Top 28 Exceptional low investment business ideas for women at home in India

Since ages, the image of an ideal woman in society is of a housekeeper who manages and works in the house only. They were not allowed to move out and do work. Things are changing and now in this age women are getting aware of their rights and capabilities which results in the high achievements of women in every area.

As far as the question of why they should work is concerned, then the answer is crystal clear. By working they can gain respect and position in the society which they deserve. Establishing a business or doing a job can help a woman in changing her old identity of just being a housekeeper or in other words a free soul with a lot of restrictions.

In the 21st century, women of India are governing many international business groups and companies all over the world. They have entrepreneurial abilities and many of them prove it. At the same time, despite their talent, they are getting way fewer opportunities than they deserve. The main reasons are gender inequality and a woman’s image in society. 

In this post, you’ll get to know some brilliant ideas of business for ladies with low investment. All these ideas will start giving money just after some time of implementing ideas. The best thing in these ideas is most of them cost zero money and other costs which is manageable.

Below are some ideas of simple business for ladies which help them in starting their entrepreneurial journey.

1. Children Party Planning

Children Party Planning

Indian culture is absorbing the western culture, and most of the parents have a busy life, so they need someone to help them in making their child’s birthday party or achievement party funny and unique. If you have a mind that understands the demands of kids when it comes to having fun. Giving a try to this business is not a bad idea at all.

Equipment needed

No equipment is needed in such a business. Having a plan book and a telephone will do.

How you can earn money

Market yourself in a way that more and more people can know about your business and present something which you have planned for parties to acquire customers very soon.

Needed Investment

No investment is required except the calling charges and the cost of a plan book.

2. Business Consulting


If you have expertise in some specific field and love to guide other people, then no different than consulting business can suit you. This business has massive growth in the future. The good thing about this business is you can start it with a near-zero cost.

Needed equipment

Requirements of equipment in any consulting business-

  • Laptop or computer
  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone
  • A room with some furniture

How you can earn money

Almost every consultation business must have a marketing plan so that getting customers can be easy. You have to market yourself, and you do it through social media, newspapers, and old-school way flyers. You can offer your customer your expertise, and they will pay you.

3. Party Planning

Party Planning

If the managing party gives you joy, then this news will make it even happier because what gives you pleasure can provide you with money as well. Besides that this business needs no investment to start.

Needed equipment

No equipment is required except a smartphone/laptop and skilled mind.

How you can earn money

You can make money by planning the party of your customers. A rate varies as per the party type and the budget of the party.

Points you must remember

  • You will need a person who can handle your outer work.
  • You must have excellent communication skill and people behavior detecting skills.
  • Your observation skill needs to be highly developed.
  • You have to go outside sometimes in order to meet with your specific clients or in case of your partner or employee on leave.
  • You have to have outgoing kind personality in order to run an event management company successfully.

4. Babysitting


The number of working moms is increasing rapidly if we look at the data of recent years. This ratio will inevitably grow to a great extent in the upcoming years. You can earn money by helping these moms through babysitting services.

Needed Equipment

  • Baby chairs as per the targeted age group.
  • Some educational toys and posters on the walls.
  • Colorful paints on the walls (If possible)

How you can earn money

Such businesses need a marketing budget more than an equipment budget. You can get the customer through your website, social media marketing, and word spreading or through flyers or posters. You can give earn by setting appropriate fees for every kid.

Needed investment

The need for investment depends on the profile of the society and the number of kids you want to acquire from your starting point. If you intended to have a significant number from financial family background, then you need at least 1lac to 1.5lac for pieces of equipment and other things which include a website.

Points must remember

  • You must have a good child psychology understanding.
  • Parenting experience is best if you have any.
  • You must develop to control your anger and develop a habit of answering silly questions in knowledge providing manner.

5. Basket Designing

Basket Designing

If you have a thoughtful mind and some crafting skills, then you can easily convert your ideas into money-making streams by putting your latest designed baskets in the market. Today’s generation is focusing on ancient things blended with modern culture. When it comes to earning you can make considerable bucks from your unusual ideas.

Equipment for the basket designing business startup

Below are the tools which are necessary for starting this business.

  • Good scissors and a sharp knife
  • Side cutters
  • Bodkin which is a metal tool with a wooden handle.
  • Material which you are using for making a basket.

