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Torrent is an internet element which enables to enjoy all sort of content free of cost.  There is a steady increase of its day to day in the millions of users taking advantage of the service.  The torrent file is a computer file containing metadata about files and folders to be distributed.  It usually is a list of the network locations of trackers which are computers that help participants in the system find each other.

Torrents, in other words, can be said merely as files that hold information related to other files and folders that are to be distributed.  For instance, while downloading a movie torrent, the ‘torrent file’ contains all necessary information that enables to get the movie.

How Do Torrents Work?

How do torrents work

During downloading torrent files there will be files that are not familiar with the other chunks of data.  Those are values which are used to verify a file.  Torrents are files with sizes that are not bigger than a few kilobytes of data.  But even then the tiny files can commence the downloading of even bigger files.  It is possible from one system to another by transferring a file over a P2P network.  P2P is a network when two or more computers are connected to share resources without a separate server computer.

Torrent Clients 

Torrent clients

The files are transferred in tiny bits, but they are completely downloaded after verification into the system.  Torrent clients help to transfer files from one system to another.  BitTorrent clients are running on the system or smartphones for transferring files.  Torrent clients also range from uTorrent, BitTorrent and others.  They serve as a bridge to help get the files from other seeders to download them in the computer or mobile.

Torrent files and magnet links are pointer files that help torrent software locate computers of other users who are sharing specific files or group of files needed to download.  With the torrent file it is easy to tell the software to connect those private computes for copying the following among others:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Documents

Torrent clients, in other words, help to download the large data associated with the torrent.

For downloading any file there are three terms under the realm of the torrent to be known for better understanding.  They are:


Seed is a system that has the complete downloaded file and not bits and pieces lying around.


Peers are people or systems who do not have the complete file and only bits and pieces and are in the process of downloading from others


Leeches are individuals who have downloaded the actual files but do not allow others to download their files.  They not only let the fully downloaded files but even the bits and pieces of it.

Is Download of Torrents Legal

Is download of torrents legal

Many countries do not have stringent laws controlling computer downloads.  But still, from a legal perspective downloading a TV show, movie or games without paying for it is a crime.  But since it has bee spread all over the globe, many users believe it is harmless.  Some countries have stringent laws against illegal downloading and could land in trouble for doing it.  But when the use of a VPN does a torrent it is better to safeguard privacy.

What is Necessary for Torrent Download:

What is necessary for torrent download

Special software that can read the Torrent file or magnet link is required to download torrent. Also, these torrent software products need to provide management control over download and upload speeds priorities and cataloging.  These torrent software programs are not just for desktops but can also be downloading torrents through web browsers will enable access to files from anywhere.

Ebook Torrenting sites

ebook torrenting sites

Books are now in the smartphones through ebooks.  By kindling them or through cloud storage anyone can read ebooks anywhere, anytime and any books for free.  The source for such ebooks is the many ebook torrenting sites for books that allow access to get hold of the virtual library in the pocket.

Preparations to get the free eBooks from eBook Torrenting Sites

Know the eBook Format that Supports the device:

It is pertinent to know the supported file types of the users’ device to pick the right one that suits best for as per the device specifications.  What supports an iPhone will not support an Android device and Kindle may have a completely different format for support to ebooks.  Android phones may work with the following:

  • ePub
  • RTF
  • MOBI
  • PRC
  • Word
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • TXT

Likewise, iPhone and Kindle will support the same or different formats.  Once knowing the right ebook format, it is easier to choose the book torrents.

VPNs Provide Full Access To Ebook Torrents and Book Torrents

VPNs provide full access to ebook torrents and book torrents

  • VPNs help in more options and provide optimum protection while browsing ebook torrent sites. The following are the ways VPN could help in getting the best out of ebook torrents.
  • Enables access to ebook torrent sites that are blocked in any region
  • Protects from copyright laws and associated penalties
  • Safeguards from online vulnerabilities like hacking. Identity theft, spamming among others.
  • VPN hides the ID from the regulating authorities as well as copyright owners of the ebooks
  • Since the IP is masked, it enables to unlock the blocked websites in the region
  • Anonymous downloading is possible with VPN getting rid of being tracked by authorities.
  • Also, it prevents the following of dubious bugs and viruses that could corrupt the system or leak or steal the identity online
  • VPN forms the fence between the browsing and the ISP or internet service provider or the world

Famous Ebook Categories

ebook torrent sites

Millions of book lovers are now happy with ebook torrenting sites.  There are ebooks for all categories of reading which include:

  • Science
  • Fiction
  • Mathematics
  • Business & Economics
  • History
  • Technology
  • Others

The Best 10 eBook Torrenting Sites:

ebook torrents

Interestingly and to the boon of vivid book lovers the scope of torrenting has improved over the years.  Now they can read about anything from fitness to economics with everything becoming digital.  Also, ebook readers have grown tremendously.  The following are the best ten ebook torrent sites to get easy access for happy reading right on the fingertips.

1. Books-Share

This site enables easy download of torrent files descriptions.  With the help of the author name, title and subject it is effortless to search for the desired download from the download list.

2. Many Books :

It satisfies the readers’ urge within any favorite genre. It provides the best and most intuitive interface for the user to enjoy reading the books.  Also, easy navigation and understanding with the neat design is possible.

3. Planet e-Book :

This site contains a book catalog showcasing more than 50,000 books from across the globe.

4. :

It allows the readers to read in the PDF format and has a collection of almost all significant topics of readers.  But to use this site, it needs registration.

5. Smashwords :

This independent site is a publishing distributor.  They not only help readers but also a huge number of retailers, libraries, and others.  It also promotes authors and publishers of their books.

6. PDF Books World :

Famous for its unique file formats it allows easy downloads of ebook torrents.  Its PDF format to save the ebook allows to download and read the ebooks on multiple devices swiftly.

7. Bookyards :

This site has the functionalities of a web portal.  Being equipped with a file sharing option it allows reading torrent ebooks on any of the synched devices on almost all topics.

8. Bookie :

The salient feature of Ebookie enables the reader to know of the recently viewed ebook torrents,  last added ebook torrents, and top 10 ebook torrents and other information about ebook torrents.

9. EbookShare :

Seamless, enjoyable reading is possible with this site but it needs a VPN connection as it obeys DMCA notion strictly

10. FreeBookSpot :

Selecting a torrent ebook with this site is without any issues whatsoever.  It saves time with more than 900 categories of books to choose quickly.

There are several other famous and popular ebook torrenting sites to have happy reading free of cost.

Top 7 Ebook Pirate Sites :

ebook pirate sites

A recently released report on piracy of ebooks has stated that the piracy of books has dramatically affected the book sales.  Its impact is more on the business & investing, professional & technical and science categories.

The following is the list if ebooks pirate sites for the convenience of the authors and publisher to oversee their protected copyrights.  They can search the websites below for author name or book title.  If more than 175 kb of about the details are found in them, then there is changes or the entire book being shared.

Site                                                                         Report Piracy [email protected]  [email protected] [email protected]

Authors can use the email addresses or links to forms to file your take-down orders.  It should contain the following:

  • Legal and author names
  • The links to your works on their site or the search page results
  • Name
  • Email address
  • A worded explanation about the copyrighted work owned

Best 5 Kickass eBooks download Sites

kickass ebooks download team is identical to the original banned Kickass site.  It hosts a good number of torrent files and magnet links for movies torrent, TV shows, software, games, and music torrents. It has most of the employees of the original Kickass team.

The Following are other Best Kickass eBooks  Download:

Ebook Torrents will help readers to gain knowledge and to get them through a secure VPN connection is the best way.