Mx Player Stream to Chromecast: Stream Videos from Android Device to Tv


MX player has revolutionized the way of entertainment. MX player has granted users access to personalized content from reputed web show creators like The Viral Fever, HOICHOI, VOOT among others.

The applications also boast of content from television, movies, music, sports. A user streaming content on MX player is also given the option to personalize content based on his or her preferred language.

This all in one appeal has been crucial is MX player’s reputation as one of the best streaming services available today.

Given all these features in one streaming service, it is likely, you, as a user will be interested in sharing the experience with your close circle.

An android device screen might prove such a task more difficult than it sounds. This website, MX player for windows, gives you detailed descriptions on how to download MX player for windows & how to stream videos from android to a TV using the MX Player.

To download MX player for windows and to stream the content Android to the TV you are advised to follow the steps mentioned.

This website also gives you instructions on how to adjust movie subtitles on MX player.

Mx Player Stream to Chromecast Watch Content from Android Device to TV Screen:

The easiest way to enjoy those binge-watching sessions with your loved ones is to stream the content on your television.

This website, MX player for Windows, gives instructions to stream videos on MX player from your android device to your TV. Using the following instructions you will be able to achieve that by using MX player for Chromecast.

The added advantage of this being, content can be streamed both online and offline. The streaming is done using a third party application since Chromecast does not directly support the MX player.

To begin with, you will be needing Chromecast, your Android device, your TV (Television), and the Local cast application. Please ensure your TV is equipped with an HDMI port and the Localcast application is installed in your android device.

1. Begin with your Chromecast device and connect it with the HDMI port of your television.

Chromecast device
Connect Chromecast to TV

2. In the Localcast application, click on the yellow wifi button.

LocalCast for Chromecast
Click on the yellow wifi button

3. From the window which popped open select your Chromecast device. This will set up the connection with your television

Connect LocalCast Chromecast
Connect LocalCast Chromecast

Almost there!!!!

4. Play a video with MX player.

Click on video to share on Chromecast
Click on the video to share on Chromecast

5. Share the video by selecting the share icon and select your Localcast.

Select Your localcast
Select Your localcast

Now you will be seeing the content from MX player on your TV screens.

Binge watch with your loved ones, for there are a great number of quality contents available and you no longer have to reach out to get a view of what is being shown on your small Android device screen.


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