20 Low Investment Business In Mumbai | Business ideas in Mumbai

The commercial capital of India, Mumbai is considered the second most populous metro city in India. All over the Asian continent, Mumbai has stood out to be the fastest-growing market.

The lucrative opportunities owing to rapid commercial activities attract and prosper the low investment small business ideas among the profit and innovation-oriented entrepreneur aspirants.

The charm of the Bollywood and Entertainment industry spurts its glitter into the world from here contributing 40% to the income of India. Home of about 1.21 million working population, provides a resourceful lifestyle to the people.

If we talk about the big investment companies like Reliance Industries Limited that have its headquarters in Mumbai, the revenue growth is calculated to be 28.2% according to reports of fortune 2019.

It is a large scale business with high capital investment. While low investment business features low capital and functions at a small scale. The financial capital of India renders 6.16% of the GDP with a high amount of flow of cash which ultimately aids Small businesses to flourish to a larger extent in the local area.

The present chronic situation of the global pandemic has put economic bustle on a still too large extent but there are jumbled ideas for low capital businesses that are home friendly.

The business with low investment is tremendously prevailing in the heart of Mumbai, boosting the commerce and trading sector. The revenues are sought to be blooming in every aspect of the financial activities as per the density of the population that resides in there.

People from all over the world find their way here to grab the opportunity of higher returns for business due to giant demand graphs in the market.  The low investment business starts with a minimum capital capacity of 50,000.

Thus, the ideas of low cost-high returns business listed below are well fertile in market patterns of Mumbai :

1. Recruitment Firm:

The micro-economy of Mumbai allows the business of providing service like providing people jobs in work enriched sectors is the idea with a commitment to efforts and time. Investment capital is low to commence with.

Long time revenue is high as it fulfills the evergreen demand of finding work for locals as well as migrants.

To set up a proper recruitment firm, firstly make a proper plan.  To work as a retail business-oriented staffing agency,  determine the competition in the local area. Assess financial spending on infrastructure, digital tools, staff, etc.

Follow the legal regulations like GDPR (General data protection regulation). Look for marketing options like framing a logo,  reach out to the job seekers or clients through the right channels like LinkedIn.

Set up goals for the firm to jump 20% in  stable clients in 4 months and invest in tech tools and  ties with recruiting companies

2. Real Estate Consultant:

Real Estate Agency

With the booming population, the city of dreams gives shelter to aspiring business typhoons, artists, and actors. From local residents to the incomers seeking better jobs and lifestyle, the demand for real estate properties comes under the essential zone.

Opting for a real estate consultant proves to be a good prospect. Framing negotiable techniques in accordance with supply-demand patterns of the market with proper planning leads to greater returns.

Real estate consultant guides the property seekers in finding best asset that fulfills their maximum conditions.  Before starting a business of real estate consultant in Mumbai you need to start from learning the terms and abbreviations of real estate business.

Being aware of government policies is a must l. You need to get information regarding the process of selling and renting. The standard amount of commission that is charged in the particular area or location in Mumbai from where you want to initialize.

On the legal side,  RERA ( Real Estate Regulatory Authority ) registration as a real estate agent is to be done. In Mumbai, the individual registration fees are Rs, 10,000.

After this process, you are supposed to look for tie-ups to get the most demanded inventories in your stock along with scooped knowledge of respective projects.

Moving to the next level, now the foremost requirement is to get the leads or the clients. For this, you need to set up an office along with an online outlet to make an effective channel for connectivity with leads.

Joining a brokers association in your area/state will help you get updates regarding market graphs as well as the basic real estate.

Furthermore, there are various companies that provide franchisees that help you grow your business along with gaining experience.

3. Event Management:


The organized way of life in Mumbai reflects the systematic as well as conventional ways of living in the city. Devising the corporate events, business parties, weddings, etc. calls out to the successful business of Event Management.

Holding to the norms of low capital investment and strong connectivity with networks, event management has found its way to be the triumphant option.

Firstly,  register your business name. General liability insurance is must. Initially your staff should be minimum. A coordinating ,  clerical and marketing employ is crucial. Administrative activities are to be personally managed by you as a owner.

Marketing your company is quite important through publications, business cards, and prospectus regarding your categorized services. Consider long-term partnerships with key service providers that will help you to get discounts which further aids you to keep your expenses low and ensure funding to maintain your staff at the initial stage of business. Prefer the local market and make yourself visible online.