Important points to remember

  • Make sure that you have learned the art of weaving basket.
  • In many areas, the material varies so research which type of material is accessible in your area.
  • Blend the modern design in the constructed pieces.

How you can earn money?

You can directly sell them in fairs, exhibitions, and markets. Sell depends on the design you have to choose and the durability of your product.

Needed investment Just in 10k to 15k.

6. Cake Shop

If a woman who has excellent skills in baking then starting a cake shop is best for her. Nowadays every other event has a cake cutting ceremony like victory or success party, birthdays, anniversaries.

Equipment needed

You can run from your kitchen. You can add some extra equipment in order to increase the taste of the cake and the speed of making a cake.

How you can earn money

You can sell those cakes from your home and can also prepare some personalized cakes over the phone.


You can start this business with less than 30k.

7. Bee Farming

Bee farming

Bee farming business is growing globally, and the demand for honey is always sky-rocketed. Every other health consultant or diet planner is providing information on the importance of honey consumption in order to maintain fitness.  For starting a beekeeping or farming business, you don’t need a large place or infrastructure. Your lawn backside can help you in handling thousands of bees and can give you returns in the form of profits at the same time. This business suits to those who are in the town or rural areas where they have enough space to start a bee farm from their house or a big lawn would work.

Equipment for the farm

The requirement of equipment ultimately depends on the size of your lawn or the space where you want to have a bee farm.

Followings are the essential equipment you must have to start the farm.

  • Good quality Bottom board.
  • Hive stand and hive bodies.
  • Combs and frames.
  • Inner cover and outer cover.
  • Queen Excluder
  • Protective wearing and smoker.

Site Selection of the apiary

If you want to set small but commercial kind of bee farming business then below are some points you should take care of while selecting the site for the apiary.

  • Make site is far from railway tracks, powerhouses and place should be neat and clean. No dry leaves on site.
  • The site should be shaded, but there should be entering of sunlight.
  • Supply of clean and fresh water.
  • The lawn should have green trees and flowers plants.

Bees selection

Apois Carana and Apis mellifera is the two spices that are farmed mostly by farmers. But make sure that the queen bee that you selected is healthy or not. If you are not more aware of this take a person with yourself who is mindful of bees. Always deal with a trusted dealer or a company.

Feed for the Bees

Honey bee usually consumes pollen, nectar, water, and honey. They get minerals, vitamins, and protein from these elements. Make sure for emergency cases you have some honey, sugar, and other things which can be used in winter, rainy or times storms, etc.


If you want to start with 5 to 10 bee colonies at starting then 30k to 50k is enough and Government also has some subsidies and helping plans for the bee farmers.

How to earn from bee farming

You can sell honey which is in demand in the market. You can also sell your bees if the number of members of your colonies is increasing. You can also sell your queen bees in case if your colonies produce some queen bees.

Always work with some bee farmers before starting your own business because having enough knowledge about the process and other factors of bee breeding is mandatory for this business.

8. Soap Making

Initiating a soap-making business doesn’t need a massive amount of money. But this idea is one of the best ideas for home-based businesses at low investment, especially for homemakers. You can sell your product in local stores.

Materials needed

  • A mold, blender, microwave and a mixing kettle.
  • Labelers, wrappers, big steel spoon and cups.
  • Breakers
  • Heat resistance plastic or stainless steel pitcher with lid
  • A big steel or plastic spoon
  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • Beakers, protective wearing, and very accurate thermometer.

How you can earn money

Selling people to people is not a good idea. You can sell it through having dealers and can also supply in bulk to other brands.


You can start your business from less than 40k capital and still can reap handsome benefits.

Points you must remember

  • You have to have some licenses which fee is not included in investment because that varies in areas.
  • You must understand the luxury needs of your customers to decide the cost and price of the soap.

9.  Blogging


One of the best ways to generate money through the internet is blogging. You can quickly start a blog on a topic in which you think you have enough knowledge, for instance, it can be a food blog, beauty blog or a photography blog or any other. Most trending blogs are review blogs. Such bloggers are generating impressive money.

Equipment you need

  • A computer or a laptop.
  • Internet connection.

How you can earn money

You can make money in many ways premium content, advertisement and product promotion are a few of them.

