20 Best Small Business Ideas for Men Ensuring High Returns

Business is a widely accepted source to make money in today’s era of technology and connectivity around the world. Entrepreneurship has open doors for innovation to create high returns along with the availability of jobs for an individual.

Greater connectivity around the global village has lead to creative business opportunities for a risk taker and profit maker. Men are considered the essential breadwinners in a family so,  side income can be generated with self-employment options if you have an entrepreneurial mind and ingenious skills to explore new aspects.

Low investment businesses are lately considered a good source of income generation in advancing technology-driven world business trends. Small and medium scale enterprises in India employs 40% of the workforce.

So there are a variety of self-employment business ideas explained below that will surely help you know your interest

So here are some of the top 20 business ideas that men can pursue with low capital investment.



The online platform is giving a wide range of business possibilities in this era of advanced generation Making money online is a far simpler and easy task if you have the necessary skills and interest to garner your business ideas.

You should have something interesting to connect with your audience that needs necessary writing skills. But the foremost question is how to start a blogging business?

Well, firstly we recommend you to make your own website in order to earn good through blogging. The initial investment is on tech equipment and domain name. Choose your topic of blog wisely.

Now you need readers for your blog !. Promote your blog on social media accounts like Instagram and LinkedIn. Connect with other bloggers to make yourself visible in the blogging community. Create relatable and controversy related blogs to gather huge traffic.

Making money is another step. there is a different way out. Promote brands through affiliate marketing. Sign up for the affiliate window and using affiliate tracked links in your blog will earn you money whenever someone drives through the link and makes purchases.

You can generate income through selling advertising space in your blog as well. Writing editorials is the most used option in blogging to make money and side by side charging for social media posts will eventually render you good money


DropShipping Minimal Investment

Dropshipping Business is quite popular in entrepreneurship. You act as a retailer who opens an online brand. The customer places an order at your brand.

You connect with a wholesaler or supplier which further supplies the placed order under your brand name.

You are not responsible for inventory and delivery but if any issue regarding the product arises,  you are directly accountable.

Firstly identifies your niche. Research about the current market patterns and choose your area of products. Go through online market places to get market information about your products. Further, build your store online by signing in to Shopify and getting your store public.

You have to set up connections with suppliers and wholesalers in order to gear in the actual business practice of dropshipping. As people will place orders at retail price at your store, your suppliers will supply them.

As soon as the order is delivered,  the margin between what you have been paid and what you pay to the wholesaler for the products is your income.



Cleanliness Business needs a proper plan to execute with all the adversities of the market in your area. Cleanliness Business is impacted by technology with new equipment but the basic elements are always the same.

For the business set up, firstly define your area; residential or commercial cleaning service. As you provide cleaning staff and equipment for your service you should decide your niche according to market needs.

Furthermore, get your company logo. Here the basic investment is on the registration and insurance. The cost rises when it comes to getting equipment and employees.

From providing maid services to office cleaning, this business needs an organized team to handle marketing and supply.


Be a Professional Freelancer

Freelancing is the working way of future generations. Freelancing refers to giving your work or craft to particular projects of companies for a short period of time. Those are basically short projects. Freelancing is well known in web designing,  graphic designing,  writing, etc.

You have a skill so you can work for a particular period of time on a related project of respective companies. Freelancing writing is quite famous. From copywriting, a journalist writing to creative writing,  freelancing has become a creative and inclusive way to make money.

For this, you have to invest in tech equipment like equipment, high-speed WiFi,  authentic audio system, etc. There are various freelancing platforms that you can access to get good clients along with increasing your experience.

It is a very low budget self-employment business idea for men.


beauty business ideas

Low budget business idea for men includes the idea of opening up a barbers shop. Cutting hair and massaging is necessary needs of humans. So it is an evergreen business idea.

To make it work successfully you need to set it properly. Initially, the investment comprises the rental deposit of around 50,000 that will vary according to the location of your shop. If it is in the center of the market it would cost you more.

