1337x Proxy: Unblock 1337x Access Sites *Without VPN*


Are you not able to access 1377x? And you are looking for some of the best proxy/mirror websites which work well for 1337x.

Here are some of the 1337x proxy and a step by step manual, which says about some of the best ways to unblock 1377x without the use of any applications or tools and scripts.

What are 1337x Proxy/Mirror sites?

1337x is another popular website from where we get all new games movies, TV series, music, and various applications in apk format such as ShowBox since it is entirely gree.

It is very user-friendly and has got several torrents, which makes it the most popular download site.

Instead of using different websites, you may easily use this website, but due to some copy infringement issues, it was blocked in various countries like Canada, the UK, and the US. But you don’t need to worry as you can easily unblock the 1377x website.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best solutions which would eventually help you to use the 1377x proxy website. It is not easy to go to the site using its primary domain, and you need to use a third-party proxy website, which helps to unblock websites.

You may also use a VPN to unblock 1337x. So in need to unblock, you need to have functioning 1337x Mirror and proxy website to unblock.

S.No1337x Proxy ListStatus?
11337x Proxy 1
21337x Proxy 2
31337x Proxy 3
41337x Proxy 4
51337x Proxy 5
81337x Proxy 6
91337x Proxy 7
121337x Proxy 8
131337x Proxy 9
141337x Proxy 10

History of 1337x

It was established in the year of 2007 and became famous in 2016. It got popular because another website of torrent called KickassTorrents was closed.

In the year 2015, owners of the site changed the extension to .to domain extension. Google blocked 1337 original websites and deindexed from the search result; hence, many people were not able to find anything related to the site.

This action was taken back since Feel Gold Entertainment made a request. According to a survey done by the TorrentFreak 1337x became the third most popular website in the year 2018, and according to a study of a Similar web data site received more than 96 million visitors, it is the traffic only without traffic came from a different proxy website and mirror websites.

An official domain of 1337x was blocked in various countries like China, India, Spain.

People may access a blocked website in all mentioned countries with the help of web proxy and VPN.

Some of the ways to Unblock the 1337x website

It is not very easy for any website to be blocked entirely since you will find various tools that would allow people to access all different blocked websites in any place or country.

You will find thousands of reasons for blocking any website, and the most common cause is piracy.

Every torrent website violates the privacy issue and does theft, also it faces different copyright issues.

Due to all these reasons, ISP or Government of Country Blocks the site in the country. It is not advisable to consume pirated content, but it is a choice of people and their interests. Here are some ways to unblock sites like 1337x.


Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN, is one of the best choices for people who like to access the Internet without getting their real IP address exposed.

With the use of a VPN, ISP is not able to track the IP address, and people efficiently use torrent websites without any worry.

The Internet has got various VPN providers, and not all VPNs are good. An individual should use VPN according to their needs. Different VPNs are available free of cost but with limited bandwidth along with server locations.

VPN, people need to download specific software which is mostly provided by the VPN service provider. People may install it like any other software and open all websites.

Tor Browser

It is another option that helps to access the Internet as anonymous. It is a different browser and hides your IP address.

It protects an IP address behind separate IP addresses of tor browsers.it is entirely free to use and was created by the US Navy.

It has become a nonprofit organization. Another best part is that it is legal, and it doesn’t track IP addresses. Many hackers use this browser to browse the web.

Free Web Proxy


It is another option that helps people to access blocked websites in any country.

Web Proxy acts as an intermediary, and do you know how does it work? Let us take an example; for example; you are visiting a website called techieshphere.com without a proxy, ISP will get your IP address and browser you are using.

If you visit any website with a Web proxy, ISP won’t be able to see all the details. You will find different paid and free web proxy sites.

You may choose accordingly. An individual needs to remember free web proxy has got various limitations like limited bandwidth, irritating pop-up ads along with low server speed.

Here list of 1337x Alternatives

1. Limetorrents Proxy

It is the best and latest alternative to website 1337x in the list, and it is less popular among all other options since it works on a bit torrent peer-to-peer file-sharing system.

You will find numerous proxy websites. It is not easy to find the primary domain since it has no sources, and all links look similar.

2. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bat is another best torrent website, which is an excellent alternative to 1337x. It also provides different digital content like games applications, video, software, and entertainment. Users may look for desired content.

It also works on a bit torrent peer to peer file sharing system. It is also blocked in various countries, but you will find different Proxy websites and mirror websites with more than a million visitors.

3. KickassTorrents

It is another alternative which was launched recently and one of the popular torrent website. It got seized by the US government due to domain name issues.

It is the site that got relaunched as katcr.co. Although it is not much popular since it is not used much in the torrent community. A new domain gives excellent user experience and different magnet links.

4. ExtraTorrent Proxy

It is another best alternative and provides an excellent user experience, and torrents from the user may download different applications, software, movies, anime, TV shows, and much more.

It is the second most popular website available on torrents. It was shut down recently and was relaunched. You will find various sources online as Proof.

5. Rarbg Proxy

It is one of the best alternatives to 1337x as it works on the same file-sharing protocol. It is the third most popular website.

In this website, users may create an account and upload different torrent files. You will find a massive list of proxy websites along with alternatives. It has got millions of visitors.