10 Best Places to Study Finance

Graduates of the most prestigious schools strive to get to the best economic universities in the world, which we will list below. But, not being an excellent student, the applicant will not even pass the primary selection stage, which is held before the entrance exams. To enroll in a bachelor’s program at one of the above universities, you need a high level of English proficiency, confirmed by the results of one of the international tests (TOEFL, IELTS). For admission to top universities, you need the results of the final school exams SAT, ACT, A-Levels, IB. To obtain a visa, you must confirm the availability of funds in the account. In each country, the costs per month are different and may vary depending on your location, residence, lifestyle, and personal needs. Studying at such universities is very difficult, so you may need finance assignment help. All students upon admission are required to notarize the ability to provide related costs throughout their studies, but students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week.

1.Vienna University of Economics & Business, Austria

The University of Vienna is one of the leading European management schools. University graduates with bachelor’s degrees in business and economics are primarily eligible for a master’s program in management. This program is taught in German, but it is possible to listen to some of the course modules in English.

2.University of Cologne, Germany

The University of Cologne invites bachelors of related disciplines to study free of charge under the Master in International Management program, which is taught in English. Applications for admission are accepted twice a year. Application deadline for the winter semester: July 15, for the summer semester: January 15.

3.Universität Mannheim, Germany

The University of Mannheim offers 10 free places for admission to the Master’s program in Management. Admission to the Master in Management program is carried out once a year for the fall semester. The application period ends on May 31st. The main language of instruction is English, some subjects are taught in German. To study this program, you must provide a certificate of knowledge of the German language.

4.Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Many faculty members of this university are members of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, and the National Bureau of Economic Research. University professor Olvier Blanchard is chief economist at the International Monetary Fund. Students take part in research projects of the university. The Faculty of Economics offers 69 economics courses. Some of them can be taken online at the university. One of the most prestigious economic awards in the world is the John Bates Medal. Of the 10 medals awarded in recent years, 7 have been awarded to MIT alumni.

5.HEC Lausanne, Switzerland

The University of Lausanne is located in one of the most beautiful historical sites in Switzerland and offers a Master of Science in Management (MSc) program for CHF 580 per semester. The language of instruction is English. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in management and related disciplines are considered. The associated costs in Switzerland are around 1,600 euros (typically, food and transport cost 1,000 euros per month).

6.Hanken School of Economics, Finland

The MSc in Business and Management provides essential opportunities and skills for the management and development of enterprises and organizations in a competitive marketplace. The program will provide a general overview of business and marketing management.

7.Harvard University, USA

The oldest university in the United States. 7 American presidents studied there. The Faculty of Economics appeared at Harvard in 1897. Faculty students study economic theory, behavioral and experimental economics, econometrics, finance, environmental economics, macroeconomics, international trade relations, monetary and fiscal economics, etc. The faculty publishes the scientific journal Quarterly Journal of Economics. Also, more than a century ago, Harvard University founded the Harvard Business School, which is today one of the world’s leading business schools.

8.Princeton University, USA

The Faculty of Economics of the University has 12 research centers for the study of finance, econometrics, political economy, international economics, etc. One of the most famous graduates of the faculty is John Nash, a Nobel laureate for his contribution to game theory (known to the general public for the film “A Beautiful Mind”). According to the university, graduates of the Faculty of Economics are especially in demand in banking, investment, and consulting. Three-quarters of graduates get a job immediately after graduation. Others prefer a scientific career.

9.Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

The Master’s Program in Management at NHH is available to students from all over the world, making it a truly international environment for education, socialization, and networking. Application deadline: February 15 for the fall semester. The language of the program is English. Norway has Student Welfare Organizations (SIBs) whose membership allows you to benefit from the following services: student housing provision, cafes, childcare, counseling services, sports events, academic bookstores, and a career center.

10.Stanford University, USA

One of the oldest economics departments in the world – was founded in 1891. The Faculty of Economics is only one year younger than the university itself. The faculty has 16 research centers in the field of behavioral economics, development economics, econometrics, game theory, financial economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, etc. The university is located in Silicon Valley.

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