Why Video Content Is Important For Your Business In 2022?

You either like or dislike it, but video content is showing no signs of slowing down. 

On the contrary, for the vast majority of internet users, video is now the favored medium for accessing information. It is also the dominant form of social media. And it’s only getting more popular. 

Important facts about video content

Here are the important facts about the video content you should know:

  • Videos on landing pages have been shown to increase conversion rates by more than 80%.
  • The mere use of the word “video” in the subject line of an email raises open rates by 19%.
  • Consumers use videos to make buying decisions in 55% of cases.

Why is video content so important?

Videos are not only more interesting, but they also help consumers recall information better than any other medium. According to studies, when people see a message, they retain 95% of it, compared to only 10% if they read it. And that’s the reason there is an ever-increasing demand for professional video editors across the globe. 

Videos can also be used to tell stories. They help connect and engage with your audience on a more emotional level. Even more than words or pictures. People can see the intention and face behind the brand, which helps to build trust. They can “see” you, what you stand for, and “connect” with you.

Reasons you must incorporate video content in your business

1. Reduces ad spend without lowering the quality of the results

Using video content can help in lowering your advertising costs. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of brand promotion. By spending a few cents per view, you can catch the interest of a large yet highly focused audience online.

Although YouTube may not have as many active users as Facebook, it remains the preferred medium for video advertisers. It has an advertising potential that is worth investigating, particularly if you run an eCommerce business.

2. More Engagement 

According to a new Wyzowl study, 91% of marketers say video content is now more vital than ever after the COVID-19 pandemic. This appears to be consistent with consumer behavior, as 96% of respondents said the amount of video content they’ve watched has grown as a result of the pandemic.

Video advertising on Instagram garners three times the amount of engagement as sponsored photographs. Even spontaneous video posts outperform photographs. They receive about 38% more engagements than photographs.

It’s the same on Facebook. Conversion rates for video advertising are 20% to 30% higher than for images. In addition, their click-through rates are two to three times more.

Although video content is extremely entertaining, not all videos perform well on social media. You have to choose the right topic and video editor professional and tailor your message according to the preferences of your audience.

3. Your website’s search engine rating is boosted with video.

Including videos on your website, from the homepage to the blog, will keep people longer on the page. If your website contains videos, it is 53 times more likely to show up as the first result on Google for a search query.

Google and other search engines utilize a variety of ranking factors to evaluate a website’s online presence. Many advertisers consider “dwell time” to be an important ranking factor. The amount of time a person spends on a web page before returning to the search results page is referred to as dwell time. Search engines utilise this measure to determine the effectiveness of their results and change ranks accordingly.

4. There are a lot of videos available.

There are numerous demands on our attention in the huge realm of media. From the content articles that flood us on social media to the social media campaigns that span all sorts of media, we are constantly assaulted with content and graphics. In terms of user accessibility, however, video stands out amongst everything else.

Who doesn’t love video content? Marketers may use videos to tell a brand story or provide information by combining images, text, music, and other elements. 

Anyone who has attempted to master a new skill or hobby understands the significance of video content. When connecting transcripts and captions with the material in the right fashion, even people with physical limitations should be considered. This makes choosing a reliable video editor an important part of marketing that must not be neglected. 

5. Customer loyalty and trust are enhanced via video.

In today’s ever-changing business world, your brand’s most valuable asset is trust. You can use video to establish a trusted relationship with your viewers. So, how do you go about doing that?

You can make Question and Answer (Q&A) videos, for example. This allows your audience to ask questions and express their concerns. You’ll be able to create trust and strengthen relationships with your audience this way.

You can humanize your brand by using video marketing. In the eyes of your customers, putting a face on your brand can make it more relatable, honest, and trustworthy. They’ll develop a stronger bond with your brand. They’ll also be more inclined to tell others about you.


Businesses can use video content to show off their best side while also telling important stories about their products and services. Whether you need a promotional film to show off what you have to offer or instructive content to increase leads, the video gives you the skills to blend storytelling with multimedia to produce great, accessible content.

Looking for the best video editor to create engaging videos for your brand? If so, your search ends here! 

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