YTS Proxy 2022: Unblocked ** | Best YTS Torrents Alternatives


YTS is the torrent sites and it is almost an integral part of all the users in the world. It is a website that has got very strong dominance over the torrent websites over the years. It has got superb graphic user interface and downloading compatibility which makes YTS sites one of the most popular websites.

A user will find a wide variety of movies, TV shows and web series of different languages and genres. It may be American, Indian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese web series. It may be downloaded from the website easily.

YTS torrent website focuses on providing both Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. According to Google, trends report the popularity of the website has declined significantly over the past few months.

It is mainly because of the low availability of resources on the website. Various users are very disappointed with the performance of the website.

YTS sites are the favorite website for millions of people worldwide which helps them to download free movies torrents. It may be accessed from the main domain As earlier mentioned YTS offers 720p HD and 1080p Full HD movie versions of many latest movies to download for free.

If we consider all these features it is the best free movie downloading website which you may find on the internet. However, due to such huge popularity, the website came in the eyes of many countries and governments.

They don’t find this method to serve free movie download legal. That’s why many countries’ governments and ISP have banned access to YTS.AG for internet users. So if you are not able to visit the YTS.AG directly then most probably the website has been blocked in the internet connection too.

If you want to access YTS sites, you may use the popular ways to unblock a website like YTS proxy websites or VPN server. You may use YTS proxy/mirror websites. In any case, if you are torrenting without a VPN, it is a bit risky since you may end up handing over the personal information to the ISPs as it is always advisable to connect to a VPN when you browse online.

What are YTS Torrents and Why is it Used?

YTS torrents are an online piracy group that is dominating the industry for a good amount of years. The group publishes high-quality movie releases on various torrent sites which is their claim to fame. Gradually the group has become self-aware of there popularity and their outreach led to them and open YTS website.

With getting a huge audience of millions per day, YTS movies started having a truckload of attention from authorities who were then on the hunt for the group owners. even a lawsuit was filed against them which was settled via a deal that was signed by both parties.

Since everything went down, the original YTS team was taken out of play. There is a huge YTS proxy sites list whose handlers are unknown. The quality of content is still the same and the fans continue getting satisfied.

Why Should you use YTS Proxy?

If you use YTS Proxy websites to access the YTS content then you will find content far much better because unlike VPN or Proxy they don’t make the web browsing.

You may visit the YTS proxy or Mirror sites directly without using any trick to access the content of YTS Movies torrent sites. These sites are clone websites of YTS but on different domain names.

Some of The YTS Proxy/Mirror Servers

Other Proxy:

You should not worry about the latest content. All these YTS Proxy sites are well maintained and frequently updated by YTS.AG Staff or other volunteers who want to provide unblock access to YTS to the whole world. If its the main domain blocked in your country, you may always browse YTS normally using any of these above YTS proxy sites and YTS mirror sites.

YTS Transfer to a New Domain Name.

YTS website which is the most visited torrent site on the internet has recently moved to a new domain called It is the Lithuanian top-level domain. There is no public announcement from the site on the change, the old domain is operational but it directs to the new home. It is unclear what prompted the sudden move.

Various ISPs have blocked the older and domains around the world but with the change of domain name, the operators are still making it accessible to the users. A new domain makes all search engine results accessible again which was removed earlier due to takedowns. YTS is available for users.

Some Alternatives to YTS Websites


Icefilms is a website that offers free movies and TV shows and it includes trending shows and blockbusters and if you are a fan of the latest shows, Icefilms is the best option for you. On this website, a viewer may enjoy the latest trending shows which are free of charge. But the only concern about Icefilms is the legibility of the website and content. The majority of its content is not legal. You will find some films that are offered copyright free.

2. is the alternative to yts website and it is very comparable to that. It offers free streaming of movies and TV series is free. It is very much safe from virus and since it is free, it adds an advantage. You will find ads in between which may annoy you but because of the advantages, ads may be tolerated. A user may even find different categories like drama, comedy, sci-fi or horror even action along with romance and much more.

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Here is another alternative to YTS which is It has got the same interface as in gomovies. It is one of the reliable free movie websites. It allows the user to download movies as well as series. On this website, a viewer may find full-length moves that may be watched for free. If you are using this website, you get HD quality. It has a variety of popular movies and some of the latest releases in the industry.

4. Popcornflix


It is the website that offers movies of various categories for free and a viewer may easily stream them online. For using the website, a user does not require a user account and it may be accessed without logging in.

Apart from movies, it provides free episodes of various TV shows that users may enjoy. It is a very user-friendly website that allows a user to see many at the top of the screen for searching and watching movies. Various categories offered hares are Action, Drama, family, Comedy, thriller, and even old school and others.

All the movies are available as a list without any sorting option. If we talk more specifically, the site offers two additional websites for kid’s movies and horror movies which are called popcornflix Kids and FrightPix respectively.

5. RARBG Proxy

RARBG proxy

It is the website that is considered the most desired globally among the various torrent websites. It has a huge online library that offers the user a variety of content which includes movies, games, TV shows, and also software.

It may be considered the best YTS alternative. It is basically for torrenting and is also known for hosting content such as “high-res”. It also facilitates a great application for peer-to-peer file sharing which uses the BitTorrent Protocol.

6. Yify Proxy

It is an alternative to the which offers the user to watch movies be it online or downloaded. A viewer may search based on the year for which you want content along with search according to categories. Once a viewer is done with searching, the viewer may click on the movie poster and enjoy their favorite movie.



It is owned by the public and also a commercially-funded UK public service broadcaster. It focuses on the delivery of high-quality content as well as innovative content that would challenge the status quo.

This channel aims to provide a user with the entire broadcasting network. It is surrounded by television, film as well as digital media.

8. Yify HD

Yify HD is a torrent website that is popular for its Blu-ray quality that too small file size. It makes the file available online and you may also download the files without any cost. It ensures the best compatibility with almost all devices.

Yify is encoded using x264 codec and MP4 containers. With this feature, it is feasible for everyone around the globe and everyone may watch online or download these torrents.

9. Hulu 


It is another alternative to YTS which allows users to watch their favorite movies online and stream them at a faster pace.

The main advantage is a person may stream the movies without any limitations which are too as per comfort. A viewer may watch on any device.