Ways to Grow Your Personality through Blogging

A blog can be considered as a decent job that is used for making money to cover the day to day needs. Even among bloggers, one needs to continuously upgrade their works so that they can rank among the top bloggers and do successful works. Blogging can be considered more of a platform for young writers who can create their own contents, as per their choice. However, a lot of things need to be kept in mind when a blogger is aiming to write a successful blog. One of the essential factors weighing down here is the personality. One can make a blog free website for managing the monetization process in a better way, but growing the personality will surely have a positive impact on the quality and thus, the success. The blogger must find ways to grow their personality through blogging. This can be quite challenging, especially for the new bloggers, but with time, one can find various ways to do so.

Effect of Personality on Blog

Effect of Personality on Blog

As by definition, personality is the combination of a person’s qualities and characters which represents in the form of a distinct and unique character. Personality not only creates a person, but it also shapes the approach of a situation by the person. For blog starters, it is very much plausible that the blog will represent the personality of the blogger. Not only will the content reflect that, but the way someone manages a blog also tells a lot about it. Just like a compass shows the direction one is approaching, personality influences a person regarding what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Since it is important to have a positive impact on the personality of a writer on their blog, it is imperative that they understand themselves in order to grow with time.

Dimensions of Personality


Studies suggest that a person can have a lot of personalities at the same time. However, it can be divided into 5 major dimensions, and all of these dimensions together makeup the exact personality of the person. The personality of each person is complex and unique. However, it is solely not based on one dimension; it is a mixture of many.

These 5 major dimensions include –

  1. Openness – this is the factor which normally makes people go out for finding new things and exploring them. People usually tend to go out of their personal comfort zones to explore, find and learn new ideas and expressions for blogs. Those who are low on this dimension tend to stick to their field of knowledge and enjoy their familiarity.
  2. Conscientiousness – conscientious people are those who are generally more of a perverting nature. The people high on this dimension tend to stick to the rules and boundaries and will do anything to maintain it. The ones who are low on this are generally rebellious in nature and often impulsive. This affects the post content of the blog, and sometimes they are just left undone.
  3. Extroversion – with the personality being high on this side, the persons are extroverts. As a result, opening up to other people and collaborating with them is very easy for these types of persons. The assertive mindset helps in blogging. On the other hand, less of extroversion means introversion, where the person lies to work solo and even in trouble, will not think of working with others.
  4. Agreeableness – people with more agreeableness in their personality are normally more trusting, considerate and tactful. This helps in gaining appreciation and respect, which is very good for bloggers. On the other end of the scale, one simply does not care about other people’s perception. Generally rude, such persons measure the success of a blog very differently.
  5. Neuroticism – these types of people are usually sensitive, and sometimes too much temperamental. The blog may go downhill if one is too much affected by the negative comments, or if someone has to fight an inner battle all the time. Focus on negativity is a key trait in this dimension. Hence, such a personality can greatly affect the efficiency and quality of a blog. Those with the lower neuroticism in them are, however, greatly adventurous and very stable emotionally. Such people tend to find the way out of everything as they are usually looking for solutions without giving up whenever a problem comes up. This provides a very positive effect on the blog and its success.

Personality Development and Growth through Blogging

growth mindset

When a person comes to know about what is the best type of personality that describes them the most, the development or the growth of personality starts from that instant. Knowing about oneself also gives the ideas as how can one self improve for the best. Since no one knows someone better than they themselves, learning to identify one’s personality traits is really a very big step. After that, the whole approach to blogging can change. Different ways to grow a personality through blogging include-

  • Identification of Strength – one needs to find out the strength of their personality and in what dimension do they exactly belong. While blogging, this will come in handier than one thinks. After the discovery of one’ strength and proper usage, one can find blogging to be significantly easier and more comfortable.
  • Identification of Challenge – when the challenges in the work are identified, the work itself can become so much interesting. Bloggers who find some tasks challenging can either prepare themselves enough to do the task or ask for external help. Connection with other bloggers or the sense of working together often helps in removing the worry and anxiety. As a result, blogs can become more successful.
  • Acceptance – when a person accepts their own shortcomings, they will understand that some things are not meant to be done by them. Therefore, instead of stressing out over uncomfortable ways to complete a task which the majority follows, one can do it in their own style. This brings the sense of uniqueness in blogs.
  • Comfort Zone – instead of decreasing the performance or efficiency in trying out unfamiliar territory, if one is more comfortable and more efficient in working in a similar environment than that is what they should choose. This way, a blogger will be able to be successful and happy at what they do as well.

When the personality has grown, a blogger will seem to be more effective about ideas, contents, presentation, and finish of a blog. This is because when one knows their own strength and weaknesses, they can focus on the strengths and prepare to overcome their fears. This helps in getting a massive boost in confidence. As a result, a blogger will know exactly what to do when faced with a problem, come up with new ideas, create unique content and will be happy to enjoy the work being done and thus be more efficient and successful as well.

An effective blog is what someone writes with truth, quality, and dedication. The audience can be easily convinced, as long as the blogger is convinced themselves. When one becomes themselves, blogging becomes enjoyable and easier. It is as they say: when someone loves their job, they do not really work in it. When someone loves blogging, it loves them back and helps them in their growth to be a better person.