Then,  you have to invest in the expense of the setting up shop so make good contacts with the furnishers. If you don’t have the expertise of a barber then you need to hire a staff that will cost you their salary.

The capital for equipment is also needed.so these are essentials for the barbershop business which would let you earn well by wisely adopting market patterns.


small scale business in lucknow

Education and academics of school going students often demand projects. Sometimes uncertain situations made them make it from a professional at a monetary cost.

The business of providing school projects to the students and inspiring them to work individually on the project is yet another creative self-employment idea for men. You need to go through certain projects in school and then invest in the equipment according to your ability to make it work properly.

Most of the scientific projects are in demand throughout the summer vacations. You need a small investment at the initial stage. You should make it available offline from your home and online available for better reach and low cost of management.

This can earn you can be a good side business as  well as properly invested business that can be enlarged in the short time span

7. TUTOR :

business opportunities in lucknow

Education is really expensive and important for the students. So the trend of giving tuitions is always a good business option. If you have good knowledge of core subjects then you can go for this business.

You have to invest in a particular source of books and information. Further,  you can start tutoring from home but for that investment is needed in banners,  posters, and stationery items. It needs to be promoted among your neighbors,  family, and friends.

The fees course and the quality tests rate are to be fixed according to your need and location. Low price and quality education at the initial time are best to get your business on the right track. Once you get good batch strength,  your clients will always be on the rise.



Tailoring business is also considered as one of the core business ideas in the market. So starting with getting legalities,  you have decided on the location of your store or shop.

Moving further,  the rental charges,  electricity charges,  staff salary are the variable cost. You have to get the name of the store, promote the types of tailoring among the best icon of them.

Investment in equipment that is assets is fixed cost. Conclusively,  you have to plan a good customer policy and rates to ensure that you have regular customers to increase your business arena.

As a businessman, you should have close contacts with the clothing shops that would further render good customer to you in the market to make money.


small scale industries in punjab

Event planning is a lucrative business idea. The business of event planning requires the skills of management and organizing skills. Firstly,  register your business name.

General liability insurance is a must. Initially, your staff should be minimum. A coordinating, clerical, and marketing employee is crucial. Administrative activities are to be personally managed by you as an owner.

Marketing your company is quite important through publications, business cards, and prospectus regarding your categorized services. Consider long-term partnerships with key service providers that will help you to get discounts which further aids you to keep your expenses low and ensure funding to maintain your staff at the initial stage of business.

Prefer the local market and make yourself visible online. Try to make collaborations to help you build a reliable reputation in the market and back up option for future uncertainties.



Bread and cake making business is a very innovative idea.  Starting with a small bakery,  this business has a potential of flourishing to a large extent in a long span of time.

Location is element. Bakery business follows the same pattern  as other shops. You can include instant delivery services to inhance your business reach. The factors of price rates,  staff of a helper and  the investment on the rental fee,  equipments and other variable cost are to be planned in a organised way to make it succesful.


Pod Casting - business without investment

Podcasting is a very rich entertainment business idea nowadays. A highly successful podcast business needs listeners. So firstly,  capital is to be an investment of maintainable tech equipment like portable XLR, audio interface,  laptop, and good audio editing software.

These add up to the basic investment needs. Also marketing through social media platforms is essential to gather an audience. Additionally, you can promote your podcast by creating a website dedicated to it where you can post transcripts. This will allow people searching on Google for a specific term to discover your podcast and eventually subscribe. With interview transcription software, you can easily transcribe your podcasts and save time. The content should be knowledgeable and should attract a maximum audience of particular interest.

You should make available few episodes free at the starting along with sponsoring brands and companies to make a good sum of money. You need new content and a regular audience to run this business.


The young generation has a keen interest in photography. If you are a skilled phot artist then, starting a photography business is quite easy. Making your trademark and own website is effective.

After all the legal formalities now you need to maintain a highly active social media accounts to influence a great number of followers. It is one of the best ideas for the self-employment business.

