(Android App) Best Free Chat Rooms: The Place to Meet New People

Best chat rooms don’t get the affection they once did. AOL Instant Messenger, IRC, and other comparative chat administrations don’t generally exist much any longer in spite of the spike in an information-driven messaging administration.

However, there is still some superb chat room encounters out there if you realize where to find them. There are a massive amount of errand person apps that take into consideration group chats.

Practically every one of them do as far as anyone is concerned. However, those apps infrequently have public chat rooms to join and draw in with irregular individuals.

If all you need is a group messaging, we may suggest our best detachment apps list linked up just beneath. Something else, how about we look at the best chat rooms 2020 apps for Android!

These are Some Top 10 Best Free Chat Rooms for Android.

1. Band

Website: https://band.us/en

Android: App


The band is a popular group chat app with a concentration for general themes.

You can make one’s for work, sports, games, school, computer games, family, companions, and so on. It has highlights that work for almost those kinds of things.

The genuine chat experience is fundamentally the same as your standard chat app, so there are no curve balls there. The app doesn’t have public chats like numerous others. However, there are a lot of associations and groups that utilization this so you may keep running into it all alone in the end.

We might want some more control over things like notices since this app sends a ton of them, yet generally, it’s an exceptionally respectable encounter.

2. Camfrog

Website: https://www.camfrog.com/en/

Android: App


Price: Free with in-app purchases

Camfrog is somewhat more in line with what we expect with chat room apps. It highlights a great many public chat rooms, or you can make private chat rooms with companions, family, and so forth.

This one is somewhat more one of a kind than most because it likewise includes video chatting. In this manner, you can chat with just content or fly on with your whole face and talk too.

You can find a wide range of stuff here for better or in negative ways. Along these lines, we prescribe using the app with only a tad of alert to maintain a strategic distance from any issues.

The app is one of the best chat sites and has a lot of ads and extra in-app purchases for extra customization stuff, yet the essential administration is generally free.

3. Friction

Price: Free

Friction is one of the most popular chat room apps on the list. It’s predominately for gamers as opposed to ordinary people.

However, ordinary people can utilize it also. It’s only a chat room app with a lot of highlights, so don’t feel like you need to use it for gaming. This one mostly fiddles with private chat rooms; however, there are some public chats out there on the off chance that you scan for them.

Some different highlights include voice channels, direct messages between individual individuals, and also best free chat rooms where you can join the same number of servers as you need to.

It’s additionally completely free without any ads or in-app purchases. We generally use it for our Android Authority Podcast recordings.

That is the amount we like it.

4. Group

Price: Free

The group is somewhat of a particular case on this list. It’s more up to date, not extremely popular, and we don’t have the foggiest idea about a great deal about it.

However, it flaunts an exemplary public chat involvement with various chats for an assortment of subjects. There is, by all reports, a pattern toward technically knowledgeable topics like moral hacking or Linux.

This is not some irregular dating site chat room style of the app. It wasn’t excessively dynamic during our testing, however again it’s somewhat new, and there aren’t a massive amount of individuals.

It might be fun, it probably won’t be, yet the truth will surface eventually.

In interim, the app is free without any ads or in-app purchases as of the season of this writing.

5. ICQ

Website: https://icq.com/
Android: App

Price: Free

ICQ is one of the excellent chat room apps. It experienced a few changes throughout the years. It currently capacities like your standard chat apps do nowadays.

You can direct message, video chat, and the majority of that stuff. However, it likewise still offers arbitrary public chat room like the old AIM or IRC administrations.

There are chats for understudies, new clients to ICQ, individuals in their 30’s, individuals in their 20’s, individuals from different pieces of the world, some late-night chat rooms, and much more.

Those looking for the tremendous new 1990s, mid-2000’s style chat rooms should look no further because ICQ still has them after so long.

6. MeetMe

Android: App

Price: Free with in-app purchases

MeetMe is a cross between a dating administration and a chat room app. It brags dynamic heap clients; however, they aren’t all-around appropriated between sexes.

Hence, it’s not as extraordinary as a standalone dating site. It’s a decent method to meet individuals, however, and you do get into chats with arbitrary outsiders, so it satisfies the capabilities.

It is one of the more fragile alternatives on this list, however. The app cases to be for all ages, and that is strange. It’s clearly for grown-ups as it were. It’s satisfactory sporadically, and the massive number of individuals increases your odds of finding exciting individuals.

However, we’d most likely suggest one of the other nine chat room apps first.

7. Nimbuzz Messenger

Android: App
Nimbuzz Messenger

Price: Free

Nimbuzz is a great deal like ICQ. It’s a full administration detachment app. You can converse with companions, make group chats, speak with stickers, and even make voice calls.

Clients additionally get an accumulation of stickers, VOIP and SIP backing, and restricted, yet practical record sharing. This administration has a scope of public chat rooms for a wide range of subjects and individuals.

Chat rooms have a most extreme farthest point of around 25 individuals, so they remain decent and intimate. You won’t have those rolling chats with several individuals that you can’t stay aware of.

It’s a proper all-around experience, really, except if you need a considerable chat room. We suggest something like Discord.

8. Telegram

Website: https://web.telegram.org/

Price: Free

The wire is one of the most popular messaging apps on the list. It works fundamentally as a private chat app with group chat usefulness.

However, you can make chat rooms in the app (alluded to as channels). These channels are private. However, vast amounts of associations, individuals, groups, and so on make their chats public for correspondence.

You can likewise make channels and offer the link with whoever to make your own.

Telegram should have a global chat room network; however, the private chat room network is great to such an extent that it’s almost similarly as high.

You may need to scan around for promptly accessible channels on Google Search.

9. Viber

Website: https://www.viber.com

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Viber is like a considerably more popular form of Nimbuzz. It centers mostly around content chats, voice calls, and video chats alongside fun stuff like stickers, group chats, and other stuff.

You can likewise make phone calls to landlines Skype style for a nominal expense. However, it has a choice of public chat rooms for meeting new individuals, discussing points, and stuff like that.

You can find chats for fundamentally anything, or you can make your very own and individuals will join in the long run (presumably).

The in-app purchases are for things like the standard phone call expenses and sticker packs. Most of the administration is free to utilize.

10. Murmur

Website: https://murmurdapp.com/

Murmur is an unknown long range informal communication app. Clients post admissions, either truth or fiction, by overly imposing content on an image.

Murmur’s novel selling point is that it is mysterious, with clients issued an arbitrary moniker after joining. The way that Whisper has its display of photographs and text styles to browse again ensures the secrecy of clients.

Development of Whisper

Murmur was propelled in March 2012 and two years after its initial dispatch; Whisper was esteemed at over $200 million.

Murmur is one of the couples of great chat room style apps with some popularity. It brags a network of 30 million month to month dynamic clients and chat rooms for a wide range of fun subjects.

Moreover, you can find chat rooms accessible on the administration, stuff happening adjacent (area consent required), and the freshest chat rooms on the administration. The highest contrast is that it utilizes a tweet-style posting framework instead of a standard chat UI.

That makes it diverse without a doubt. There are likewise a sizable number of contrary individuals who express and do negative words, however how much that issues rely upon your resistance level for that kind of conduct.

It’s fun, yet it has its problems.