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In Punjab, Are you looking for new business ideas? There is a good reason why businesses are being taken place in Punjab and this is a good choice that you’re making when thinking about new business ideas in Punjab.

This article is for you if you want tips on how to do business in Punjab and then, later on, I will tell you about this amazing new way to do business. It does not require you to put any money down but the potential for profit is very outstanding. So please read on.

DO you know why it is good to do business in Punjab? In your search for new small scale business ideas in Punjab, It is important to be creative and luckily there are many key economic indicators that will help you along the way.

Before starting any business the first step you need to take is to have an idea of the type of business you want to embark upon and map out your strategies. Nothing works outside planning and that anybody that fails to plan is surely planning to fail and you will agree with me about this. To match starting a business without having an adequate plan on the ground can be frustrating.

Therefore having a critical plan means you are ready to face the challenges ahead and know everything. You are likely to overcome the initial challenges most entrepreneurs face at the start-up stage with proper planning and Implementation.

Here planning means, how much time required to complete each business transaction, knowing areas to delegate those to personally handle and the business intricacies.

Here are Some Top 13 Small Scale Business Ideas for Punjab in 2021

1. Blogging


If you are passionate about writing, you can write your own content for your own website. Blogging can give you a lot of money through advertising and affiliate marketing. Blogs are great start-up ideas for making money, which you can earn through Google AdSense as well as by guest posting.

2. Photography


You can open a photography studio if you have good photography skills, a laptop and knowledge to use editing software. In this technological world, you do not need to have a physical studio; you can market your work on the Internet and easily engage in filming contracts.

3. Repair of Computers and Mobile Phones

Repair of Computers and Mobile Phones

This is the kind of business in Punjab that is best for undergraduate students. As they can continue the simple hardware repair course, as an investment, easy jobs are available after graduation in this technical course and no degree is required. Thus, it states that for these jobs no higher education is required.

4. Join Affiliate Marketing

Join Affiliate Marketing

Now you can earn a reasonable income by clicking on the reference link. E-commerce websites such as Flipkart or Amazon now provide a referral link for the sale of their products. These links leave the sponsorship bonus after the sale or purchase ends.

You simply need to provide these links to the appropriate buyer and the same buyer will land on the page where he can buy the product he has visited. Once the sale is complete and the buyer has received the product, a reference amount will be credited to your account. This is the new business ideas in Punjab.

5. Travel agency

Travel agency

Today’s generation loves to travel. Creating your own travel agency in Punjab is a good idea. It’s easy to promote your agency on the social media platform today via blogs and great offers.

Introduce an attractive package including travel expenses, hotel reservations, and food at the lowest prices to attract more and more people.

6. Online Event Planning

Online Event Planning

You can be an event organizer. It’s not a kind of wedding planning. It plans or organizes corporate mergers, corporate meetings with their clients. This activity involves a healthy work environment. Many websites, host a variety of events for students, office workers and more.

7. Babysitting


These are the old school jobs for the teens that could take care of their younger siblings in their free time and earn some pocket money. Parents are happy to pay for this because they have a few hours of rest in their tiring routine.

8. Gardening Services

Gardening Services

In today’s economy, when people buy the house, they are also interested in the best view and the garden with a terrace. Thus, when they wake up or sleep late, they can enjoy the green of their home. So, you could be a gardening service provider.

9. Taxi Services

If you own a personal car, turn it into a commercial taxi and earn money from it. This is the kind of business that is in high demand today. You can enter into contracts with large companies like Uber and Ola. It’s a good small business idea in Punjab and the most profitable one.

10. Smart Home contractor

Smart Home contractor

Modern smart home solutions can do everything from remote control of your home’s light bulbs to air conditioning and a health monitoring app on your smartphone. As the possibilities are virtually limitless, it takes a person who understands the sector to come up with the best possible solutions.

11. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

The generic term Virtual Assistant refers to anyone who is paid to do the work of another person. Let’s say someone runs an online store. This person may need occasional help to handle correspondence and questions from clients. A virtual assistant works on an hourly basis and often serves multiple clients at the same time. The obvious limitation of this business is time itself.

12. Ecological Cleaning Services

Ecological Cleaning Services

The only difference between green cleaning services and regular cleaning services is the type of products used for cleaning themselves. But this simple thing can turn otherwise unattractive businesses into something highly desirable.

Inhabitants of upscale neighborhoods are willing to spend a lot of money knowing they are helping to preserve the environment.

13. Security Services

Security Services

We live in turbulent times. It is therefore not surprising that the demand for security services is growing at a steady pace. These security services can take place either offline (personal and home security) or online.

Conclusion & Business Tips

This list of small scale industries in Punjab just about those scratches the surface. The possibilities are endless, so do not be afraid to try new things. Think about what you’re passionate about, think about and think about how you can turn those little ideas into profitable activities.

It is very important that you check the business opportunities in detail before you start your own business in Punjab. There will be several opportunities and ideas that you can tap, to start a business on a moderate budget whether you are looking for ways to earn extra income, or are unemployed who want to start a business from scratch.

In the startup phase, you need to force yourself to relax and keep a cool mind. Starting your own business can be a traumatic experience or a fairly simple thing as long as you know the basics. To make it a smooth and pleasant ride, educate yourself, learn the basics before you jump on the wagon. Make a plan for how many hours and when you will work. Stick with your plan. If you find it’s not working, rework the plan, all to maintain your discipline.

When you are free, make a list of small business ideas in Punjab. Everywhere there are small business ideas and opportunities. The average human being spends the rest of their life learning about small business ideas and never actually gets going. Take the plunge and take action.

From small business ideas, most successful companies come. Small companies grew into big profitable ones with a lot of perseverance, hard work, and careful planning. These are some ideas you should consider if you are thinking of establishing your own business in Punjab.

Creating your own online business facility that offers services such as administrative support, secretarial service, writing, marketing services and data entry service, accounting software and bookkeeping, customer or technical service, opening a photo booth or studio; establishing your own flower shop or gardening shop; and even opening your own daycare center are Some of the easy small scale industries in Punjab. You can open a referral service, data retrieval service, resume service, image consultancy, a dog training center, upholstery service, or a business broker service.

Controlling your expenses is the most important thing to remember. Due to expenses and over expansions, many businesses can fail to cause low and negative profit margins. So about your expenses, you must think carefully when approaching these small scale industries in Punjab. No one wins when diversifying too greatly so make sure you narrow down the type of business you wish to establish.

For your business, you need to consider your budget, your location, your resources, skills, and capabilities. You don’t’ want to start a flower shop or a gardening business If you’re allergic to flowers. Before planning out the rest of your business you need to have a clear idea of what you want to do. You just can’t afford to make mistakes with your ventures although most businesses always have a trial and error phase. So keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses. To make your easy small business ideas in Punjab work for you to determine how much time you are willing to give.

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