Needed Investment

If you have your laptop or pc, then Zero investment is required. If you don’t possess such things, then you can buy a second-hand laptop or any laptop which suits your budget.

10.Book Keeping

Book Keeping

This service is similar to an accountant. There are many companies that need people fore-filling and arranging their sales tax, payroll tax, and other essential files. You can start your agency by keeping their documents well organized. These companies lack the infrastructure, but they pay good money in return for such services.

Needed Equipment

  • A computer or a laptop.
  • Storage Racks.
  • Printer and printing papers.
  • Business Bank account.

How you can earn money

Work on your plan and get enough customers. Manage to find a way of getting their documents at low courier charges and work for them. They will pay for your service.

Point must remember

  • Get the required training if you need to.
  • Get bookkeeping insurance.

Needed investment

Laptop, printer and the software preferred by the client in his company. You can use your home racks and wardrobes to arrange files in the initial stage of the business.

11.Candle Making

Candle Making

Candle making is one of the businesses which can be started with meager investment and over time can be a lucrative business. Consumers of candles for decorative purposes are increasing tremendously. This is an excellent opportunity for a women entrepreneur to show his skills.

Needed equipment

  • Machines for making candles and raw material.

How you can earn money

You can sell the candles to the distributor or dealers. You can also sell your manufactured pieces online.

Needed investment

It depends on the type of machine and the quality of raw material.

  • Manual candle making machine- 20k
  • Semi-automatic candle making machine-40k
  • Fully automatic candle making machine-60k
  • Installment charges and electric bill charges are not included.

12. Candy Making 

Candy Making

If you are looking for a home-based business and at the same time you have some expertise in candy making then starting a candy business can be extremely beneficial for you in terms of profits. You need a little marketing and a talent to make uniquely shaped candies.

Needed Equipment

  • Candy making machines.
  • Material for making candies.

How you can earn money

You can make money by selling your candies to dealers, local shopkeepers, or online.

Points must remember

  • Learn the best recipe to make unique candies with great taste.
  • Have a marketing plan with minimum costs like presenting your candies in child gatherings, events, and other public places to get reviews or increasing your brand awareness.
  • Get licenses from the authority to make and sell the candies.

Needed investment

Entirely depends on what scale you want to start a business. A beginner can start this business from a machine worth something between 20k to 30k.

13. Card Making

Card Making

If you are one who often caught yourself showing creativity on papers, then card making is the best fit for you. There are many companies and people who want creative greeting cards and invitation card designs. You can make money by offering them your creative ideas.

Needed Equipment

In the handmade card business, nothing much is required. It all depends on your creativity and skills in presenting ideas in a way that influences other minds positively.

  • Papers- colorful, one colored and white as well.
  • Pens with a different type of ink.
  • Peaceful space.

How you can earn money

You can sell your cards as per the occasions or demands of your customers. You can sell personalized cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and parties. You can sell festival-themed cards as well.

Needed investment

Very less.

14. Content Writing

Content Writing

Serving your words over the internet can give you a good profit. This is one of the best self-rewarding business ideas for women entrepreneurs who have an understanding of market trends. Content writing is no different than blogging, but in this case, you have to give your word-crafted piece to another person or company.

Needed equipments

  • Laptop or a computer.
  • Internet connection

How you can earn money

If you provide your content to other companies or work as a remote content writer for any website, social media influencer, and digital marketing agency, then they will pay you as per your writing skills and command on the language in which you’re dealing. You can mail your written samples on the websites of that company and if they found your written work meeting their requirements. They will hire you.

Needed investment

No investment is necessary if you have a laptop and internet connection. If you don’t have any such thing, then you can arrange them in just 30k.

15. Cookie Gift Baskets 

People always hunt for innovative ideas to make their gift stand unique and it becomes even more critical when the gift basket holds the homemade cookies with extra love and care. Creating a cookie gift basket is a fantastic business idea to dominate this lucrative niche of the market.

Needed equipment

Nothing much is required but the knife, material, scissors, and glue.

How you can earn money

You can sell your products to the persons, business or also get some dealers to supply your products to other stores.

Needed investment

Just below then 15k for starting stage.

