Top 8 Unblocked Music Sites for Schools and Colleges

Listening to music is the best way to get rid of extreme stress and tension due to studies or school. It is also one of the perfect solutions to motivate yourself to complete the unfinished homework or handle project works with ease.

Downloading the preferred music albums on phone definitely takes a lot of time and thus music streams are preferred by nearly every user all over the world.

There are lots of music streaming applications that can stream any music you want from any language, region, artist, movies, or albums.

But most of those sites are often restricted by the school networks which limits the availability of such sites and applications.

However, there are many other popular Free unblocked music sites for schools and colleges that are still available on school networks and can be used without any flaw in them.

These free unblocked music sites have all features like all other blocked ones and also are more secure than the proxy sites available for the virtual private networks.

Moreover, the best thing is these totally free unblocked sites are available to use at any private network even in school without any buffering for sure.

Top 8 Best free Unblocked music sites at Schools and Colleges

These free unblocked music sites for schools are enlisted based on their performance, features, and availability for any network to be used.

1. Slacker Radio (

slacker unblocked music sites

Apart from the unblocked version of music sites and application, it is the best of every music streaming sites available on the internet. One can download this application from play store or any inbuilt stores of phones and laptops.

Slacker radio is a completely free website and also has some incredible features such as getting access to millions of albums and songs at any time from any network.

Moreover, this free unblocked music sites for schools also possess free streaming for various options categorized for artists, moods and also has readily available option to create individual playlists in a convenient The best part of Slacker Radio is it plays even in 2g or weaker 3g network provided by an ISP.

2. Pure Volume(

unblocked music sites at school pureVolume

Pure volume is also one of the most renowned free unblocked music sites for schools and colleges that has various options for music streaming.

One of the best additional features of this site is that users can not only find any music or albums on this site but also artists and creators can promote their individual music playlist on this site for free.

It can play at any network even in a school with ease and without any recurring.

3. Hulk Share

unblocked music sites at school 2019 dj mix

This site is getting popular rapidly as the perfectly suited music sites for school and the reason for its listing in the top 10 unblocked music sites for school is one can connect with the artist through this music social network.

Hulk share also provides lots of filters for the tracks or video playing on this site such as filters according to the genre, artists, mood, etc.

Moreover, you can also connect with people having the same taste as you, share your thoughts, and even promote your own music on this social network.

Apart from that, you can also join music groups containing music lovers and artists. It is totally free and is easily accessible in schools.

4. Jamendo Music

jamendo free unblocked

As of now, Jamendo is considered the largest music service provider all over the world. It has a massive collection of music categorized based on various parts and has a number of filters for every music been played.

The most interesting part of this free unblocked music site is that one can not only hear the music but can also download the favorite music to phone free of cost.

Claiming the largest music service provider, Jamendo also offers music sharing feature created by individual users to gain popularity.

5. Grooveshark – Free Music Streaming

groovesharks unblocked music sites

Groove shark is a completely free music site containing a number of music services providing features such as categorization based on genres, artists, etc.

With its user-friendly interface, you can get registered to the account easily and use its readily available feature instantly. It also has an additional option to create a totally custom playlist containing songs from different genres as well as different artists.

It is best for the school students as motivational songs and songs to groove on are played at high quality and are completely free at any school network too.

6. SoundCloud :

soundcloud free unblocked

Soundcloud is known to have the largest library of music genres as well as additional features. Being even completely unblocked music sites at school, it has tons of features and never-ending music streams of selected music from every song to date.

It can be completely customizable features with social media aspects and a favorable network with some quite a great selection of music to share. Although a free account is needed to be created, it has a number of music and you can also see what your friends are listening from that site.

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7. SoundzAbound

soundzabound unblocked music sites free

This renowned music site is specially designed for school networks. It is very likely to use the sites at any educational institution and is unbound to all other rules that restrict the use of music sites in schools.

It is also more of an educational supportive site that can be used in music classes for comprehensive and high-quality music categorized in different genres.

Its user-friendly interface and filters to apply the music to enhance the experience make one of the most preferred unblocked music sites at school, colleges, and universities.

8. Bluebeat Music

bluebeat music unblocked

This site is also one of the most popular sites having similar features as a slacker but with the most compatible version of features.

With the most fairly impressive library, it is one of the fastest music sites and web-based These free unblocked music sites are user-friendly and can be used at any networks being compatible with any version of Android and iOS.