get a call from a website.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

One can know such types of openings by visiting their hiring pages and sometimes companies also post on their social handles as well. For getting this responsibility, you have to visit their page and send them a perfect pitch which shows your qualifications and recent achievements in a persuasive way.

Sometimes companies can invite you for the interview or a test of your skill. Go with preparation. You can expand it after some time and can hire other persons for doing the work. In simple words, you can also outsource the work to other persons who are capable of doing that.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

One can easily start this business with one laptop and a fast internet connection. You can go for wi-fi or also can use the modems if there is no wi-fi service in your locality. In case if you have a laptop, then 5k will be enough to start this venture from your home.

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4. Delivery and Transportation business

Delivery and transportation

Even a group of individuals from the same class willing to do something different can open a small scale delivery company which if nurtured with genuine efforts can bring you a good profit.

If the persons in your group are skilled at driving, communication and basic computer works then the company can turn into an active organization if consistency is maintained throughout.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

You have to team up with the particular group of vehicle owners and at the same time the persons who need it. You can bridge the needy one to the person who owns it. In exchange, you can get your customers. This process is enough for beginners.

Once you achieved a demanded level of popularity and can provide the needed facility, you can scale up your idea.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

Starting this business doesn’t require big bundles of cash. You can get it started just by conscious observation of the market and your customer needs. For the earlier stage, you can start it with a small office.

In monetary terms, you need something nearly 2 lakh to 3 lakh including the documentation and other expenses.

Bonus Point for Loading Vehicle Owners:

You can paint your advertising campaigns on the body of your vehicle which can give you more customers.

5. Social Media Influencer and Networking

Social media influencer and Networking

A good friend circle or a good network in the society can also help you in being a social media influencer or reviewer which is quite a profitable and respectful job too.

It will be more profitable if you are investing in a marketing network or advertising which will spread quite faster with your own created network of your friends in the society.

Many companies will approach you for the review and promotion of their product as your followers may get influenced by your review and start using the same product or service too.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

You have to create engaging content because nowadays getting the followers on the pages/ social media accounts is not hard. Bur forcing them subconsciously is what effort and only a person who creates engaging content can need to do this.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

There is no need for huge money. Investment can be made only after getting some positive response and engagement from the followers.

Bonus tip for YouTubers or bloggers:

Scheduling the review content can give make you more money.

6. Blogging


Blogging is the advanced form of reviewing as well as influencing social media that can bring in good status as well as help in earning additional benefits from both the companies as well as social media such as YouTube channel ideas.

Being confident and genuine is what requires for blogging, it is one of the finest businesses online that can gain huge profits with nearly zero investment on it.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

There are a lot of ways from which you can earn a considerable amount of money in the blogging field. You have to acquire real readers of your posts. Once you have got those readers, you can offer your expertise as a consultant. Partnering with advertisers is another of doing this.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

There is no need for vast amounts of money for investment. Buying reliable hosting and a domain name is enough. In real terms like every other business with low investment in the form of investment you only need time and dedication.

7. Photography


Everyone has a brilliant camera on his phone, but not everyone has the skills to capture the scene from a perfect angle at the right time. In this age of internet and social media sites, everyone wants to present the best version of him on social media sites. Sometimes edited with Photoshop.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

Earning with your exceptional photographic skills is not hard. This time every company, product, the brand even a youtube or blogger needs high quality and relevant images for their posts and profiles. Selling your clicks on websites can be your helpful money stream. In the future, you can expand your business by hiring other passionate photographers.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

In earlier stage having skills is more important than establishing a brand new studio. Just don’t spend too much money on buying fancy stuff if you want to make it your primary business.

In monetary terms, you need nearly 70k to 1 lakh to give it a start because most of the good cameras can be purchased in this amount.

8. Hobby Class

Hobby Class

You might wonder what type of idea is? Believe us; nowadays this is one of those ideas which have great potential to give you money. Whatever your hobby is you can start training other peoples in this area. Whether you draw great pictures or you swim like a champion or anything it can be.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

You can earn money with training and also by providing them the stuff they use to perform the task. Like if you are training people in drawing you can provide color brushes. You can also earn through a commission basis.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

You don’t need too much money for doing so. You can choose a public swimming pool if you want to train the swimmers.

9. Youtube Channel Partner

Youtube Channel Partner

Creating a YouTube channel is also a brilliant idea to do. Simply, creating video content and posting it on youtube is the way many people are using nowadays. This idea is creating many business possibilities and can make you rich if you make some excellent videos.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

As we mentioned above these are like blogs and other platforms. You can partner with companies to review their products; you can promote the products through your videos. Adsense is also a good option for earning.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

Creating a Youtube channel doesn’t cost too much. Hiring people to edit your video or other people for contribution can cost you. For the very beginner, it doesn’t need too much money.

10. Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate is one of the fastest-growing industries. For starting an agency, you need some license and permission from the government.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

Earning is very easy and at the same time very big. You receive on commission, and as you know, there is very high money in high profile deals.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

This is the best business with low investment. All you need is a space that can be small and contact database of buyers and sellers.

In the monetary form, you need something 50k to 60k only.

11. Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Today’s number of organizations is multiplying to manifolds per day. They need a workforce as well. You can gap the bridge between the organization and the job seeker.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

You can charge them a monthly salary or any predefined fees.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

If you want to run as the main business, then you need to have an office for which you have to pay.

In monetary terms, you will need 20k to 30k only.

12. Yoga Center

Yoga Center

Fitness is becoming a trend. Even more, the exciting thing is that people prefer yoga in the gym. Yoga is gaining popularity, and you can leverage it.  According to science yoga is one of the best medicine for stress relief, and this thing is making yoga so popular.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

You can charge money from your students and can also sell them or at least guide them about natural herbs and medicines.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

Calculating its cost is entirely depends on the scale on which you want to start. You will need a low amount if you are focusing on having a small number of practitioners. If you think that you will have more members than you need to have a big space.

