10 Best Business Ideas in Hyderabad with Low Investment

The capital city of Telangana is the major technological center in India. Technology uplifts the capital burden in a startup.

Nowadays entrepreneurship is preferably accepted among the aspiring youth. You just need an interest in a particular field to think about the subject of your business.

Starting a business without a proper investment is way easier in the modern era. Business is highly preferred to earn well in this modern era.

From big companies to small business units, profit and job opportunities are the core reason behind the rising business interests of the wide population.

Starting a business with low investment grows well if you make and execute an effective plan from the initial stage of marketing to maintaining your service values.

There are various options or business ideas that you can establish with low capital in India.

We will help you find the best business in this article. Your small initiative can provide you great opportunities in the future.

Nowadays high disposal income lets people start a side business with low investment and high returns plan so this article will guide to the right path.

So let’s get straight into it.

10 Best Business In Hyderabad 2021


SEO services are well in demand because people use google a lot. The search engines are still very important for people as most of the website traffic still comes from google.

It is one of best business idea in Hyderabad without prior investment.

So learning skills of search engine optimization is very profitable to provide it as a service to others. This requires you to take a proper 4-5 months training but once you are well skilled then you can make it as your core in the profile to earn well.

After getting training and experience you can further establish your own business by opening an SEO agency.

Get your legal procedure done and contact with tech companies and offer your service This is a very lucrative idea as it makes you do affiliate marketing and thus expands your business roots.   


Blogging business ideas without investment

The online platform is giving a wide range of business possibilities in this era of advanced generation. Blogging is the best small business idea. Making money online is a far simpler and easy task if you have the necessary skills and interest to garner your business ideas.

You should have something interesting to connect with your audience that needs necessary writing skills. But the foremost question is how to start a blogging business?

Well, firstly we recommend you to make your own website in order to earn good through blogging. The initial investment is on tech equipment and domain name. Choose your topic of blog wisely.

Now you need readers for your blog! Promote your blog on social media accounts like Instagram and LinkedIn. Connect with other bloggers to make yourself visible in the blogging community.

Create relatable and controversy related blogs to gather huge traffic. Making money is another step. There are different ways out. Promote brands through affiliate marketing.

Sign up for the affiliate window and using affiliate tracked links in your blog will earn you money whenever someone drives through the link and makes a purchase.

You can generate income through selling advertising space in your blog as well. Writing editorials is the most used option in blogging to make money and side by side charging for social media posts will eventually render you good money.


Pod Casting - business without investment

Podcasting is a very rich entertainment business idea nowadays. A highly successful podcast business needs listeners.

So firstly, you should be well trained with maintainable tech equipment like portable XLR, audio interface, laptop, and good audio editing software. These add up to the basic investment needs.

Also marketing through social media platforms is essential to gather an audience. The content should be knowledgeable and should attract a maximum audience of particular interest.

You should make available few episodes free at the starting along with sponsoring brands and companies to make a good sum of money.

You need new content and a regular audience to run this business.


DropShipping Minimal Investment

Dropshipping Business is quite popular in entrepreneurship. You act as a retailer who opens an online brand. The customer places an order at your brand.

You connect with a wholesaler or supplier which further supplies the placed order under your brand name.

You are not responsible for inventory and delivery but if any issue regarding the product arises, you are directly accountable.

Firstly identify your niche research about the current market patterns and choose your area of products.

Go through online market places to get market information about your products. Further, build your store online by signing in Shopify and getting your store public.

You have to set up connections with suppliers and wholesalers in order to gear in the actual business practice of drop shipping.

As people will place orders at retail price at your store, your suppliers will supply them.

As soon as the order is delivered,  the margin between what you have been paid and what you pay to the wholesaler for the products is your income.


Fitness Instructor

In the time like lockdown due to global pandemic, online platform boosted the business of fitness instructors. Not everyone likes to go to the gym. There is a huge population that has the only option of home workouts and some of them prefer it more.

So people are inclined towards subscribing to the online fitness channels to help them in fitness and maintaining a healthy body.

If you are well trained and have skills you can offer them to your clients to make money. Start your website or a YouTube channel to make yourself available to customers. Build a strong family. Start charging for subscribed batch and start earning.


Be a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a great business idea for men to work from home. A virtual assistant business needs marketing and branding to start properly. Getting clients and managing clients is another task.

You can set their own rules according to the contract with your clients. You should have an active online presence to get yourself, customers.

You have to work in an organized way to get into this management business.


Teach Online

Education is really expensive and important for the students. So the trend of giving tuitions is always good business option.

If you have good knowledge of core subjects then you can go for this business. You have to invest in a particular source of books and information. Further, you can start tutoring from home but for that investment is needed on banners,  posters, and stationery items.

It needs to be promoted among your neighbors, family, and friends. The fees course and the quality tests rate are to be fixed according to your need and location.

Low price and quality education at the initial time are best to get your business on the right track. Once you get good batch strength, your clients will always be on the rise.



Freelancing is the working way of future generation. Freelancing refers to giving your work or craft to particular projects of companies for a short period of time. That are basically short projects.

Freelancing is well known in web designing,  graphic designing,  writing, etc. You have a skill so you can work for a particular period of time on related projects of the respective companies.

Freelancing writing is quite famous. From copywriting, a journalist writing to creative writing, freelancing has become a creative and inclusive way to make money.

For this, you have to invest in the tech equipment like equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi, authentic audio system, etc.

There are various freelancing platforms that you can access to get good clients along with increasing your experience.

It is a very low budget self-employment idea to work from home for moms according to their skills


Book store

It is a job that requires you to record the financial transactions for small business owners. They are mostly granted job as a freelancer or full-time worker.

As thinking of it as a business idea, this is a great option if you are skilled at accounting or have academic qualifications in the same. This gives you a reliable job opportunity.

You can work as a freelancer to get experience and further opt for another accounting business by contracting with them for business expansion.


Driving School Business Idea

Driving school business has developed very well in the Indian market due to busy schedules and basic needs of driving skills nowadays.

So if you are the owner of a car and thinking of starting a driving school then the things you need a proper commercial license, hangings, and marketing with a Pvt ltd company domain.

It is good to start as a small business option.

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