Launch event of Samsung S10 series | The Next Generation Smartphone‎


Samsung, the world-renowned brand has finally launched something new in the market. The S series which is known to be the best lineup of Samsung is now is in the 10th version from its beginning of manufacture on 4th June 2010. On this occasion, the company launched three new smartphones namely S10 e, S10, and S10 Plus in San Francisco on February 20th.

📲 Features of the new Samsung S10 series (S10 and S10 Plus)

samsung s10 series
Display Size6.7”
Resolution1440*3040 Pixels
Main Camera12 MP
Selfie Camera10 MP
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon
Battery4500 mAh
SIM typeNano

📲 Display:

samsung s10 series price

Three of these phones are equipped with the latest punch hole styled display and obviously the best screen in the market which is the very own AMOLED display of Samsung. The best part of these phones is its infinite displays with the whole body to screen ratio and of course the front-facing cameras within the body as a punch hole.

📲 Fingerprint Scanner:

samsung s10 specification and price

The new stuff which has amazed everyone in these days is inbuilt fingerprint scanner and Samsung has its own advanced security system in it using the ultrasonic waves to detect the blood flow of the fingers to be put on it. This provides high-end security to the phones unlike optical-based fingerprint scanners in one plus 6t and vivo phones. They can be surely used for the purpose of the payment as they are highly secure.

📲 Cameras :

samsung s10 plus release date in india

S10 and s10 plus are proper flagships with sophisticated designs triple cameras on the back and a dual camera setup with a secondary 8-megapixel camera in the punch hole. Triple rear cameras with one 16-MP and two 12-MP resolutions where the second one is a dual pixel wide having f1.5 and f2.4 and the third camera being the telephoto sensor. front-facing cameras with 10-MP dual pixel with focal aperture of 1.9 and 8-MP depth-sensing camera with focal aperture 2.3 in the punch whole with infinity Oled display screens.

📲 Processor:

samsung s10 launch date in india

They have the 6.1 and 6.4-inch displays respectively with all high-end specifications and every required sensor. One of the best and appreciable things about these phones is the 3.5mm audio jack that almost all companies are dropping starting with the expensive iPhones to Google pixel and now even the so known as flagship killer one plus 6T too.

📲 Features of S10 e (the low cost S series phone)

S10 e is more of a new galaxy lineup which is meant for the mid-range users and is available at the price of $750. It has a single front-facing the camera, a 5.8” display and a 3100 mAh battery which is relatively the lower end of the other two phones. However, this wouldn’t be a problem at all as Samsung’s One UI is known to have one of the best ever battery optimization feature in it.

📲 New phones which are announced by Samsung

After all three phones are launched; Samsung also announced a surprise for the Samsung lovers. A foldable Smartphone with some advanced features like screen continuation and the first ever 5G supported phones in the same S line up. Although there are rumors about the foldable smartphones being unpractical and still in the beginning stage, Samsung claims to have done the best work in manufacturing them.

Some incredible features like 7.3” display supporting screen continuation when unfolded and the same Infinity display make it really advanced one after flex pie. They also support three multi tasking windows when unfolded which is claimed as the futuristic model which was never seen before.

These phones are about to be launched on April 26th and the users who admit to buying them will be the beta testers for it. Foldable Smartphone of Samsung is also known to be the most expensive smartphones ever. The buyers who are going to buy them soon after release will be the testers for the foldable Smartphones and according to the reviews, development will be done. However, this looks quite exciting.

📲 All about Samsung S10 5G

Besides all these announcements in the launch event including foldable, wireless earbuds, and the S10 lineup, S10 5G has gained utmost attention by everyone. 5G is the next generation network that is yet to be launched in many countries.  Many renowned companies like Vivo, Oppo, LG, Huawei, and Honor has already claimed that they are going to launch the phones supporting the 5G network. Many internet service providers have also claimed to bring in the 5G network before their competitors attempt for it such as Airtel and idea.

Samsung has not announced the date of launch of these 5G supported phones yet. Even if they attempt to release these smartphones in the market, there are no service providers which are providing this futuristic network. For now, it is just known as the fastest ever network that is never witnessed to date. Thus if this 5g phone gets released there will be no 5g supporting network and the feature will be kept on hold for upcoming years.

📲 Carrier partners who are likely to support Samsung

Some renowned carrier partners of Samsung such as Verizon are sure about releasing 5G network soon and thus the use of this feature will be utilized by the users hopefully. As per now, there are no 5G networks in the United States which make this announcement futile. Apart from the speed, this is known to be the ultra futuristic Smartphone in the market with all high-end specifications such as the S10 plus.

📲 Announcement of Verizon regarding 5G network

Verizon is the first company to announce the preliminary 5G network which is meant to replace the wired landline internet connection. However, this network is not compatible with mobile devices and is limited to the home network of the United States. Until later 2019, the company is going to bring out the network which will work with any mobiles after the standard equipment is ready in this year. Besides that, Verizon Company has not announced anything regarding the standard 5G networks which mean the official announcement is still to come.