Try to make collaborations to help you build a reliable reputation in the market and backup option for future uncertainties.

4. Grocery Delivering Center:

This idea is best suited for beginners in the business world. Channelizing grocery items to the doors of the customers is usually relative to the trend of online shopping.

You can also go for opening a grocery store along with delivering service as it has a high scope of profits in the future.

Commencing individually,  you need to first start by receiving text by working along with the local grocery stores. This method would not require your efforts in marketing.

Contracting wholesalers and building an app is the next level for your business. This requires advertisement so, make it successful at the local or regional stage.

Delivering needs vehicle in a good condition and ensuring the standard price that is to be charged per delivery.

You can also work with established companies in Mumbai as soon as you get the market in your area. 

5. Blogging:


Blogging is considered one of the best choices for a small capital business. In the era of social media,  blogging has become a potential idea that needs time and skills of connecting with the audience.

Presently, during the phase of lockdown due to pandemic online blogging is well suited and encouraging for the writer’s community right  from home

To make into the blogging business, you have to have a keen interest in writing with attentive skills. The initial investment is basically a laptop and an internet connection.

Mumbai have a young artist population so try to write relative content that attracts their attention. The subject of your blog should be unique relative to the large audience that would help you create huge monetary benefits in a short span of time. Be creative and systematic.

Start contracting with advertising companies which eventually supports you financially through blogging..

6. Book Store:

business in lucknow

Education is the most valued element in organized cities like Mumbai. The old book bank is an innovative idea. In order to save money, students usually buy old books that further leads to good income generation to invest in the book store.

The stationary items and books are constantly in demand. Hence, this business allows a regular flow of income.

As investment in low, you need to find a low rented out commercial store. After all the legal processes you have to understand the market of the area.

If your area has a high population of kids the kids stationery and book items would let you make good sales and profit.

Giving coupons during the opening and offering unique knowledgeable content will help you get the attention of the readers. School books always let you earn well. Used books and old books service is also a great deal to make long term customers.

7. Coaching Center:


In the past few years,  coaching centers have become an important element of education to the youth of India. Competition is on rising and so the requirement of coaching centers which has eventually brightened the business of coaching centers. It further leads to greater employment among the teachers in the city

The business of the coaching center is quite successful nowadays. The basic assets are students. Going with a low margin fee structure along with high-quality education ensures the regular income from the business.

Investment is to be checked in various elements from infrastructure to staff but the returns are always impressive. Advertising in print and radio and setting location feasible to the student community is key factors.

In the middle stage of business, inculcating competitive studies is one step forward in a profitable business.

8. Interior Designing:

Interior designing - business ideas without investment india

The lavish lifestyle in the city is overwhelmingly prioritized by the people. They often try to renovate their house in order to meet their satisfaction. In recent years, the interior designing business has risen to a good income creating a level.

Interior designing business requires a lot of hiring to make a proper team indulge in market competition. Before this, register with a unique symbol. Use your personal and social contacts to get in touch with part-timers. Attend trade fairs and meetings.

Make contracts with key raw good providers and take small contracts with the help of contractors by offering discounts.

Now, after some experience start hiring some contractors, supervisors, designers,  finance, and account manager to help you with multiple projects.

9. Web Designing:

There are a lot of small businesses that are driven by websites. In the present era of technology,  websites are the highly potential and resourceful ideas of business. Making web pages for the firms and companies is income enriched business

Shooting off the web designing business with freelancing individually,  have the least startup coast. The investment is on the computer, registration of domain name, and making your own website.

Additionally, there is the critical necessity of software related to your expertise in designing. Promotions through business cards should reflect your professionalism. Give proper attention to insurance, taxes, and monthly budget.

Set your working hours and freelancing rates. Accordingly, connect with web designers on platforms like LinkedIn,  Twitter, etc. and to make your contacts strong for reliable leads.

10. Security Agency:

most profitable business in india

Opening a security agency and providing security guards with legal authenticity is also one of the good idea for low investment business in Mumbai that is actively pursued by the various business aspirants.

There are various types of security services that can be offered. Cybersecurity service to security guards,  a security service business can be heterogeneous. So firstly as a beginner type of security service, you would start a business with.

Register with a logo along with permits and PSARA  (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act 2005 ). Get the funds ready through bank loans. Register security guards with authentic information and built a rock customer base.

