15 Business ideas in Gujarat: Kick Start Your Professional Life

Gujarat is a state in the western part of the Indian map. Confined with numerous temples and pilgrimage places, Gujarat will offer you a better lifestyle than many other places. Starting a business in Gujarat can be indeed a good idea. In this article, we will explore some good and new business ideas in Gujarat. 

Best Business Ideas in Gujarat

Starting from very small to large, there can be many business ideas and startups that one can do in Gujarat. Among them, a few of the best are listed below:

1. Art and Craft Business

art and craft

Considering the archeological perspective of Gujarat, this can be one of the great business ideas in Gujarat to start with. There are a lot of temples and tourist places where many of the foreigner and domestic tourists come each year. Making things by hand and selling them can be better to establish a long-term goal.

2. Fertilizer and Chemical Production

chemical fertilizer production

India is one of the biggest agricultural hubs. Almost all the states in India grow different kinds of crops. Gujarat is no different as well. Starting a business that will help the backbone of India, agriculture is always a good idea. Start with these business ideas in Gujarat and see the change is your work rapidly.

3. Raw-Clothing Element Godown

raw materials of clothing

This is another business sector that will never grow old. You can produce any kind of raw material for the clothing industry and it will grow like anything. If you need a basic idea of starting a business in Gujarat, this can be one of those business ideas in Gujarat. 

4. Paper And Printing Production

printing paper production

Printing papers and other daily necessary products will always be a top-notch need for all sorts of companies. You can start a printing company that would print papers as well as clothes and can establish your idea as one of the great business ideas in Gujarat. People will buy your product and they will learn how to grow a business from scratch.

5. Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing

petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly, commonly known as Vaseline can be used for many purposes. Starting a business in this sector will definitely grow and you will find a way out towards bigger profit. Having this idea in mind you can start a bigger production.

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6. Jeans Manufacturing

jeans manufacturing

Nowadays, India is a big consumer of American Denim which is called jeans in short. People of all ages and genders are going towards this fashion. This is, of course, one of the real business ideas in Gujarat. Start at the community level then take your business to the bigger market. 

7. Mobile Car Cleaning

mobile car cleaning services

If you have a moderate investment and want to start a good business with it, mobile car washing sector can be from the better business ideas in Gujarat. People need this service and this is serving the Indian economy from very before. If you start this in your own state then you can also be a part of the bigger economy of the whole country.

8. Night Club And Bar

nightclub and bars

As Gujarat is a renowned tourist spot, people from different countries come here to spend some good days and nights. After having an amazing day tour in the city, they need some time to refresh themselves with a few shots and some good music. Starting a night club here would give you the opportunity to get your business ideas in Gujarat. 

9. Food Shop and Production

food shop

Food shops can never go out of style. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will need food. And when it comes to the authenticity and real food, you must show some root-recipes in it. Once you get your own food shop, you can offer food based on your culture and people will like it. Your idea of business would establish as the best business idea in Gujarat.

10. Production Of Papad

papad making business

Papad is a very popular food accessory and it is often taken as a light snack. Gujarat is famous for its food ingredient and making papad with the authentic dal and grins can blow anyone’s mind. Foreign tourists like this a lot and they search for the food that is originated in a place. Establish this idea as one of those best business ideas in Gujarat and make it divine afterward.

11. Book Store

bookstore business

Getting your own book store is not always costly. It may sound that you need to buy a lot of books and places, but actually, you can start this business with your old books. The person who loves a book will always find it perfect. In fact, this is one of the new business ideas in Gujarat with low investment. If you have a good book collection you can start it right away.

12. Fashion Designing Centre

fashion designing

Gujarat has a vivid culture and customs that offer a great variety of designs. If you see the clothing style of the people there, or just simply try to be traditional, you will see the divine color and spark in it. These all come from learning. You can make an institution that will offer learners the process of the design. This is a very good starting idea and it can be one of those timeless business ideas in Gujarat if you start well.

13. Public Service And Relation

public relations services

As many people regularly visit this diverse state of India, there are requirements of the people who will serve other people as public relations people. Both of these are perfect business ideas in Gujarat. People need help, and to be able to do so, is a great thing.

14. Salt Production

salt production in gujarat

Gujarat has the longest coastline of India and it has plenty of the resources to start a salt industry. Collecting proper amounts and elements from the sea can kick start your startup business and you will start getting a good profit as well.

15. Gems And Stone Shop

gems and stones

As mentioned earlier, Gujarat is blessed with a vast coastal line and you can collect some rare and beautiful stones and gems from around the sea. Sell them at a good price and then you can take your business to a different level. These were a few goods and easy business ideas in Gujarat to start with. As an entrepreneur, you must be ready to do some hard work. And we all know that hard work always pays off!

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