You can choose the parks as well. For starting 30k to 50k will be enough.

13. Catering Business

Catering Business

If you are a beginner and have some cooking skills, in this case, no other than catering or food providing business will be best for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have the cooking skills but money. There are many people who have these skills you can hire them.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

Through well defined and targeted marketing strategies you can get many customers. If you provide unique value in the form of tasty food, exceptional service, and outstanding managing, then you can make those clients your permanent clients.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

This business demands investment in buying the equipment and the space rent. You will need money for hiring people.

In monetary terms, you will need 2 lakh to 3 lakh for starting it at a reasonable level which can attract more and more customers.

14. Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

This business is mainly for those who have excellent cooking skills and at the same time love to teach others. This idea is also best for them who want to start their business from home. And we prefer it starting from home at the initial point because getting a vast number of students is a time-consuming process.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

This idea is quite beneficial for ladies because they spend more time at home and they are blessed with helping nature. This is a perfect fit for them. You can charge your students a reasonable amount as a fee.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

In the case, if you want to start it from home, then there is no need for big money. Make sure nothing is shorting out in the kitchen at the time of starting or teaching. This is marketing and getting students process which demands money.

In monetary terms, 10k to 20k will be enough.

15. Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile Phone Repair

The market of smartphones in India is increasing very speedily, and according to the recent data, there will be nearly 800 million smartphone users in India by the end of 2022. This is happening just because of the throat-cutting competition in mobile brands. Nowadays one can get a good smartphone with excellent features just in meager amount.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

As a result of it, people will also need experts and smartphone repairers more than ever before. Besides that, you can also offer them recharge and credit service as well.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

You must have the repairing skills or at least market knowledge about Smartphone repairing. This is only for those who want to hire people for repairing job.

In monetary terms, you will need nearly 30k to 50k in which you can be licensed dealers of many Smartphone brands in India.

16. Bakery store

Bakery store

Most of the beginners don’t have much investment but skills. This is one of those businesses in which there is no need for high investment. Opening a bakery store is not only an excellent idea but also highly profitable.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

In India culture is on the road to adopting the western completely. Cakes are being part of every other party whether it is a birthday party, farewell party or success party. At the same time demand for other bakery items is also increasing. With the right kind of marketing, you can get customers very quickly and can earn money.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

Rent rates depend on the location where you are opening your store. For the instruments and hiring people 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh is enough for beginners.

17. Selling Religion-Related Items

Selling Religion-Related Items

Indian culture is religious for ages. If you are a kind of spiritual soul, then it will be perfect for you.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

You can sell products like deity’s statues, prayer beads and other things as per the religion.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

This business idea doesn’t require too much significant investment. You can make right in your home many things mentioned above.

In monetary terms, you will need 20k to 30k at the initial stage.

18. Handmade Ice Creams with Unique Flavors

Handmade Ice Creams with Unique Flavors

Days are gone when people used to think that all the ice-cream sellers are poor, lack skilled and used to mock them. Right now in the changing arena who knows adding some unique taste in ice cream can set up a business.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

We all know the market is full of international brands selling tasty ice creams but still people like those handmade ones. A person who knows the recipe for making such ice creams can earn huge money.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

19. Used Laptops

Used Laptops

Technology is updating day by day and so its things.  We hope you remember the time when the price of laptops was quite higher. Now in this time every day, there is a new version of the laptop that is popping up in the market. Selling used laptops is the best idea today.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

There are also a massive number of people who can’t afford new ones. They buy old and used laptops. You can take advantage of this situation. Setting a business of used laptops can give you a good profit.  You can sell them at a reasonable price after checking the condition of that used laptop.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

This is a brilliant idea and can be started with minimal investment.

In monetary terms having 2 lakh is enough for launching this business in the market.

20. Signboard Making

Signboard Making

Despite the growth rate of digital marketing people still loves the old ways and signboards are the best way to market any business or location in order to get attention. Signboard making can be an extremely beneficial business idea for beginners in India.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

In 2019 creating the signboards as per the demand of customers or businesses can give you huge money and you can earn money selling such products.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

Investment depends on the kind of signboards and business you are dealing in. Some businesses can afford a high priced signboards whereas small ones can’t. For high priced signboards you will need high money to create. To get a customer, you can pitch your idea directly or can hire a person as salesmen. 

21. Packing Services

Packing Services

In the commercial sector, there are many businesses that don’t have a department for packing their products. Sometimes they hire people on the season or demand, but most of the time they outsource this task.

How You Can Reap Benefits:

Packaging business is the last stage of any product to prepare that product for selling. This task has a very strict demand for completing the work on the deadline. Hiring dedicated people and expert managing skills are helpful in launching such a business. You can get customers in various industrial areas where small and medium entrepreneurs have their factories.

How Much Money You Need in The Earlier Stage:

When it comes to investment all you need is a small space that can be the yard of your home, cutters, wrappers, tapes and some boxes as per the size of the product. You can hire the manpower at the time of the season and other times you can ask your family members for help. In monetary terms, 30k is the right amount to start this business.


Some businesses may require an initial investment for a startup but the incoming profits will be more than the investment if the idea of representation is uniquely innovative and catchy.

These are just the basic business ideas in India for beginners, but these are not the only ways. If you are unique in your field and have a strong will with proper strategies for your future then the idea can surely be the finest mode in the field of earning and gain some quite good profits for sure.

The foremost and moreover essential key for a successful business is consistency, hard work and confidence to be in the field and if those are in their place then it’s sure that the business is going to be renowned and successful in the future.

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