15 Best Business Under ₹10000: Latest Business Ideas

Business is highly preferred to earn well in this modern era. From big companies to small business units, profit and job opportunities are the core reason behind the rising business interests of the wide population.

Starting a business with a low investment of ₹10k can also flourish and grow well if you make and execute an effective plan from the initial stage of marketing to maintaining your service values.

There are various options or business ideas that you can establish with a low capital of 10k- 20k in India.

We will help you find the best business in this article. Your small initiative can provide you a great opportunity in the future.

Nowadays high disposal income lets people start a side business with low investment and high returns plan so this article will guide to the right path.

So let’s get straight into it.


Tuition Business is one of the best businesses to start with 10k. Academic tuitions have their own importance among school-going students. Tutoring different students of different age groups allow the tutor to have various batches.

To start tuitions, you need to set a location. You can make your home tutoring area. Furthermore, there is a requirement for printing brochures and distributing them in newspapers.

Hanging boards and posters are also helpful. Charging extra fees for extra hours. The flow of income is stable with consistent admissions of students every year. You can generate a handsome amount out of this business.


The online platform is very fortuitous for the small investment business plans. YouTube is an online community that helps you get every sort of information and entertainment you have creative,  technical interests then try to explore it as a business idea.

Start making videos by making a plan and list of your content in advance and make an account on YouTube. Upload your content and try to gain subscribers with the help of family and friends.

Join the YouTube partner program and start earning with the content you upload. This is a very easy business to start with 10k. The initial investment is basically on the tech and editing software for your videos.


Although online recharging options are quite popular demand for recharging from shops is still giving high profit to the owners.

The investment is the rent of the shop and subscribing to the network providers like AirtelIdeaVodafoneJio, etc. You should start other services like mobile repairing, Aadahar card, Pan card making, etc.

To turn your small business into lucrative and flourished. The electricity bill of the shop along with equipment, the assets are to be covered between 10k – 20k capital which will lead to high returns.


Tailoring business is also considered as one of the core business ideas in the market. So starting with getting legalities, start from. Your home area to reduce rental expenses.

You have to get the name of the store, promote the types of tailoring among the best icon of them. Investment in equipment that is assets is fixed cost.

Conclusively,  you have to plan a good customer policy and rates to ensure that you have regular customers to increase your business arena.

As a businessman, you should have close contacts with the clothing shops that would further render good customer to you in the market to make money.


If you live in a society,  then there is a good chance for small businesses or department stores. Within the society, get a small shop on rent. Further,  analyze the basic necessities of people residing in the society.

Fresh dairy products and basic groceries are the main initial elements that you need to sell to expand your profits and business. Get the margins very tight.

After you start getting high profits then you can expand your business and sell varied products.


The young generation has a keen interest in photography. If you are a skilled phot artist then, starting a photography business is quite easy. Making your trademark and own website is effective.

After all the legal formalities now you need to maintain a highly active social media accounts to influence a great number of followers. It is one of the best ideas for the self-employment business.

You should give wedding photography a good time. Cover short events and make a proper team. Your business card should be innovative and creative. Attach your company with the mass media industry to increase your business.


There are a lot of small businesses that are driven by websites. In the present era of technology,  websites are the highest potential and resourceful ideas of business. Making web pages for the firms and companies is income enriched business

Shooting off the web designing business with freelancing individually,  have the least startup coast. The investment is on the computer, registration of domain name, and making your own website.

Additionally, there is the critical necessity of software related to your expertise designing. Promotions through business cards should reflect your professionalism. Give proper attention to insurance, taxes, and monthly budget.

Set your working hours and freelancing rates. Accordingly, connect with web designers on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and to make your contacts strong for reliable leads.


You should have something interesting to connect with your audience that needs necessary writing skills. But the foremost question is how to start a blogging business? Well, firstly we recommend you to make your own website in order to earn good through blogging.

The initial investment is on tech equipment and domain name. Choose your topic of blog wisely. Now you need readers for your blog! Promote your blog on social media accounts like Instagram and LinkedIn.

Connect with other bloggers to make yourself visible in the blogging community. Create relatable and controversy related blogs to gather huge traffic. Get the advertisement in your blog from companies.

Further, write for the sponsored companies to make money. So its quite an easy 10k business.


A virtual assistant is a great business idea for a small investment. A virtual assistant business needs marketing and branding to start properly. Getting clients and managing clients is another task.

You can set their own rules according to the contract with your clients. You should have an active online presence to get yourself, customers.

You have to work in an organized way to get into this management business.


Traveling is a luxurious activity that people pursue in their free time. For past years, traveling has its own market. Travel consultancy business works best when taken at both online and offline platforms.

So you are planning this at a low budget then you should start with an online platform as it would reduce rental investment. Set up your office from home. Get all the legal work done and take your niche market.

Marketing and branding are key to get your customers and build a reputation. Access the partners and make clients.

Eventually, your assets will be built and then you can take an offline office in the market place with a loan to work simultaneously through the online and offline platforms to give traveling facilities of tickets,  hotels,  tourist guides, etc to your customers.


The carwash business is growing for a few years. The car wash business needs an initial investment in the machinery.

Starting with Pvt. ltd and other legal works done you should opt for mobile machinery assets. Rental income along with essential water permits is credited.

If you are thinking of long term business then you should choose an industrial area location to ensure your regular customers to allow to take your business profits high.

It is a quite profitable business that can have a long business future


The real estate consultant guides the property seekers in finding the best asset that fulfills their maximum conditions. Before starting a business of a real estate consultant you need to start from learning the terms and abbreviations of real estate business.

Being aware of government policies is a must l. You need to get information regarding the process of selling and renting. The standard amount of commission that is charged in the particular area from where you want to initialize.

On the legal side,  RERA ( Real Estate Regulatory Authority ) registration as a real estate agent is to be done. You are supposed to look for tie-ups to get the most demanded inventories in your stock along with scooped knowledge of respective projects.

Moving to the next level, now the foremost requirement is to get the leads or the clients. For this, you need to set up an office along with an online outlet to make an effective channel for connectivity with leads.

Joining brokers association in your area/state will help to you get updates regarding market graphs as well as the basic real estates.

Furthermore, there are various companies that provide franchisees that help you grow your business along with gaining experience.


This idea is best suited for beginners in the business world.  Channelizing grocery items to the doors of the customers is usually relative to the trend of online shopping.

You can also go for opening a grocery store along with delivering service as it has a high scope of profits in the future.

Commencing individually,  you need to firstly start by receiving text by working along with the local grocery stores. This method would not require your efforts of marketing.

Contracting wholesalers and building an app is the next level for your business. This requires advertisement so, make it successful at the local or regional stage.

Delivering needs vehicle in a good condition and ensuring the standard price that is to be charged per delivery.

You can also work with established companies as soon as you get the market in your area. 


Driving school business has developed very well in the Indian market due to busy schedules and basic needs of driving skills nowadays.

So if you are the owner of a car and thinking of starting a driving school then the things you need a proper commercial license, hangings, and marketing with a Pvt ltd company domain. It is good to start as a small business option.


Online marketing lets you provide service to promoting the products of e-commerce sites. It is basically exercised through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube.

This lets you earn from home. Being in an online marketing business, you should gain experience by working as a contractor first.

This ensures that you will be able to work into different business conditions to finally making a strong plan business strategy as a founder.

Known to all types of risk, create a perfect model, and start channelizing through your close contacts.

So these are the 10k business investment ideas. I hope it will help you with what you were looking for.

Hope it will help you out!

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