ExtraTorrent Proxy: Unblock Extratorrents.cc *100%* Working Method


If we look at the file-sharing scene, it is an insignificant turmoil. Various torrent websites are developed, and it goes. You will find a low number of websites that manage to have the right size of customers.

One of the best sites was Extra torrent. Due to copyright issues, the original version of the website Extra torrent is not accessible, and it has given massive disappointment to fans. Still, you will find various mirror websites of unique sites that provide the same content as the original website.

What are ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Websites?

Mirror sites are similar websites or copy of the original website, which looks identical to the unique website; also, it is hosted on different servers. All mirror websites are managed by specific people who have very little knowledge about the team who build a unique webpage.

Some of the Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror Websites are:

S.NoExtraTorrents Proxy/Mirrors ListStatus

Many times mirror websites are often considered similar to proxies, but both are entirely different and have nothing in common. Proxies are particular websites that allow access to specific content on a website, and it does not communicate with the website directly. Mirror websites and proxies bypass internet censorship, and it works in a similar way it works with the original site.

Since the original website of extra torrent is not available, all additional torrent website proxies do not work, and only Extra torrent Mirror website works.

Some of The #7 Alternatives to Extratorrent

For many torrent users, Torrent website Extratoorent was the only best site. But you will find several other torrent websites which are not much popular.

1. Pirate Bay

Website: https://thepiratebay.org/

It is another torrent website and oldest site on the internet. You will find it has done several file sharing in general. Also, its founders are in waging war with the copyright watchdogs and law enforcement. Various people have ended up in prison too.

It disappeared from the face of the world, and it is an online hosting number of torrents of different categories. It is available in 35 languages, and it is also accessible via proxy.

2. RARBG Proxy

It is another torrent website and much popular. You will find torrents of the latest web series, tv shows, and movies. It is a well-organized website, unlike other torrent websites, since it has got a clean layout. Every torrent has got a description along with relevant information like screenshots, cover art, and many more also learn.

Also, you will find every content available in different resolutions from SD to 1080p uncompressed Blu-Ray RIps. Many torrents of adult content, music, software games are available. It has a tight-knit community and a great tracker along with an experienced operator who serves the need of a community of file sharing.

3. LimeTorrents Proxy

It is known to be a general-purpose torrent website that is evolving and becoming a huge website despite stagnation in a File sharing system. LimeTorrents has also introduced a new homepage reworked.it has got the sleek design along with big buttons and search bar.

Lime torrent provides you the best content, although it does not have a well-designed website since the material is much more critical than User Interface. It offers several movies, games, and shows anime.

4. 1337x Proxy

It is one of the best sites since it is a very stylish website torrent. Many people are not familiar with this file-sharing website. With a modern look, it provides the best content and new content for all users around every corner.

It has got the main domain, 1337x.to. Along with this, you will find several other mirror websites.

5. Zooqle [Down]

Website: https://zooqle.com/

It is another website that is emerging as a popular website alternative to torrent site Extra torrent and various other websites. You will find 3.5 millions of flows, and 1000 torrents are every day added to this website.

It has a modern design with high and excellent functionality, which has a lot to do with the popularity of the website. With homepage, people may see many-seeded torrents and may search for torrents using the name or browse all the newly added torrents.

It is available in two different languages English and Russian. Also, many more words will be available.

6. Torrentz2 Proxy

It is another website that uses the concept of a metasearch engine. It uses different torrent websites to collect information. It is a website that does not store any torrent websites. You won’t find any attention copyright watchdogs and law enforcement on this website.

It is a very cozy website and manages to provide the best torrent file.

7. YTS Proxy

It is the successor of YIFY torrents and similar to the predecessor. You will find high-quality movies that take very little time to download and gives excellent optimization. YTS.ag looks like YIFy Torrents.

Mirror websites of Extratorrent managed to become the most popular websites and torrent sites on the internet. It has got various mirror websites.