HDFC MFOnline: Latest Information That You Should Not Miss

HDFC mutual funds the largest mutual fund house in India has now revamped its traditional Mutual Fund portal.  It is now more easy and seamless to use.  It is known as the HDFC MFOnline investors.  The salient feature of the new HDFC MF online login is, it does not need a password.  A simple way of OTP is more than enough to log into the new portal.

In this digital era of innovative technologies, HDFC funds have made use of new user-friendly products to help its customers.  Also to simplify the investment process HDFC mutual funds has built this new HDFCMFOnline investor to the next generation platform. Now investing in the best mutual fund in its various schemes is easy with the new HDFCmfonline.

HDFC Mutual Funds:

There would be many of you want to know about hdfcfund login (Visit) and more. Here, in this section, we are going to cover this in a great way. HDFC Mutual Fund is a joint venture between HDFC Bank and Standard Life Aberdeen.

HDFC Bank is one of India’s top private sector banks.  Standard Life Aberdeen is one of the world’s leading investment companies.  HDFC mutual funds manage more than 3 lakh crores as AUM or assets under the management of investors.  It is ranked the largest fund house in the country by AMFI or the Association of Mutual Funds in India.

HDFC Mutual Funds offers various investment solutions across diversified asset classes to cater to investors.  SIP plans provide high returns to investors.  The other schemes which are popular as per the terms of AUM are the HDFC Liquid Fund, HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund, and HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund.

There is one plan for anyone who wants to get the best return for the invested money by HDFC Mutual Funds.   The most crucial element of it is the risk factor of its products range from the lowest to high.  There are also a variety of schemes which are both open-ended and close-ended funds.

What all is Possible for Investors from HDFC MF Online:

What all is Possible for Investors from HDFC MF Online

For investors of HDFC Mutual Funds, it is easier now to transact online on  They can transact 24 x 7 365 days for the following purposes:

  • Purchase
  • Redeem
  • Switch
  • Register for Systematic Transactions like SIP, STP and FLEXINDEX
  • View account details
  • View portfolio valuation
  • Download account statements
  • No more application form fillings
  • Only one-time registration agreement to be signed and submitted
  • Paperless method to invest in mutual funds and to save trees
  • No need of cheques or any documents for any transactions
  • Redemption and dividend proceeds are directly credited to the bank accounts
  • Easy to view online mutual fund holdings

What is Necessary to Transact in HDFC MFOnline Investors:

The investor needs nothing but the following three things for transacting in HDFCfund login:

  • An existing folio
  • A valid email ID
  • HPIN or the HDFC personal identification number

What can the Investor do Without HPIN?

What can the Investor do Without HPIN

It requires the investor to duly fill in an HPIN application form at any of HDFC investor service centers.  HDFC official website will help in locating a service center near the investor.  On submission of the application form, the HPIN will be emailed to the registered email ID within four working days.  Once on receiving the HPIN it is time to start transacting online.

The New Features of HDFC MFOnline Investors:

The new features of HDFC MF Online investors

And in this section, we are going to emphasize on HDFC of online login. This newly built hi-fi platform has a plethora of features for its investors including:

  • Enables a single view of all the investors’ investments under one account
  • Gone are the days of squeezing the head to remember the password. With its new feature, it is easy to go into HDFC login through an OTP.
  • Enables the addition of multiple bank accounts online easily
  • Options to change investment for dividend schemes
  • Can add up to 5 banks to the registered hdfcmfonline and easy to avail all the facility to modify each of the existing bank details
  • Enables change of payout mode from cheque to NEFT or direct credit
  • Easily subscribe for NAV or the net asset value and portfolio valuation
  • Easy to generate and download the balance confirmation report
  • Enables update of supplementary KYC details and FATCA or foreign account tax compliance act
  • Enhances instant registration and folio creation of investors
  • Allows transactions to online in any of HDFC MF schemes
  • Availability of real-time account statements
  • All the folio numbers linked to a pan number of an investor whose tax status is ‘individual’ are mapped on to the dashboard
  • The portal is accessible through all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari
  • All the features of hdfcmfonline available on the desktop are also easily accessible by mobile or tablet
  • It has the best mobile-friendly features

Ways to access the new HDFC MFOnline Investors Portal:

Ways to access the new HDFC MF Online Investors portal

HDFC Mutual Funds to make their best schemes available to any layman in India has created easy access to its portal.  With the best of technological support, this HDFCMFOnline is easy to access with single user ID and password or OTP based login.  The following are the ways to access the new portal.

  • If the investor has only HPIN, it requires to create a new ID
  • With only user ID and password, it is enough to log in with it
  • With HPIN and user ID can log in with existing user ID and password
  • With multiple user IDs, the investor can use any of the current user ID. The first one used will remain active, and others will be deactivated
  • If there is no user ID or password, the investor has to click the create a user ID and registering the email ID with the portfolio
  • New users if not registered yet can click the Register now an option for getting registered. The PAN number and the email address are the only KYC compliances for new registrations

The Following Points are Crucial for using HDFC MF Online Investors:

  • To ensure the security of the investors a mandatory password change policy is applicable within 90 days
  • As of now, only resident individuals can create new folio online with ‘single’ mode of holding or for a minor
  • It allows buying mutual fund units just in the physical mode
  • Folios in which investments held in Demat form will not be available for the transaction on HDFC MF Online
  • All schemes except the ETFs or the exchange-traded funds are available on HDFC MF Online
  • Credits cards as per SEBI or securities exchange bureau of India mandate cannot be used for transactions in mutual fund schemes

Some fundamental doubts of Investors regarding the online transactions of HDFC mutual funds are as follows:

 Is it possible to sell or redeem schemes bought in offline mode through online?

No.  As of now only those schemes bought through the online mode can be sold or redeemed through this service How to change the default bank account that is linked to the HDFC Bank Online Mutual Funds Account?

For this, it is necessary for the investor to provide the alternate bank account number under the same customer ID.  It is the first holder which is registered for online mutual funds.  As soon as the change of the bank account comes into effect, the online mutual fund account will be de-linked from the old bank account.

A written request to effect this change of bank account linked to an online mutual fund account is essential for it.  A duly filled form for the change has to be submitted to the bank branch.

How to close the online mutual fund account and also the bank account linked with it?

To close both the bank account and the mutual fund account, it is necessary to transfer or redeem all the online mutual fund holdings to physical mode.  Once done, the online mutual fund account can be close.  After this, the bank account can also be closed.  Both options require written requests in prescribed forms.

They have to be duly filled and submitted to the account holding branch.  To know about branches and other customer care center the official website of HDFC mutual funds and HDFC bank will have all the necessary details.

HDFC MF Online for Partners:

HDFC MF Online for Partners

Gone are the days for running to each client for filling the forms, getting cheques, and other client or partner-related activities.  All financial transactions of clients can be easily managed by HDFC MF online for partners now within seconds.

Client’s investments are easily manageable from anywhere online with HDFC MF Online for partners. Its portal includes a built-in digital marketing tool  to connect the investors via the following modes:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Whatsapp

It also possible to generate and track leads through this portal with the following options:

  • Initiate transactions
  • Get statements
  • Review pending actions
  • Start Digital marketing
  • Create financial plans
  • View business data

Take the client relationships to the next level by registering with the HDFC MF Online portal.


Overall the HDFC MFOnline makes people prosper with the benefits of mutual funds online without the hazards of physical work.

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