Tips on how to survive in college as the first year

In your former high school, you may have been in the topmost position or among those with the best grades. In college, it will be very different. Nobody will judge you by your previous status. You join the school at the same level. You start learning the new environment slowly as you adjust to the recent changes. Like other career guides, provides you with the relevant information you need to know about joining a new level of education.

The first year Is the most critical period of your study. Remember the decision you take in your first year of a college education will impact your final year when graduating.

Here are some of the tips to help you survive as the first year in college

help you survive as the first year in college

Attend the orientation session

You will be joining the college without understanding anything about the institution. Fortunately, the institution will have an orientation session to help you learn about the new environment and understand how the system flows. Such sessions are very crucial to any fresh person. You lean your department and the entire management system of the college. You get exposed to the college rules and regulations to make you keep on the right lane. The session prepares you for the encounters while in the institutions and how to respond to any situation that may arise.

Organize yourself

As you may not have an opportunity to explain to your tutor why things did not work out. Assignment submission is timely and no late attending of class. You must organize yourself and have the assignment completed in time and submitted within the deadlines. Nobody will follow you up to make timely submissions. You need to carry yourself responsibly and ensure your plan your activities to have a smooth flow.

Know your year -mate and room-mates

As you join your first year in college, get to understand people you share the same challenge with. Find out people you are sharing the same year or room in college. Such people are essential to you because you can socialize and share experiences and challenges you may be facing.

Find your best place to study.

The college environment may not be the same as high school conditions. You will need to assess the entire surrounding and identify the best place suitable for your studies. Whether library class or room, find the best place where you can concentrate on your studies without much disturbance.

Attend all the classes

When worst mistake you can make in college is missing classes. Though nobody will be there to monitor your education activities closely, never take advantage and miss a class. Usually, professors have no time to repeat what they have already thought. The danger comes when they set the same concept you missed while absent from class. You will fail, and the consequences of poor performance may be more severe than in high school.

Learn all the course requirements

Experts take time to design the school syllabus, which you get a copy of while joining the college. Have ample time to read and understand all the requirements. Understand exams dates, assignments submission dates, and any other school schedule you need to understand. Never give an excuse not understanding that it was time for a particular activity. Once you get the guidelines, read and internalize all the requirements.

Interact with your professors

If you need to master your content and make your life easy while in college, meet your professor as often as possible. Professors usually schedule time for meeting with students within the week. Plan and interact with your teachers during those meeting times. You can ask questions on areas you don’t understand and get guidance. Professors can also guide you on career tips and share any critical information you need to understand. Never shy always from meet and asking relevant questions

Find a career advisor.

You will not be studying blindly without seeking career guidance. While in college, find a go-to person who can shed light give some career advice. A person with your specialization may be better. Share with such people about the conflicting units and how to make subject combinations.

Balance your life

College is the place where you need to grow all your life dimensions. Socialize with other students to develop your social skills. Find ways to increase your spiritual life as well as your career. Do your hobbies when you are out of books. If you love games, join any team that you are good at. The idea is that find ways of balancing your life and avoid coiling your whole life on academics.

Fight for good grades.

As you graduate from college, ensure you have good quality grades that will make you marketable outside campus. Your prospective employer desires a hardworking and intelligent staff who can add value to the company. Prove to your prospective employer thorough good grades.


After achieving good grades in your high school education, it is time to learn new tricks that will form your future career life. Use the tips for better college life.

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