How Mobile Tech is Changing Sports Betting

The gambling industry has always done a great job of using whatever technology is available. This has been done for quite a few years now, but the biggest push in terms of technology has certainly been with mobile tech, allowing us all to place bets on the go.

Mobile technology has allowed gamblers to access online betting offers UK without having a computer and without being tied to their home. If you are out with friends, at work or even on holiday, your mobile phone effectively gives you a bookmaker in your pocket to have at all times.

The Number of Worldwide Phone Owners

The figures behind mobile phone ownership are huge, and these keep growing as more and more people around the world get their hands on a mobile phone. The only other aspect to mobile betting is an internet connection, and how people access the internet is something else that is strongly heading towards mobile access.

In 2020, there were over 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world, with forecasts for the next few years expecting that to reach 4.3 billion in 2023. With so many people having access to a phone, and them being used to run lives rather than for simply calls and texts, it is no surprise that as these numbers go up, so do the numbers surrounding bets placed on mobiles.

The second aspect to this is the internet. We are now at a point where over 80% of internet users do so via a mobile device, so a lack of the internet is certainly not a problem anymore.

Growth in Mobile Betting

Almost every bookmaker has some kind of mobile service for their players. Some have designed and developed mobile apps, others rely on a mobile browser to get users to their website. A look at the latest Android news and you will see how complex mobile apps have become, and the capabilities of phones to handle them.

This has allowed bookmakers to put their entire service on an app, without fear of phones not being able to handle it. With so much focus on mobile betting from the different betting companies, growth has been easy to come by. People want to bet on mobile, and providing there is a competent service there, they will use it.

The Convenience Factor

The reason for this, is simply because when it comes to life we all want things as convenient as possible. Even something simple such as using a mobile to bet from the home because it saves the need to turn on the computer and potentially go into another room is a reason why many bet via their phone.

However, on top of this, you can also bet anywhere. You may be at a live sporting event and want to bet, on holiday or just out and away from your home.

Mobile betting brings the type of convenience that we all crave in life, filling an important need for many people, and again, attracting a lot of gamblers to help grow the market.

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