How to Start Ice Cream Business | Blueprint of Starting an Ice-Cream Business

As the western way of living has a deep impact on our lifestyle we found the demand for western-style food is rapidly taking roots in the markets. Icecreams are the most influential dessert choice from kids to old aged people.

The long summer season in India has flourished in the ice cream industries for the past few years. The variety of ice-cream cuisines and their booming demand makes it a lucrative business option.

Earlier, ice-cream business was reflected from the mobile carts selling pop stick ice-creams which now have been expanded at a gear level as the brands started opening franchises to make their supply equivalent to the rising craze among customers’ innovation in ice-cream flavors makes has finally made this industry fully developed and successful.

If we talk about the current scenario, the ice-cream industry makes 2000 crore in India.

So if you want to start an ice-cream industry you have to go through essential information that is provided to you in this article.

Ice-cream Business allows you to open a cream parlor or shop. You have to get the basics before ensuring your consent for starting an ice-cream shop. Let’s get straight into it!

Main Factors for Ice Cream needed to Take Into Consideration

1. Deciding the Unique Selling Price (USP):

Ice-cream industry has become very creative and innovative that has made gave ice-cream parlor different formats. So the first step is to decide which type of ice-cream parlor you are going to invest in.

There are various ice-cream formats including ice-cream cakes,  Nitrogen ice-cream,  Live ice cream counters,  fruit ice-creams,  Ice-cream rolls,  etc. In order to attract your customers, you have to build a unique selling point for your business.

You have to select an appealing  form for your ice-cream parlor business to make it demanding and revenue generation

Moreover, you have to decide the flavors that would make a different trend for your shop. Also, you need to fulfill the supply-demand of the ice-creams that are in great demand by the ice-cream lovers.

The quality flavor will be the icon of your ice-cream parlor that will appeal to huge customers. You can also think of the delivery services to make your product easily feasible to the people.

This delivery service will enhance the authenticity and customer loyalty.  Icebox with dry ice will help your delivery boy to make your customer super happy as ice-cream will not melt and its essence would be maintained.



The foremost element in your investment plan in opening an ice-cream shop is to plan the area required for the shop or parlor. The basic capital that is required for 400-500 sqft carpet area is 5 lakh – 10 lakh and for 500- 2000sqft area is nearly 10 -15 lakh.

The capital investment also depends on the location and the design of your ice-cream shop.

The equipment and staff investment are to be decided further wisely. There is an option of franchise ice-cream parlor.

It gives you various brand options and there will be fewer efforts for research and establishment. But this way more expensive choice to make. If you have enough capital resources you can look for considering it.



If you are planning to open a cold stone ice-cream shop then you need to look for basic equipment that are needed and approximately how much capital is necessary on their investment.

  • Chest Refrigerator may cost you around Rs. 40, 000 with 500L capacity
  • Storage cupboards cost is approx. Rs 30, 000- 50, 000 per unit
  • Cold stone Refrigerator – 2- 2.5 lakhs
  • Raw materials and packaging cost is 1-1.5 lakhs
  • Generator ( power back up is very essential to save ice-creams to turn into a huge loss ) – Around 1 lakh
  • Other cost varies to 50, 000



This factor has a core importance in your ice-cream shop business as it will eventually decide the returns of your business. You need to look for locations with high crowd.

It can be a shopping street,  Malls,  near school or college premises to attract a large number of clients.  If you are thinking of a mobile ice-cream truck then you can experiment with different locations and thus finalize a proper location for starting your ice-cream shop business.

Also,  keep in mind the necessity of a parking area near your shop to help your customers in being more comfortable and preventing turning your ice-cream shop counter into a chaotic one.


Looking into the market supply and choice of the customers,  you have to decide the different verities you are going to sell. This would include the specialty ice-cream of your ice-cream parlor.

But you have to go with the demand in the market to ensure a regular flow of returns. Additionally providing quality is necessary.

You should set rates low at the starting to appeal to and make loyal customers. Free sample distribution and giving offers is also efficient.


Legal necessitates are crucial for any business. So we first recommend you go for a consultant to fulfill the legal paperwork of your ice-cream business. Basically,  license and paperwork are related to shopping establishment licenses. Fire safety certificate,  Local municipal authority license,  FSSAI  licenses (FOOD SAFETY AND SECURITY AUTHORITY OF INDIA), Vat registration.

All this process is time taking. The license is issued for opening your ice-cream parlor is from 9 pm – 1 AM late night because ice-cream is a dessert food which is demanded at night time. 


Well, an ice-cream parlor does not require a large number of staff members to work in. Staff required is cashier, to serve, and make specific flavors.

Actually, you do not require a chef to make ice-creams so staff expensive remains to be 30, 000- 40,000 approx. by training it with particular tasks. Inculcating task-oriented skills along with soft skills will help you conduct your business well

Hence, an ice-cream business is easy to start but you need to maintain constant quality to make your customers satisfied with your service. Give a proper check on flavor,  quality, and quantity to standardize the recipe of ice-cream is essential.

Finally,  you have to provide quality products to your customers. This blueprint will guide you through basic elements that are required to properly take care of to expect high profits and a good business reputation in the market.

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