Advice from professionals: Things to do one week before moving!!!

Though you might have started the moving process months before like doing the packing and all but the most crucial time is the week before the actual moving day. This is the time when your house might seem barely livable when everywhere boxes are present and the household things are spreading away all around. And you might be working hard to pack everything. Of course, packing the entire household items into a few boxes is a tiresome and complicated task to do. The best moving experts at explain that if you are lacking in packing and a lot of tasks are remaining to do and just one week is left from the moving day then here you will get the advice direct from professionals to complete all the tasks in a short duration. Check out these: 

Organize Yourself:

The actual relocation day is arriving, you are strained and in your stress, you might forget some of your stuff behind. Transition to a new place involves various activities and it is possible that you may not remember everything. Therefore, make a checklist that consists of every activity that is to be undertaken before the moving day and deal with them one by one. Listing down everything will save your precious time and you can calmly handle the transition. There is a possibility that you may lose your essential documents in the moving process. Always remember to save all your documents digitally or you can create a hard copy to keep all important paperwork in one place.

Recruit Additional Hands For Help:

If a lot of tasks are still pending and it seems impossible to complete in a few days before moving day then you should recruit additional hands for help. You can also ask your friends and family members to pack items and to help you in doing several moving tasks. If you are not lucky enough to have friends and family members then you can hire movers to pack your items. Professional movers also provide services like packing, unpacking, and settling in of all the belongings. Customize the move and get the services you require. 

Stay Focused And Consistent:

You may be tempted to watch television while packing or doing other moving-related tasks then this is the biggest mistake you are making. Also, you should not confuse yourself working on two tasks simultaneously. This will reduce your focus and the task you are doing will take a longer time.  

Get The Help Of Professional Packers:

To have a hassle-free experience while relocating and start packing your stuff at least a few days before the actual relocation day. You might be thinking of saving money by packing your belongings on your own. If you are experienced, then there will be no problem but if you are not, you will need to get the help of professional packers as they are well-versed in their work and are acquainted with the required equipment. Before hiring packers, estimate the packing cost and research for professional and experienced ones. Ask them to take extra precautions when packing high-valued and fragile items.

Pack a Bag With Essential Items:

After you arrive at your new home there are some basic items that you will need for the first few days but you might be too tired to arrange your stuff. It is when the essential box will come into the picture. Make sure to pack a separate bag with essential stuff you will require for starting days in the new home. This includes toiletries, vital documents, a couple of clean clothing, medications, laptop, and phone charger, snacks, water, kitchen items such as clean plates, bowls, bathroom items such as towels, personal hygiene products, etc.

Don’t Forget To Transfer Your Utilities:

You must get your utilities transferred a week before the transition day because usually, utility providers take time to set up new accounts. Ask your utility service providers to cancel your utility services at your current home and transfer these services to your new home as soon as possible. Apart from utility services such as electricity, gas, sewage, and water, make sure to transfer your Wi-Fi system. Also, keep in mind to update your address so that you can get your mails, documents, and utility bills at your new location.

Count All The packed Boxes:

After you finish packing, to make sure that you don’t lose or misplace any box of belongings, you should count these. Make an inventory of all the items you are going to move so that there is no doubt later on though you don’t need to prepare a detailed list. Just number all the packed bags and boxes that need to be transported. 


This is the time when your house might look like anarchy when boxes are piled up everywhere but this is the most important time of move when you have to pay attention to all important things so that nothing misses like pay attention to documents, notifying subscription companies, and so on. 

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