You should give wedding photography a good time. for experience after purchasing cameras and required lenses. Cover short events and make a proper team.

Your business card should be innovative and creative. Attach your company to the mass media industry to increase your business.



If you have studied horticulture, the plant nursery business is for you. The nursery business needs to be organized and planned way for the elementation of your plan.

Legalized terms and conditions would lead you to start this business with a proper name. The investment goes from suppliers of seed, containers, and other equipment to the land area that is a basic necessity.

You need to have regular customers and work with big corporations. Contracts with gift stores, etc will make you earn a good amount out of your natural hobby.

The technical assets are costly but yet works for the long term that can be purchased by taking a loan to run this business


Provide Language Translation and Transcription Services

Transcription business is very important in the field of law and business. However,  transcription is skill of writing down live audio or recorded statements. It needs the skills of writing and typing.

Transcription business can be started from home. The initial investment is on mechanical needs like foot pedal,  headsets, file converter software,  text expander, etc.

The transcription business is to be then connected with the news media,  law firms, insurance industries, and marketing agencies and radio channels,  etc.

Your company should have contractual contacts with the above firms to flourish the business.


People with a natural pleasant voice can use it to make money. The voice-over artiste should be practiced first. You should work part time for a short span with an organization to empower your skills to further set up a business in it.

You should be specific about the plan that would lead you to success. Getting a business website and logo should lead to branding and marketing. The next level is funding the equipment.

Finding leads and building client profiles is the most crucial at the early stage in the business of voice over. The editing software and the recording panels are required.

You can charge your client according to words and hours basis of voice over recording.which is always necessary for small to medium business market

16. Book Store :

book store

Education is the most valued element in the globalized world.  The old book bank is an innovative idea. In order to save money, students usually buy old books that further leads to good income generation to invest in the book store.

The stationary items and books are constantly in demand. Hence, this business allows a regular flow of income.

As investment in low, you need to find a low rented out commercial store. After all the legal processes you have to understand the market of the area. If your area has a high population of kids the kids stationery and book items would let you make good sales and profit.

Giving coupons during the opening and offering unique knowledgeable content will help you get the attention of the readers. School books always let you earn well. Used books and old books service is also a great deal to make long term customers.


small scale industries in punjab

Traveling is a luxurious activity that people pursue in their free time. From past years, traveling has its own market. Travel consultancy business works best when taken at both online and offline platforms.

So you are planning this on a low budget then you should start with an online platform as it would reduce rental investment. Set up your office from home. Get all the legal work done and take your niche market.

Marketing and branding are key to get your customers and build a reputation. Access the partners and make clients.

Eventually, your assets will be built and then you can take an offline office in the marketplace with loans to work simultaneously through online and offline platforms to give traveling facilities of tickets,  hotels,  tourist guides, etc to your customers.


small scale business in lucknow

Carwash business is growing for a few years. The car wash business needs an initial investment in the machinery. Starting with Pvt ltd and other legal works done you should opt for mobile machinery assets.

Rental income along with essential water permits is credited. If you are thinking of long-term business then you should choose an industrial area location to ensure your regular customers to allow to take your business profits high.

The starting investment is around 4 -5 lakh and the addition of machinery,  staff further increases it. It is quite a profitable business that can have a long business future


The carpentry industry works in a flow. If you want to get in the industry you have to gather the market trends to make your business work. Deciding your marker lead is necessary.

Make a brand and register it with a trademark. Have a contract with the key suppliers and work with them according to terms and conditions.

Make yourself settled in the market and gather clients according to their demand products. Make yourself available online to ensure the flow of orders.


small scale business ideas in punjab

A virtual assistant is a great business idea for men to work from home. A virtual assistant business needs marketing and branding to start properly. Getting clients and managing clients is another task.

You can set their own rules according to the contract with your clients. You should have an active online presence to get yourself, customers. You have to work in an organized way to get into this management business.

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