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Have you ever tried making content for a website or a blog? Well, if you have, then surely you would know that creating content is not as easy as it looks like. For academic papers, website articles, and blog content, you need high-quality text, and creating high-quality content for index and ranking is not that easy. Not only creating new and high-quality content is time-taking but is also simply effort-intensive and also requires expertise and years of practice in writing. You should not be ashamed of admitting that you are weak in writing or have low skills needed to produce high-quality content.

Everyone has their own easy space and expertise, some are good engineers, some are good doctors, some are good cooks, and some people write good, and this is the fact of life so if you have weak writing skills then it is nothing to worry about, and it surely does not means that you can start your own blog or can prepare content for your paper or websites for that matter. Content creation plays a lot, and if you get an opportunity to write for a firm or even prepare assignments, then you should not let it go and should hook yourself up with the passive payments!

Importance of essay writing!

Essay writing is very much important these days but you should know that it requires a lot of skills, if you want to start your own blog or want to write an essay then you should know that you have to simply follow and polish some skills that we are about to tell you!

Making an outline before writing!

You should know that every time you are planning on writing an article or essay you have to do thorough research on the topic and after completing your study about the essay you have to write down some points and make a complete outline which will guide you how you will write and carry the article. Having a basic outline will help you carry your content in a better way, if you don’t know about the outline of the essay, then it will give a very spammy look!

Make sure you understand the right use of grammar and punctuation!

Grammar and punctuation are the most important parts of essay writing, and if you use them wrongly then you should know that it can simply change the meaning of the sentence, before using grammar and punctuation you must have the complete knowledge about their meanings, and why and where they are used, you can take help from apps and tools like Grammarly as well.

Use the right and native vocabulary!

You must make sure that the words that you are using in your essay make sense with the sentence, you don’t have to use the vocabulary that you don’t know the meaning and right use about rather you should make sure that you use the simplest and understandable vocabulary for every kind of audience. An essay should be quite simple and easily explained!

Make arguments and analyze the evidence!

You should know that in essay writing, you have to support some points and defy some of them and should also know that to support or differ to those points, you have to provide evidence from reliable sources to support your point and cause. Without proper and formal arguments and evidence, your essay is incomplete!

Conclude with something that supports your research or argument!

Closing or concluding an essay is the most difficult, and you should know that you have to simply conclude your content with some points that prove your point and support what the whole content was all about. You also have to make sure that you are not plagiarizing content from anywhere in your essay, as it will simply result in the discarding of it. You need unique and formal evidence to support your thesis, and this is what essay writing is all about!

Unfortunately, not all of us are capable of mastering these skills!

Solution for weak essay writing skills!

Now you must be thinking that how can you prepare a genuine and attractive content if you don’t have the proper skills for it, well don’t worry the modern technology will help you with this problem and will assist you in earning a lot of money with the writing business. You must have heard about online article rewriter or article spinner tools, as the name tells us these tools are the ones that can spin or rewrite content for you guys.

Article rewriter tools!

You guys should know that article rewriter tools don’t have mind-reading abilities, so they can’t read your mind and write on the topic that you desire; you have to provide input to the tool on which it can work on to rewrite and get you a brand new content. You have to search the web for articles or research papers related to the topic that you want to or have to write on, and from there, you have to copy the content carefully. Now, this copied content will be posted in the online tools as input, and on the basis of this input, the tool will get your new content.

Hundreds of tools and applications exist on the web that can help you with creating and spinning new content, but the problem is that not all of the online tools are capable of producing readable content, and this is because of their weak designs and algorithms used in rewriting. If you use a low-quality tool that cannot create readable and understandable content, then you should know that you will be accused of plagiarism and will surely ruin your reputation along with the suspension of your work/project!

Luckily below, we have discussed one of the best tools on the web, which is famous for producing the most readable and SEO friendly content!

Article spinner by Small SEO Tools!

The article spinner/article rewriter/word rewriter/sentence rephrase or the paraphrasing tool on the web by smallseotools is the one that can help you a lot in getting the most high-quality content. The reason that this tool is the best in producing good content is that it is well designed and uses artificial intelligence to create new content when you enter your input in the tool it will first of all study the content and will then consult its database for all the relative content, after extracting and understanding the main idea of the article it will simply rewrite a new content for yourself.

Benefits of using the article rewriter tools!

  • The first benefit is that the use of the tool can save you a lot of time. Manually creating new content can take you up to days if you do research, but with the help of these tools, you can simply get new content within less than minutes.
  • As the tool saves time at the same time, it saves a lot of money and can increase efficiency for sure.
  • The new content created by the article rewriter can easily help you with seo techniques and optimization.
  • The use of the online spinner tools will surely help you polish your rewriting skills, and you can learn a lot from them!

Features of the article rewriter tools by Small SEO Tools!

  • The tool is free to use, and there are no limitations or formalities that you have to follow.
  • The tool is capable of uploading content/files from your local drive, Google Drive, and even from dropbox.
  • You can put in up to 2000 words per search.
  • The tool can help you check the new content for grammar and plagiarism mistakes!

People usually get confused with the working of the tool, so we want you to read the steps mentioned below that will teach you about how to use the tool!

How to use the article spinner tool with Small Seo Tools!

  • When you open up the tool on your browser, which you can also do by clicking on this link, you will see one big text box.
  • In the text box, you can paste the content manually by cutting or copying from the original source of it; as we have mentioned above, you can’t post more than 2000 words in one go, so keep that in mind as well.
  • When you have entered the text in the tool, you just have to click on the ‘rewrite article’ button, and from there, the tool will start its job and will spin your content into a new one. You can check the content for mistakes using the features of grammar and plagiarism checking that we have discussed above in detail.

The working mantra of the tool remains same if you want to upload files instead of text, all you have to do is use the different icons in the text box to simply upload your files from your document gallery, from your dropbox account and also from your Google drive account for that matter, size of the file doe, not matters you just have to make sure that the word count does not increase the 2000-word limit. The rest of the procedure is the same!

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