Top Tech Tools For HR Professionals In 2022


There’s no doubt about whether technology is changing the way we do business. HR professionals are no exception. In this rapidly changing world, HR professionals need to have access to the latest tools and software so they can keep up with the latest trends and developments. 

Here are some most popular tech tools for HR professionals in 2022.

1) Bites – Onboarding and Training

Bites App is the latest evolution in onboarding and orientation. It merges the immediacy of digital content creation with a personalized, immersive experience that participants can take forward into their onboarding programs. This digital storytelling tool enables HR to engage new hires from day one through engaging expressions, videos, games, and quizzes.

HR can create stories that employees pay attention to and immediately engage with. This allows HR professionals to easily show their employees what they are working towards – it’s a great way for employers or managers to train their employees on the latest trends, employee goals, and resources available in your organization.

Bites also make it much easier for your frontline employees to stay updated about the organization, by making reading and accessible content easy. Online learning supports all of these needs – so Bites is a great way to engage with all employees from around the world regardless of what platform they’re using (PCs, tablets/smartphones, or immersive devices).

2) Kazoo- Employee Recognition Tool

Kazoo is a flexible employee recognition tool with sophisticated interactive features that tap into the hearts and minds of employees. The platform aligns with global HR best practices, such as gamification, learning analytics, and biometrics, in elevating emotions while bringing employee recognition games closer to the heart.

Kazoo enables HR to set goals for ROI-driven programs; and design creative, mobile, or desktop apps on top of a robust infrastructure that empowers any business anywhere throughout their organization.

3) Breezy HR – Recruiting, hiring, & onboarding

Breezy HR helps companies hire the best talent, increase productivity and reduce investment amounts by providing a free Applicant tracking system that’s simple to set up, easy to use; but powerful – all within 5 minutes! Breezy HR is perfect for businesses of any size.

The tool conducts job searches easily with attached resumes; converts online jobs into paper applications or even faxes if required, and uploads file attachments. Easily solicit candidates via email or social media, manage and track a job search from start to finish.

4) Cake HR- Recuriting, Onboarding and Hiring

Cake HR is a recruitment software tool that helps HR professionals recruit the best talent without all the hassles, requesting, and faxing. The tool simplifies the recruitment process by enabling HR managers to recruit at scale, maintain data integrity and manage their applicant tracking system (ATS) well in hand.

The tool has integrations with other common job search platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed. It also features segmentation functionality through ATS records that enable managing different groups of candidates for recruiting or re-recruiting purposes.

5) Caroo:

Caroo is an onboarding & HR tool that helps companies simplify the recruiting, hiring process, and documentation.

The tool helps HR manage the recruitment process, from onboarding, human resources documentation, reporting, and finance.

The platform includes comprehensive email campaign management capabilities which enable organizations to nurture their candidate pipeline with targeted emails for better communication between suitable talent candidates in real-time.

Blog Conclusion

HR professionals in 2022 will find it easier than ever to stay ahead of the curve by using cutting-edge tools. Bites, Kazoo, Breezy HR, and Cake HR are just a few of the top tech tools that can help streamline processes and keep employees on their toes. What other cool tech tools do you think will be popular in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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