16. Craft Making

Craft Making

Most of Indian women especially housewives have excellent skills in creating crafts for the decoration of the house, office, and any event. But most of them don’t know that this art holds great benefits and returns. If you’re one of those then craft making is a good idea for you.

Needed things

In the craft-making business before buying the equipment, you have to do some research. Following things should be done in order to give this business a profitable start.

  • Choose a product line after researching its manufacturing cost and selling price.
  • Coin a business plan and the structure of the business as well.
  • Decide the material and choose the places from where you can get those things at cheaper rates.

How you can earn money

You can sell your crafts in the market, from your home and can supply some other shops and stores including gift shops. You can also sell them in exhibitions if you design something remarkable.

Needed Investment

Most of the craft business is based on handmade product ideas which and getting the material doesn’t cost too much. If you need some machines then also you don’t have to be worried. You can start a business in just 20k to 80k. The need for investment entirely depends on the levels and objectives of the company which you want to achieve.

17. Customized Glass Etching

Customized Glass Etching

The demand for designed glass also shows massive growth, and you can quickly get benefits from this growth by setting up an etching business. It becomes even more interesting when you get to know the fact that starting this business doesn’t need significant capital.

Needed equipment

For a beginner and small entrepreneur, there is no big equipment.

  • Diamond Ball Burrs
  • Green Silicon Stone Burrs
  • White Arkansas Stone Burrs

How you can earn money

You can sell your designed glasses in the market or the gift shops. You can also personalized pieces as well.


You can quickly start this business below 15k and can good sums after selling your perfectly Featured Agency

This is the next step of the content writing service. After having some experience in content writing, you can hire some other ladies like you and train them either personally or over the phone in no time. In this natural process, you can start your featured agency. You can pay your employees monthly or on a commission basis. Choose what suits you.

Equipment needed

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection

How you can earn money

You can start a content writing agency or digital marketing agency and can get some projects to succeed to make a respectable sum of money.

Investment needed

No investment is required to purchase anything if you have above that equipment. Just plan your marketing brilliantly and invest your money smartly. In starting investment of 30k to 50k is more than enough for this business.

18.Form Filing or Data Entry:

The Internet is growing, and companies are getting overloaded with data of forms and customer needs. You can offer your data entry service from home. For this, you need a computer or laptop and an internet connection.


  • Laptop
  • Internet

How you can earn money

You can get the data entry work from home from many online websites and IT companies. They will give you either on a fixed rate or perform filling or per word entry rate.


No investment is needed in the earlier stage if you have the required skills including typing.

19. Fashion Consultant

Fashion consultant

Brands are putting new styles of clothing, shoes, and other wearables daily. The consumer is getting confused in the questions like which one is best suited for him, which one will match as per other things like an event, their physique, etc. If you have a good sense of fashion, then you can fashion consultant service to those persons.

Needed equipment

  • Smartphone
  • Internet

How you can earn money

If you have a stunning online presence with some best outfits then earning will be quite more comfortable for you. People will pay you for just getting advice from you.

Investment needed

No investment is required in the case of telephonic or online consultancy over social media or emails.

Points you must remember

  • Having a degree in fashion designing or similar subjects will give you extra benefits.
  • You must choose an entire customer category you’re going to target in your business.

20. Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making

Along with the clothes people also want to match accessories to give a unique presence in any event or just for hanging out with friends. If you know how to assemble those little pieces of beads or design some handmade bracelets with creative ideas, then you can set your own business of jewelry making. Starting from beads and other inexpensive stuff you can take it to the designing of jewels of precious metals including gold, silver, and white gold.

Needed equipment

  • Tools and material.
  • A laptop or computer with designing software.

How you can earn money

You can sell your designs online and offline.

Needed Investment

You don’t need a huge investment. You can quickly start a business under 30k.

21. Market Research Services

Market Research Services

From a small enterprise to a multinational company, every business needs market research to make their venture successful. You can be a successful entrepreneur who makes other businesses successful with your exceptional research skill.

Equipment needed

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Internet

How you can earn money

You can make money through your knowledge, communication skill, and analytical skill. You can determine the position of a product in the market by checking its online customer satisfaction and offline if possible. After having a checkup, you can report to your client.


Profitable business under 30k investment.

