Sports Betting Trends To Watch In 2022

Even as jurisdictions worldwide impose strict regulations to control gambling activities, sports betting in India is tremendously evolving with technology. From streaming the live gameplay to betting on live matches on your smartphone, sports bookies are visibly improving the payment options and user experience. However, as sports bookmakers evolve, so does the sports industry surrounding it.

Here are some eccentric sports betting trends worth keeping your eye on in 2022.

  1. Esports betting
esports’ inclusion in the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Following FIFA’s announcement of esports’ inclusion in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the sport will become a global sensation in the next five years. The esports market started reporting huge figures in sports viewership and revenue in the last two years following the suspension of convention sports during the lockdown.

Due to the global lockdown, researchers estimate the global esports betting market will be worth $23.7+ billion by 2028, with a 13.1% compound annual growth rate from 2021. The research also shows there are approximately 220 million frequent esports viewers and 270 million occasional viewers.

  1. Last-minute betting

Different punters hold different sets of skills. Some sports bettors quickly make gambling decisions, while others take their time before choosing a prediction and placing a wager. That makes last-minute betting a steadily growing trend in the 2022 sports betting market, thanks to the large number of punters who like wagering at the last minute.

Recent tech evolutions and advancements in sports betting make it easy for bettors to embrace this trend. Many leading sportsbooks are already adopting this concept to their current betting systems, allowing punters to bet at the last minute using their PC, smartphones and other devices.

  1. AI & Machine Learning

Using AI and machine learning to predict the outcomes of different sports betting events might seem like science fiction at first, but different stakeholders are using this technology. Bookmakers are using machine learning algorithms to generate odds.

Developers can also launch a similar algorithm to help sports punters win low payout bets. However, sports bookies might limit bettors once they frequently achieve a fair amount of success.

  1. Micro Betting

Micro-betting allows bettors to drill down in a sports event and predict the live in-play action with the results delivered within minutes or seconds. However, it doesn’t mean betting only small amounts of cash or betting on small events. For example, a micro bet might allow wagering on whether a premier league team will score in the current possession or fail.

Different technological advancements support micro-betting in 2022, but real-time technology and machine learning are a necessity. However, sports punters are increasingly betting on large micro-events during the game as the trend is becoming a reality across different sports.

According to market experts, over $9 billion will be spent on sports betting in the US annually by 2025. Almost $7 billion of cash will come from micro-bets and in-play betting, hugely impacting the sports betting ecosystem.

  1. 24/7 sports updates

Sports bookmakers and fantasy sports operators like Yahoo and DraftKings are adept at notifying players of the latest sports updates. However, the trend is going a step further with innovations like player tracking.

According to the Dallas Mavericks owner and business mogul Mark Cuban, the legalization of the sports betting industry is driven by sports betting innovations like getting live data from players. Fitness watches and trackers are already letting us track our health, and something similar is being adopted in sports. That will give sports punters information about an athlete’s overall physical condition, a nagging injury or mental health.

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