Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: What’s Your Best Option?

Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin, in particular, seem to have taken the investment world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Bitcoin has had quite the run, with its prices soaring above the other cryptocurrencies ever since its release nearly a decade ago. But other coin options are also creeping up, albeit not as fast as or lucrative as Bitcoin. For new investors in the crypto space, this can make choosing the best option a tough nut to crack.

One such cryptocurrency that’s been making regular rounds in the headlines along with Bitcoin is Ethereum. While some think of it as the next best thing, others are being more modest with their approach and look to Ether as a safe option to expand their crypto investment portfolio, while others look at it as an alternative to Bitcoin. Keeping this in mind, here we are going to take a quick look at both Ethereum and Bitcoin and focus on the advantages so that new investors can make a more informed decision.

Why Choose Ether?

Ethereum has had a stellar year so far and has outperformed Bitcoin, which has seen one of its most volatile years since its release. While this does not discredit Bitcoin, it does mean that Ether is gaining ground fast, which is why it’s now seen as a viable alternative to Bitcoin. But, there are other reasons why Ether has gained this ground, one of which is that Ether is being used by Microsoft Corp. for its own blockchain offering. Not to mention, Ether has been used to power the growth of non-fungible tokens or ETFs as well, which has also resulted in the coin’s value going through the roof in a relatively short time.

But, Ether also works as a blockchain platform that operates pretty much the same way as the Android App Store or the Apple Store. On the flip side, Bitcoin is just a commodity used like gold or precious stones. Another major advantage that Ether has over Bitcoin is that, unlike the latter, it is constantly evolving, whereas much of the core features of Bitcoin have been baked into its design.

What this means for Ether is that it can be updated and improved. In fact, Ethereum is currently going through a major upgrade which, according to the experts, is going to bring major improvements to the network. While this may not seem like much to the layman, it does matter for serious investors of cryptocurrencies and should matter for new investors as well because it could bump up its value, which would make it even more appealing to investors in the future. Immediate Edge is a great place to start if you want to start investing in Bitcoin.

Another advantage of investing in Ethereum is that it is seen as a growth-type investment option. In other words, it’s still going through its growth phase and has potential.

Why Choose Bitcoin?

For many serious investors and new investors alike, Bitcoin seems like the weapon of choice when looking to expand an investment portfolio into cryptocurrencies. The coin has been a dominant force in the crypto space since its inception, and while it has had a somewhat rocky past, that trend isn’t going to slow down any time soon. In fact, according to the pundits, Bitcoin’s value is expected to grow even further mainly because of its market cap, which it will reach eventually. Since the number of Bitcoin that can be created has already been pre-programmed into its design, its value can only rise further as demand increases and supply reaches its peak. This alone makes Bitcoin a far more attractive option for new and experienced investors.

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