11. Home Tuitions:

business opportunities in lucknow

Academic tuitions have their own importance among school-going students.  Tutoring different students of different age groups allow the tutor to have various batches. To start tuitions, you need to set a location.

You can make your home tutoring area. Furthermore, there is a requirement for printing brochures and distributing them in newspapers. Hanging boards and posters are also helpful.

Charging extra fees for extra hours. The flow of income is stable with consistent admissions of students every year.

12. Detective Services :

Investigatory skills are well appreciated when you use them to earn by establishing a proper business through which you provide detective service to your customers.

Most of these services are pursued to investigate background, frauds, etc. Such areas of detective services are always in need.

You can facilitate the detective services business under your security services license. There is another way out by establishing a private limited company and get it registered to have a license from registration of the company of India.

There are various detective associations so you can join them for better knowledge of how this market works practically.

13. Matrimony Services:

upcoming business in india

The matrimony services business is quite flourishing as people tend to find a perfect match for themselves and their loved ones. This idea of the business is very good in Mumbai with the necessity of low capital and a good network.

Matrimony consultancy is a hugely profitable business if you build a good relationship network

The marriage bureau business in Mumbai is quite famous. First of all,  connect your registered marriage bureau with the community you work for. Print registration forms and gives concessional offers till a particular date.

In Mumbai, 500-1000 rupees are charged as registration fees. You can work from home. The service tax is to be paid to the government. In this era of the internet try to advertise online along with building a website.

14. Cafe:

The  city  of dreams allows people to have good income that they use to fulfil their desires. Affording cafe and restaurants is common to them. A cafe offering unique cuisine as their specialty work spectacular to get a wide range of regular customers. The mobile food counter also works well in populated city like Mumbai.

Cafe in Mumbai is a tiresome business to start. All the capital  investment on elements of infrastructure,  staff etc. is open. You have to make a symbol drink or coffee of cafe to make it significant.

After all permits, the cafe has to be advertised in the area. Initially choose an eating area for a cafe in the market that is visible out. Low fares and the high-quality products would eventually help businesses to flourish.

15. Beauty Parlor/Spa:

Beauty Parlor - side business for ladies in india

Grooming is important to women and men. This renders a great opportunity to earn well in the densely populated city. Figuring out specialties of your parlor or salon further helps you get greater returns at its best.

Beauty salon also need investment funding. The different services owing to different rates are key income generator. The equipment is huge assets to the owner. The location is very effective reason behind high or low returns along with the customer reliability

16. Marketing:

Online marketing lets you provide service to promoting the products of e-commerce sites. It is basically exercised through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube.

This lets you earn from home.  Being in an online marketing business,  you should gain experience by working as a contractor first. This ensures that you will be able to work into different business conditions to finally making a strong plan business strategy as a founder.

Known to all types of risk, create a perfect model, and start channelizing through your close contacts.

17. Potato Chips Manufacturing:

Potato chips are one of the snacks that are highly demanded in Mumbai. Manufacturing potato chips is a highly profitable business for the long term. This idea needs proper marketing and execution plans in Mumbai.

The manufacturing business needs can be started in a minimum space availability. Search for required machinery from different providers and make it to the negotiable amount.

Get your key raw material providers and make a contract. Make the product available at the local market by disturbing its samples in localities and society. You can also opt for contracting local traders later to grow your business.

18. Trainer:

Starting a training business is highly recommended in cities like Mumbai. According to your skill, providing service of giving training in cooking,  photography, dance, fitness coaching, etc is a great idea of low investment business.

An online platform is best suited for the training business. Using social media as an advertiser provides training to the audience regarding dancing,  fitness, etc. Starting your own YouTube channel is perfect for this.

19. Bakery Business:


Bread and cake making business is very lucrative idea in Mumbai. Starting with a small bakery,  this business has a potential of flourishing at a large extent in a long span of time.

Location is an element. Bakery business follows the same pattern as the cafe. You can include instant delivery services to enhance your business reach.

20. Water Delivery Service:

starting a water distribution business

In Mumbai, the water delivery service is a great business idea for a low investment startup. Eventually,  the network of people increases and you can further enlarge your business capacity in a short span.

Start with license and leasing or buying vehicles. Rent a storage space and then start marketing in the local residents as well as commercial areas. People often rent monthly shipments, a necessity in parties and weddings, etc leads to great demand.

So these are 20  low investment business ideas that might help you discover your interest in Mumbai.

An online platform is highly suggested if you are trying to get into a business during the lockdown phase.

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