The point you must remember

  • Make sure you have enough technical skills in handling online surveys and other such things.
  • This is demanding work, and sometimes you may have to meet with people in order to take their insights on product or service.

Micro Jobs

Many companies need people for completing their minor but essential tasks like replying to their customer queries, answering them on social media, and handling their chatbots on their website.  You can get these jobs to earn extra money. 

Needed equipment

  • A smartphone
  • Internet
  • Laptop or computer

How you can earn money

You will get money from the companies you are serving. The amount of money depends on your skills, your job, and the company’s budget.


Some companies demand money for security reasons. There is no need for any money except this.

Must remember point

Check the originality

22. Mobile DJ

Mobile DJ

If you love music and have a good understanding of sound, then you can start your business as a mobile DJ. This skill of making people happy through spinning the tracks can give a decent amount of income.

Needed equipment

  • Mobile phone.
  • The moveable sound system in some cases.

How you can earn money

You can give service as a DJ for parties and also can sell your mixed tracks online for other DJs if you have a good sense of music.


You don’t need investment just the cost of some music editing software and a fee for sharpening your music track editing skill.

23. Mobile Facial Spa

upcoming business in india

If you can’t give your full time to your beauty salon, then a mobile facial spa is a good idea for you. Many people have a hectic schedule. You can make them having facial easy by offering the service in a phone call.

Equipment needed

  • A mobile
  • Creams and other cosmetic things which are necessary for facials.

How you can earn money

After a bit of marketing, you can get some appointments over your phone, and you can easily do the facials of those in your any space of your house which you have considered as the part-time beauty salon.

Needed investment

You don’t need enormous investments for this business as well. This is also can be started below 30k investment and can give you good money while doing your other work as well.

24. Online Photo Selling

Online Photo Selling

This is best for those who are born for photography. There are several websites which give an excellent reward if you give them your photographs which are shot very passionately.

Equipment needed

  • DSLR or a smartphone with a good camera feature.
  • Laptop
  • Internet connection

How you can earn money

You can shoot some images or videos of nature, people, or male/female/children models which are presenting a unique idea. Most business doesn’t have a budget to hire celebrities for becoming their business icon. At the same time, they want to convey their message effectively, so they purchase online photos. You can sell them on those sites after registering there.

25.  Paying Guest

Paying Guest

If you have a room with one or two beds, a study table, and living in a metro city then turning your home into a PG house can give you huge bucks. If you’re a good chef, then you can meal service as well. For this, you can charge some extra amount along with the rent.

Equipment needed

If you have room, then it will be enough to reap the benefits of this business.

How you can earn money

Through meal subscription and room rent.


No investment is needed.

26. Translator


If you have good knowledge of any two languages, then you can earn excellent money by offering your translation service. You can help as a translator over the phone, or you can translate the written piece. In any form, you offer this service; this is exceptionally profitable without any investment.

Equipment needed

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Internet connection

How you can earn money

You can apply for the online content translation jobs, or you can also give your service to the people in the form of a conference call and translate their words to make them understand each other’s words which will ease their language problems in negotiations.


Zero investment.

27. Software Tester

software Tester

There are many software and application-making companies which are in great need of persons who can test their new products honestly. You can leverage this opportunity. Just go to their website and mail them. They will ask you some questions related to your experience in that niche and timing-related. After this process, you can get hired quickly.

Needed equipment

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Fast internet

How you can earn money

Companies give good money for such hiring.

Needed Investment

Zero investment.

28. Landscape Designing

If you possess the expertise of a landscape architect, then you can make it your career. The market needs an architectural designer more than ever before.

Needed equipment

  • Geometrical instruments
  • Charts and files
  • The desk which only for this work

How you can earn money

You can make money by selling your designs to construction companies and real estate people in the business. You can also pen the architect’s plan for the lawns and other areas construction to ordinary people.

Needed Investment

You don’t need any investment except marketing yourself.

Must remember point

  • You must have a license before starting such a business.
  • You must have an architecting degree before getting a license.


We hope now you know everything which is needed to start your new journey. As you observed two things are common for every business, and that is research and marketing. Both are crucial for founding a successful venture. But always remember business is all about improvement and improvement. Everyday world changes and one need to change as well. These above ideas can be life-changing for you. Happy entrepreneurial journey!

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