In the launch event at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium at San Francisco, Samsung has officially announced that the 5G version will be launched in first half of 2019.  This announcement didn’t seem to work because Verizon has announced recently that the 5G network will come to use in nearly 30 cities by the end of the year 2019. CEO of Samsung, Hans Vestberg also said in his speech that “S10 5G is not too far away”. However, there are not a lot of places which are going to have the fastest 5G networks this year. Even the best-selling markets of Samsung, India is also not going to get the futuristic network soon which means although the phone will be released it is not likely to be in use.

📲 Struggles of a 5G network supporting devices      

There are a few persons who like to have a futuristic Smartphone that is premium in its time, but apart from this S10 plus is a better deal till date.  The users for this 5G phone will increase only when the answer to the question “How millimeter technology will work?” will be answered by the manufacturers. This was the biggest unanswered question of 2018 when talks about 5G phones were new to the Smartphone market which remained unanswered until now.

Many questions regarding 5G were in the air until the end of last year but were technically solved to an extent with the company AT&T that launched the Wi-Fi having 5G network capabilities. The WI-FI network is in the proper testing state in some places but is not having the standard capabilities of the faster network. On the other hand companies like T-Mobile and Sprint have also talked a lot about their upcoming plans for the 5G network and the supporting devices. Neither of them has announced any official updates about these plans or the launching date in many countries.

📲 Rumors about the announcement of Samsung 5G

  • It was in the air that Samsung has just shown off about some amazing ideas in their production plans of the future to grab the attention of all persons who were continually criticizing Samsung for the past few years.
  • Some experienced reviewers have also spoken about the release of the foldable device as just a show-off by Samsung claiming that they are also trying for the new generation devices. There is probably no doubt that the displays and optimizations which were offered by Samsung so far were the best among all other smartphones in the market. Even the S10 line up which was launched have some high-end flagship specifications that no other mobile has brought into a market still now.
  • Many critics have also said that this particular announcement of Samsung S 5G may reduce the market of S10 plus as most of them will keep waiting for the premium one. The upcoming device seems to be the futuristic device with higher-end specifications and of course the faster processing speed of QUALCOMM Snapdragon 855. This will surely grab the attention of most Samsung lover who always prefers the higher end models only.
  • Most experienced reviewers and social media influencers have also claimed that the earlier launched S10 series was enough to bring in a massive number of customers soon after launch. There was no need for such claims of bringing in 5G supporting devices which is of no use in the present-day scenario. The S line up of Samsung which was launched earlier that day also has some incredible features such as Ram of 8gb and 12gb with massive storage of 128gb, 512gb, and 1TB. These features are known to be the best features to date that left all other phones behind in the market.

📲 Expected specifications of Samsung S10 5G

  • As per the critics and the associates of Samsung, this 5G supported device is going to have the same higher-end specifications of S10 plus which was just mind-boggling.
  • Mainly the front-facing cameras with 10-MP dual pixel with a focal aperture of 1.9 and 8-MP depth-sensing camera with focal aperture 2.3 in the punch whole with infinity Oled display screens.
  • Even the highlighting feature of triple rear cameras with one 16-MP and two 12-MP resolutions where the second one is a dual pixel wide having f1.5 and f2.4 and the third camera being the telephoto sensor.
  • The same 12 GB Ram and the storage of a massive 1TB space.
  • Although S10 plus will be available at different colors such as Prism Black, Prism white, Prism Blue, Ceramic White, Ceramic black, Prism Green, and Flamingo pink, S10 5G will be available only in one color. Some of these colors are limited for some countries like the US and UK.
  • The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is surely included in this device at the same speed.
  • Most people say that the same chip will be made to have the 5G capabilities, but there is also the chance of launching a new processor specially made for the 5G network.

📲 The benefit to Samsung from this announcement

  • The announcement of 5G Smart Phone will probably be the first-ever 5G supporting devices in the market which literally means that no other competitors are still evolved. This may create a good hype in all mobile lovers out there who like premium and the latest phones in the market.
  • A strong competitor of Samsung is Apple with almost equal following as reputed brands. Even iPhones are not going to be released to support this faster network until the end of 2020 which makes the Samsung superior on apple.
  • Countries like the US, South Korea, and China are going to roll out the 5G network soon in many places which will surely support the usage of Samsung devices. It can be the first preference of almost all due to the fame attained by the company in the past.
  • The launch of these devices will also set Samsung in the top company acquiring the whole market for sure. It is already proved with the launch of those impeccable S10 series launch.

📲 Problems which are likely to be faced by all 5G Smartphones

  • Dense infrastructure for the 5G network for cellular support will take a lot of time for any internet service providers all over the world.
  • This upgrade from 3g and 4g will surely require advanced signaling equipment which can cost billions of dollars.
  • No matter at what speed the upgrades in signaling equipment progress, it will take about a year which is probably the end of 2020 to make it widespread
  • Other companies should surely attempt for these updates to sustain the heavy competition in the market after Samsung. If they don’t mind about these developments, they will go down for sure just like the 3G devices which are now not at all seen in many
  • Every Smartphone of the past which were supporting the 4G network will be stocked in the stores due to the high preference of these advanced devices in the market.

This attempt by Samsung announcing the 5g supporting device is surely good for the technology development as all other companies will start their groundwork for this attempt for sure. Bringing in the fastest 5G network can increase the efficiency of the internet in almost all aspects and Samsung will remain as the first-ever smartphone to feature 5G support.