Spotify Wrapped 2019: Find Your Albums, Songs, Artists, and Podcasts


Spotify Wrapped is the collection of albums, songs, artists and podcasts that were discovered in the whole of the 2019 year. Also, it does have the artists that you streamed in the whole decade on the application.

Several podcasters, artists need to simply log in to the application and go to the page Spotify for podcasters or Spotify for artists. Once the artists and podcasters are on their respective page, they can discover several podcasts as well as music and connect them with the fans in the whole world.

It is the destination where all the artists spit all the frequently listened to music from all over the world. Various artists and teams do personalize Spotify wrapped as per the songs and learn about several facts like what their fans listened in the whole year and look for the streaming hours and several fans listened in an hour.

Various podcasters experience their Spotify wrapped (accessible to all podcasters in Spotify). Spotify podcasters can find about the show’s growth and preferences made by the audiences, also all the popular shows and the number of fans for each podcast. In the wrapped 2019 for the podcast, it does contains all the episodes produced and the number of hours it took to produced all the podcasts.

Wrapped 2019

How can you access Spotify wrapped 2019?

  • You can access wrap by visiting the link It would help you to access all the wrapped playlist of yours. Along with this, you will be able to access the best of 2019 lists in the hub (Wrapped Playlists).
  • Also, you can search for wrapped in application Browse and search.

Which dates does the wrapped version cover?

  • A wrapped for 2019, covers songs from Jan 1, 2019, to October 31, 2019.
  • Any songs after this interval won’t be added to wrap. We do like this because it gives enough time to our team for assembling data.
  • It contains several stories and several top artists. All these stories comprise all the full year of songs.

How can I be eligible to receive a wrapped playlist?

  • If you want the wrapped playlist, you need to make a Spotify wrapped account before the respective date. Also, you need to listen to music for an hour, 30 different pieces of music and 5 different artists.
  • If you are looking for decade stories you need to listen to a large number of music in two years.
  • In case you want to be wrapped but you are not eligible because you don’t have enough data, still, you can listen to popular podcasts and music in 2019 wrapped hub.

What if I don’t receive an email regarding the Spotify wrapped?

  • Well, you don’t need to worry, you can simply visit the or hub for wrapped. You can search for any of this in mobile applications.

Does Spotify allow me to share Spotify wrapped in 2019?

  • Yes, Spotify wrapped lets you share any wrapped through social media like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. You just need to copy the link and share it.
  • In case you are not able to see the link, then you should make sure that an application is available on your device.

What if my playlist or Spotify wrapped 2019 is wrong? How to change it?

It is not possible to update any stats or playlist of yours since it depends on what all listening devices you have listened to. Also, you can find reasons for having it wrapped on the official website.

What is the playlist called “Best in Decade for Listeners”?

It is a playlist that contains all the best songs, picked by editors in Spotify wrapped as pets the listening taste of listeners.

Do the playlists disappear after a specific time?

No, playlists remain forever. You need to follow them if you want them to appear in your library under the section of playlist such that you can easily access them.

Does the playlist name “Your top songs in 2019” is in a specific sequence?

Any playlist like this in the Spotify wrapped is in a specific sequence that contains the songs as per the frequency of how much time you listened to them. Also, it enhances the listening expense that ensures that songs of the same artist do not playback to back.

What are the reasons for websites not being loaded?

It is important to make sure that your web browser is available in the latest version. Also, you can look for more information in the help section for specific browsers.

If you are still not able to load the website, you should try to reload it in a different web browser or refresh the page. If it does not work, then try to load the wrapped hub in the application. You can do it using browse or search section in the application.

What are the reasons for the non-availability of the wrapped hub on mobile phones?

  • If you want to access any of the Spotify wrapped hubs, you need to make sure that you have the latest versions of the android.
  • Also, wrapped is not available on the lite version of Spotify. You can look for a wrapped hub on the link
  • It is compulsory to have a Spotify wrapped account created before November 2019. And also it does require you to listen to 30 different songs, 60 minutes and 5 different artists.

Does the playlist “best of the decade” is regionalized?

Well, yes all the playlist are regionalized since all the local editors build the regionalized playlists with all the favorite songs since the 2010s.

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