Best 10 Torrent Websites *100% Working* Worldwide

You will find a various list of torrent websites which are regularly updated and also recommends different trackers how does it work. You should not look further after running several tests and perform various searches. It is tough to prepare a list, which is not easy work, and many websites vanish virtually overnight.

You will different changes and numerous shutdowns in the past few decades. Also, there are various mediocre websites which are full of low-quality data and even malware. For this, you need to have a list of torrent websites.

Torrent websites are not dead. It takes a few long time to be hidden and work like a gem.

Various Best 10 Torrenting Websites That Still Works


thepiratebay - yify proxy

It is one of the most popular websites in the world. It has faced various blocks and shutdowns. You will find multiple VIP and trusted user tags, and it will explain to you which all torrents are safe and legitimate.

The Pirate Bay has a very long and rough journey but still accessible. You will find numerous torrents in various categories. Along with links, you will find support for magnet links with a simple user interface that won’t give you any problem even if you are a beginner.

2. Rarbg: It is Best for New content

RARBG proxy

RARBG is famous and has built a good reputation by providing high-quality links of torrents, and it is straightforward to use. Also, you will find different constant additions. It is not under any radar. It is blocked in several countries like the UK, Portugal, Denmark, and Bulgaria.

3. 1337x: The Best Collection for Torrent


It is another excellent choice for downloading torrent since it provides an enormous number of torrents for music, games, TV shows. It helps in different features for browsings like libraries, new episodes, and Oscar nominations.

It has got a revamped interface, which makes tracker very better. It helps people to find torrents in a simple user interface. Also, it has gone under massive rework and improved user interface and various security issues. It is one of the best torrent trackers in the corner.

4. TorLock: It Is The Best Torrent Website for Ebooks and Anime

It has got a wide range of torrents for music, ebook, and anime. You will find an intuitive and clean interface. We have got around 100 torrent lists for the best available content.

Torlock has got a massive list of different torrents along with user interface, especially for high-quality reading material and anime episodes. Various stuff on torlock is available, which is difficult to find. It has got 4.8 Million links.

5. Torrentz2: It has the Best Music Torrents

You will find it as a new iteration of torrents website. It is has got a minimum user interface and focused much on music. You won’t find uncommon to have a look at old decade torrents along with more than 20 seeders in various categories.

You will find some changes to magnet links. It has become an excellent choice for many people, and it is very reliable.

6. YTS: The best torrent website for movies


It is the best choice for people who like to watch different movies which are hard to find. It focuses on film only. It has got a beautiful layout and a great variety of titles, which makes it the best torrent website for people who loves to watch movies.

It is effortless since it is available in bandwidth. YTS.AG is best for film, and it does not offer and categories. You need to pick from different websites like shows, music, and many more.

7. EZTV: The Best Torrent Website of Television Shows

It has got a great variety of tv shows and a very active community for people with new and latest episodes added daily. It is effortless to navigate. You will find a lot of drama in the past for this website, but it has become the latest website for different television shows.

On this website, you may find anything related to television, such as late-night shows and various reality shows. You will find its interface quite outdated, but it is straightforward and user-friendly.

Also, you will find all the Television shows on every page of the website.

8. Zooqle: It is the Best Torrent Website of Games {Site Down}


You will find around 3.5 millions torrents.

It has got the right balance with different software and entertainment.

It has a big fan base for people who are newcomers.

Zooqle has got around 37000 movies and about 600 television shows, which is very impressive and significant for any torrenting website. It has got a robust user interface, and you may use it for some minor improvements.

It is the best torrenting website. And very easy to use. It has got huge numbers and helped with any genre. Many loyal users use zooqle and do development, so it becomes better.

9. Torrent Downloads: it is best for Obscure Torrents

You will find a well-settled and extensive torrent library, which is very easy to navigate, but the drawback is it is blocked in various countries.

It is another popular website among various torrent sites since everything on the website is spotless and tidy. If any tracker fails, it is the best chance to find any old software or some ebook.

10. Limetorrents: It is Best to Plan B


It may be the best decent alternative. It is user-friendly and neat. Various torrent comes from more prominent and best trackers. It has got poor torrent health, and the website lacks seeding, which is an issue that occurs occasionally.

Another advantage of a tracker is to provide an excellent experience for users with a simple, user-friendly layout. It has got popular releases and enjoy lots of fast speeds. All the older torrents would be forgotten.

Why is it Not Easy to Access any Torrent Website?

Various torrent websites face lots of different pressure from people, and it is straightforward for people to crack down on illegal sites of the torrent. Various legal and verify websites of torrents are also caved under some pressure. Different torrent websites have been shut down, which includes Kickass torrents, torrent Project, and many more.

Also, in various cases, you will find many torrent websites that get blocked in multiple different countries. Google has taken numerous measures to prevent access to various torrent websites. Even chrome AdBlock extension blocks torrent website.

A VPN will help you to Access all Different Torrent Websites.

If any torrent website is blocked in your country, you may use VPN and remain anonymous by downloading since a VPN would bypass all the blocks and keeps your system safe. You will find various VPNs. You may look for the best VPNs.

Which Torrent Website is The Fastest?

You may do speed tests. You should know swarm matters and a various number of leechers and seeders for different torrent matters. The pirate Bay, Rarbg, and torrentz2 provide the fastest torrent speed.

It is very dangerous to do torrenting without any VPN. Various torrent websites work explicitly with a VPN. You will find multiple reasons to use a VPN. As you know, torrents could be illegal, and it is essential to take precautions. Sometimes downloading torrents would be very severe. It may be from copyright infringement notices to jail time. You should be lucky if torrenting is legal in your country.

Why is VPN an Excellent Choice for Torrenting?

  • Anonymity: it encrypts your internet connection of the internet and reroutes websites from its servers. It makes IP address virtually untraceable, and it keeps you safe. It is tough to find and keep track of what you download. It also extends every other online activity. You should make sure VPN has got top-shelf encryption, and it has got no logging proven policy.
  • Unblocking: it is infrequent to access the torrent website when it is unavailable in your country or ISP. Blocks it with the use of their servers, opening a blocked torrent website would be an easy task.
  • No throttling: if in case your ISP is bottlenecking any internet connection, VPN acts as the best solution. Since it masks your traffic and VPN provider links activities for you.