9 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites: Watch Online Football, Cricket, Tennis


Nowadays watching sports is a popular leisure and it is consumed worldwide in various forms. It is an age-old practice now available via various means of platforms aging from radio to online streams. You would find many online services that provide live streaming of popular sports from all across the countries.

It is predominant that free live sports streaming sites are highly imperious as Football, Baseball, cricket, tennis, badminton, golf, wrestling, etc are always running on any corner on this planet. With all the sites given below a person may enjoy UEFA Champions League, English premier league, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division, Italian Serie A, Cricket, Badminton, Rugby, NBA, NFL and many more.

Most people who are a fan of sports crave for free and reliable sources to watch live sports online. And most of them would try to fulfill their desire in the post. Here reader would find some of the best free sports streaming sites to watch sports online. If a person watches illegal streams that do not have any authorization, a person would end up in jail. Some of the countries have very strict litigations for illegal streaming the accused and the perpetrator may face some of the lawsuits.

In this blog, you will find some of the good numbers of online websites that let you watch live content for free without any legal complications. Many such sites have got the digital rights or they just scan the internet for any freely available independent sources.

 Most of the illegal websites have the potential to act harmful and malicious for the user’s system and data. All these are capable enough to harass the privacy and collect sensitive information from the user’s device. So in the following blog, you would find some of the best free sports streaming websites which a person may use for free and under legal litigations.

Here is the list of best free live sports streaming websites that let the user watch the sporting fixtures online without any cost.

9 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

1. BossCast

Boss cast is the website that lets the user stream live sports channels and matches for free. This is the website that curates available streams for a game that may be used directly watch on the site which has got an inbuilt player.

A person may enjoy football, baseball, tennis, cricket, moto GP, racing, and other popular sports on the site for free. It has got drawback of the service since it provides the ads which are very aggressive with invasive popups and click Ads. But if a user is comfortable with ads than BossCast may let a person stream any event without any cost.

2. Reddit


A reader would get surprised to see Reddit on the list. Reddit is not a sports streaming website but it is the largest community maintained platform on the internet. A person would find a number of subreddit pages that are regularly updated and provide free live streams for various sports events. All these subreddits curate the page with the latest links for the fans from where a person may directly stream the matches.

Most of the streams a reader would find will be unofficial hence a person would need to check for working streams as it may be blocked anytime. A person may use the google search to find the streams on Reddit using Reddit as the keyword in the search query of google.

3. Time4TV


Time4TV.net is the website which lets sports lover watch TV channels from various parts of the world. A person may just check for the sports channel which may broadcast the match and look for the channel in the Time4TV list.

A person may get access to 60+ sports channels which may include sky network, BT sports, sony Network, star Network, Fox network, ESPN, MU TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Network, NBA TV and many more channels. Each of the channels is provided with multiple links, so in case if any links fail to load. A person would find it as the best source to watch fixtures live on tv channels without any country restrictions and account.

4. Sony Liv


Liv is the channel made available by Sony which Indian live streaming service to watch live sports on the streaming device. The Sony India broadcast cricket with some broadcasting rights. It also streams various premium sports like soccer, rugby, racing, MMA, WWE and many more. A person may watch all these games for free without buying any subscription but a person may find some little limitations.

Most of the streams are delayed by 5 minutes if a person is wishing to watch it without a subscription. It won’t be a bad deal in looking at the content which it offers. It provides the service exclusively for India so if a person wishes to use it outside India than a person would require to use a VPN App with servers available in India. If a person is seriously looking for a free sports streaming website than sony liv would be a great option.

5. Loala 1


Loala is the best free sports streaming website which is based in Austria. It is the site which has got an international version which is not region locked. A person may stream content in the country. Loala1 is the website which doesn’t have any broadcasting rights of the matches. A person would find tons of football streams from around the world.

It is the website which has got a very good interface with clutter-free design. Although the services are made available from Austria. It gives an international version that won’t disappoint the people in any way. A service would help the citizens of the USA to watch the matches which are not available on any source of media.

6. LiveTV.SX

It is the free sports streaming website that hosts links for watching various sports events. It is not a legal source of watching the content since service hosts the link from various available media. A person may enjoy watching La Liga, UEFA, Badminton, Rugby, NBL, NFL, FIFA, WWE, MMA and various major events free of cost.

A person would not require any account or subscription. A person just needs to look for the live matches on the website which opens the link. A person would find only a single drawback of the service which is Ads. it is invasive and irritating. If the person is ok with the ads than LiveTVSK is the best free service.

7. Hotstar [Paid]


If you are the person who loves to watch the Indian content than the hoster by a 21st-century fox is the best choice. It is the website that offers some of the top sports programmings with 5 minutes delay and a person may access it without and subscription. But if a person wants to watch live it needs the subscription.

A person may also catch the match highlights and analysis. Apart from sports, it is the platform that has got a huge library of top Indian dramas, soap operas, movies, and tv shows. It makes it a premium place for topnotch Indian programs.

Hostar has got numerous Hollywood movies. It was launched in the USA and Canada by disseminating content library to avoid any sort of infringement of digital rights. A person may access it on the web by visiting us.hotstar.com. It also provides sports programming with 5 minutes delay without any subscription and live streams with the subscription.

8. Now TV

Now tv is a contract-free subscription-based Internet TV service which is available for the UK, Ireland, and Italy. Now TV is owned by Sky plc. Now TV has got all the available tv channels, live sports, programs, and movies which are owned by the sky network. A person may access Sky networks sports channels live sports channels and other entertainment tv series.

It provides the service which is paid and a person may need to pay 9,99 euros every month but it has got a 14-day free trial. A person may access up to 10 sports channels. Now TV is available for more than 60 + devices which includes consoles and smart TV. if the person is serious about streaming some important sporting event than a person may try a 14-day free trial plan.

9. ESPNWatch


Most of you may have known about the ESPNWatch. It is the stand-alone free sports streaming Application for a major sports program. ESPN has got broadcasting rights for a number of programs.

 If a person subscribes to ESPN+ A person is eligible for thousands of live events with access to ESPN, 2, 3 U, SEC Network, plus ESPNews and Longhorn Network. All are available to stream live in ESPN Application. It is a website which has got a very good interface and it works well even with normal internet speeds. If a person is looking for a legal way to stream live plays than a person should consider ESPN.

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