10 Unique Ways Through Which Salesforce Can Solve Your Business Challenges

You may read many articles online on how to do many great things using Salesforce, but when it comes to the bigger picture, you may be finding it a bit complicated as how to solve your real-time business challenges using these tools. In this article, we are trying to discuss some such real-time challenges for business administrators in terms of marketing, sales, and customer support, which could be effectively handled using Salesforce.

1. Understanding Your Customers

Understanding your customers

It isn’t possible to sell to them or retain your customer if you don’t know their needs and priorities. For this, you may also need to know their key contacts and also what activities or transactions are done by them. No salesperson can serve their customers well if they cannot explain how a product or service will help improve the customers’ experience. Using Salesforce, it becomes easier to track all your customer data at one place and develop strategic solutions to deliver real value to them. This overtime will ensure better customer satisfaction and more customer acquisition.

2. Bringing all Customer Data Under One Roof

You may have wasted a lot of time to track down each customer information and a visiting car, which you know is there somewhere in the office. So, how it will be if you can find out which salesperson owns the first-hand relationship with the local subsidiary of a global client? This is possible with Salesforce. You can quickly map any such information from the centralized customer database does identify any contact or contacts contact in order to capitalize such information for better contact management.

3. Expanding Sales Funnel

Expanding sales funnel

More number of leads you can pursue and followup, more chances are there to improve your sales and increase your revenue. The big question here is, how to ensure that the machine works tirelessly? The answer is Salesforce, using which you can easily plan, measure, manage, and improve the process of lead generation, lead qualifying, and lead conversion. You can easily access the data from anywhere to see how much business your salespeople are generating, what are sources of your results, and who is making results in the team.

4. Consolidating the Pipeline

Consolidating the pipeline

Pipeline reports can give the business administrators better insight into the future scope of sale and growth of the business. But, still companies are only capable of generating only feeble pipelines and perform most of the tasks with guesswork. Executive wastes a lot of time by simply entering data into spreadsheets and updating it without any focus. Managers, at the next level, simply waster more time by chasing the reps for these reports and then scrubbing the data. Ultimately, bosses waste their time by pulling their hair out as the information they look at is outdated by the time they ultimately get it.

However, now cloud computing is into the scene and make this traditional practices outdated. Using Salesforce marketing cloud, you can shorten such effort if not eliminating it at all. As long as the sales reps manage their Salesforce opportunities, next-level managers can easily access the real-time pipeline reports from anywhere at a blink of an eye. At the top level, business decision-makers or owners can get a better view of the overall picture as offered by providers like Flosum.com on Salesforce.

5. Effective Peer Collaboration

In any organization which you are getting into as a new addition, it is important to find out the one who has all the historical knowledge which will help you to close an important lead or to resolve support issues. Sometimes, you may be fully engaged and get out of the loop about certain updates.

On Salesforce, the Chatter option will help all involved closely collaborated. This can help increase the internal awareness to coordinate better the business process, which actually matters to executives at any level. With this, all can keep updated about the changes and also get instant access to historical data to never go out of the loop.

6. Define Teams and Processes

Define teams and processes

As the organizations grow, oftentimes you may become confused about the standardization of processes and about the roles and responsibilities. Using Salesforce, defining teams, team structure, and the process of marketing, sales, customer services, etc. become much streamlined and easily understandable to everyone. So, you know where you stand at the ladder and what other people are doing. Even though Salesforce cannot fully eradicate the alignment issues for corporate, it is surely a tool to better drive team collaboration.

7. Collaboration with Partners

In almost all industries, direct selling is an outdated practice. In order to cover more market territories, organizations are now working through sales partners and distributors. Using the tools of Salesforce Communities, you can equip your channel sales team to track the partner performance and gain a real-[time insight about the top partners and the nonperforming partners, etc. The partners who can further strengthen their association with the vendors can collaborate easily through the joint marketing and sales efforts.

8. Gaining Over the Competition

Gaining over the competition

If you know your competitors and why you lose to them, then you are in a better position to win the opportunities by repositioning yourself. Using Salesforce, you can easily track the competition of various product and deals, practice competitive intelligence by developing an action plan to win over your competitors and outperform.

9. Better Customer Service

Better customer

Most of them who work on customer support tend to waste time to figure out how the customers are reviewing the context of interactions with them. Using Salesforce Service Cloud, support planner can getter a better insight towards customer needs to effectively capture, understand, and solve customer issues which comes through different communication channels. These are managed effectively as cases in the Service Cloud, and the support reps can get better visibility to the health of their existing accounts and focus on more on the most wanted areas.

10. Anytime Anywhere Access

Anytime anywhere

The mobile revolution is now touching not only the personal life of people but revolutionizes the way how corporate businesses too work. Your salespeople can now work from anywhere as from home or another country. The cloud-based platforms offer access to data and updated from anywhere anytime. Using Salesforce, one can instantly access and manage customer information online or offline.

As we can see, the success of Salesforce now empowers the new generation of sales guys, business managers, and administrators to be more insightful and strategic. Cloud computing helps reduce the operational costs and makes configuration and customization easier to be done by anyone even without any programming knowledge.

Author Bio

Sujain Thomas is a writer and SEO expert. Nowadays Sujain writes for Flosum.com. Her primary focus is on “Salesforce DX ” . She is responsible for building content that helps IT professionals learn to speak each other’s highly specialized languages.