Car Rental Trip: 4 Applications to Improve Your Travel Photos


Are you one of those who like to photograph unique landscapes, or simply unforgettable moments on a trip, and then upload them online? Then you should have applications that not only allow you to take a great photo but also add a variety of effects to it.

Also, you will need a car to find as many unique places as possible for your camera. If you are traveling to the USA, then you can find Orlando car rental under 25 at any other convenient point in the country that will fit perfectly into your photo tour.

Indeed, a nice-looking car amid a beautiful landscape – what could be better for a fascinating photo? A large selection of exotic car rentals is available at, where you can also compare offers from several companies and pick up a car of any class.

Well, and what about photo processing apps? Check out a few mobile editors that will help to get the most out of your photoshoots!

4 Best Travel Photography Apps

1. Instagram


The application appeared as an opportunity to improve photos taken by using a mobile phone and quickly upload them to the network. Everyone liked the idea and soon the application grew to the scale of a huge social network with an endless stream of photos.

Initially, Instagram was available only for the iPhone, and filters left much to be desired.

Recently, the application has changed its design and approach – now it’s a fairly powerful editor with a large number of settings, the ability to post photos and videos of any format.

Such Instagram add-ons as Layout and Boomerang are leaders in download in their segment. The popularity of Instagram has become an important kick for enhancing visual photo culture around the world.

Instagram settings are really diverse, although most users out of habit use only filters, the strength of which can be adjusted.

By clicking on the Edit menu, correction of perspective and horizon, adjustment of brightness, contrast, temperature, degree of detail, saturation, color tinting, vignetting, adding sharpness and others are available.

Don’t neglect these settings: if you learn to use them, it will improve your pictures without the use of pop and recognizable filters. The bonus of Instagram is that it’s also a social network.

After all, if you are active and shoot well – you will definitely have many friends who are even more interesting to meet in real life. For small business owners, good product photos will help get new customers. The main thing is to post them regularly.

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VSCO Photo & Video Editor
VSCO Photo & Video Editor

The app has emerged as a great alternative to Instagram. And if Instagram worked great for pictures of very poor quality, then with the improvement of cameras it became clear – people who are used to good photography need an alternative. While Instagram is designed to mask flaws, then VSCO is designed to emphasize virtues.

The application is free of charge, but for many filter sets, you will need to pay $2. But first, try the basic ones. Do you want your pictures to look like they were shot on a film camera, or so that the light is soft, the colors are not acidic? No problems.

A bunch of brightness, contrast, saturation, tinting, sharpening, the ability to crop, and other vital things are also available in the application.

Filters are essentially sets of settings that apply to photos. This application is for those who underestimated mobile photography for too many digital colors and always preferred film cameras.

3. Snapseed


This is another application, which is loved by mobile photographers. It’s completely free and owned by Google, with a nice minimalist design and great photo manipulation capabilities.

We can say that this is almost mobile Photoshop, which will help you work with the usual saturation, contrast, color, as well as with individual areas of the image.

It allows glossing over unnecessary details, and drowning out or saturating the shades of colors and much more. If something went wrong – you can always return a few steps back.

The application has a certain number of filters for processing photos. They work with the tone, blur, grain, and can make the photo more dramatic or with a retro look.

In many travelers’ opinions, it’s most convenient to use this application to refine existing photos, especially by using the brush function and changing specific areas.

Unfortunately, there are no editing curves in the application yet. In any case, this service is among the must-have things for those who want to bring excellent shots from the car trip.

4. Afterlight


This is a paid application ($0.99) with a set of excellent standard filters, to which you can still buy additional ones.

Classic settings include brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and temperature control. Plus, the built-in effects of cinematic lighting, as well as the ability to put an image in a frame or add text to a photo.

If for some reason you are uncomfortable with VSCO, then Afterlight is a very stylish and powerful replacement.

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