16 Best Movie Review Websites in The Year 2022


Most of the people get annoyed while looking for online movie reviews if there is no movie review website which people visit regularly. If you type any movie’s name with the word “review” in google, it may yield out the results.

But sometimes it may be hard to find steady results and much more hard to find the best reviews. For most of the good reviews, a person may find 2 or 3 half baked blog posts which do say “ it was fine”.

Most of the website does exist however most of them have got reviews both from local and national critics. Most of the website compiles various reviews and then give a movie particular score with some kind of equation to provide the representation of positive or negative reviews for any movie in general.

In this blog, you would find some of the best movie review websites which a person may visit or use them to compile movie reviews or feature wealth of viewers given reviews to operate through.

16 Best Movie Review Websites

1. Rotten tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes

It is the website which most popular among various different movie review websites. Rotten tomatoes are the website that takes reviews from various regional and national movie critics and depends on the grade provided by the critics and the overall nature of the review.

Here in this website, a movie is graded on the basis of overall nature which says the movie is either rotten or fresh.

Most of the times five reviews are compiled by the website and the movie is given a number of “rotten” and “fresh” score and the score given to particular movie is the average3 score. If a movie has got lesser than 60 percent it is labeled as “rotten” else “fresh”.

It is the website that is widely used and the largest movie review website. This website has got no problems and it uses a very basic rating system which sorts the movie as good or bad which leaves no space for middle ground or degree of “good or bad”. So let us consider a situation where the movie has got 30 reviews and all reviewers gave 7/10.

Probabilities are goof for a movie that it would have 100 percent “fresh” content rating. If there is a movie which has got 30 reviews from the same sources, where twenty-eight people have given move 10/10 and others have given 3/10 then the movie would get 90 percent “fresh” rating.

In spite that twenty-eight different critics judged that to be either more enjoyable or best than another movie.

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It the website which is second on this list and it does not offer an adequately gathered metric for the reviews from various expert critics. It is one of the most helpful sources when attempting to gather information about the movies.

It gives information beside crew and cast lists and reviews generated by the site users.

All the reviews are used to rate a movie on a scale of 1-10. It is a scale that is often skewed and it really represents the ratings given by the people who regularly use IMDB.

it has expanded the statistics which may give a rough impression of what demographics like a particular movie-like.

3. Flixster


It is the website which is third on the list which offers information on theater showtimes, DVD releases, movie trailers, and a few other movie information. Most of the movie reviews are created by users.

It is one of the top 10 mobile social applications, A person may visit Flixster’s mobile website on the mobile phone.



It is the acronym for movie review query engine which has got a large number of movie reviews which is similar to the rotten tomatoes. It comes forth on the list and in place of assigning movies good or bad designation, it provides the graph of critics grade which offers the user with the arithmetic average of review scores.

MRQE provides more in way of movie news and a much wider variety of scores than Metacritic. Although it has bland aesthetics might turn some off.  It has got excellent features which are to sort vital reviews by diverse categories. It includes the scores by the critic’s name or the review.

5. Yahoo! Movies

yahoo entertainment

It is the fifth on the list which offers upcoming releases, new DVDs, movies in theaters and various other movie information. In this website, a person would find both user reviews and critics’ reviews.

The very first ones are the reviews added by the Yahoo users and the second one gives the briefs and links from various other websites.

6. Film

It is one of the biggest resources in the movie review websites, television listing, TV shows, and various other information. Here movie reviews are given by the site authors. There is a score given to every movie on the website.

7. The New York Times

The New York Times

It is the website that offers movie trailers, reviews, and people who may book tickets and showtimes. In this website movie, reviews are given by the site authors, however, there may be some reviews which may be added by the viewers or users.

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8. Hollywood

Hollywood bets

It is one of the top 10 movie review website which is ranked eighth by the London times, Hollywood. It is the website that has got movie trailers, movie reviews, and upcoming movies. Every movie has got at least one review.

9. Roger Ebert

It is one of the well-known websites which gives movie reviews and it is very famous among other movie reviews website. In this website, every movie review is published here by Roger Ebert.

Roger Ebert is the leader in various different ways. From different democratizing movie criticism he brought much more to the normal audience by publishing the reviews onto Compuserve at dawn of the web, Roger every time pushed the envelope.

10. Movies


It the website called movies.com which is the new ultimate end for the movies. Whether a person reads about the newest movie news or discovers what is coming up soon on DVD or in the theaters. Readers may get movie times and details about the name of the actors in the movie which is required to know.

It covers almost everything. A person may look for movies, movie reviews and movie theatres on movies website. A person would be able to find 2 reviews for every latest movie which are written by the website critics and lots of short reviews from other movie rating websites.

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11. Fandango


It is the movie review website where users may find information on movie news, DVD releases, cinema times, and much more information. A user may also find movie trailers and movie clips on the website along with news and commentaries given by the experts.

12. Cinema Blend

cinemab lend

It is another website which is the most popular website for movie reviews on the internet. It is the website that also provides TV reviews and some video games reviews.

You will find that this website has got a wide audience of over 24 million visitors. Cinema blend has got a team of expert writers and editors who assist in generating top-notch movie news, editorials and movie reviews. Cinema Blend also provides the news on pop culture as well.

13. TMDB


It is also known as the movie database which is an online movie and tv originated in 2008. It is the website which has got international focus on data and various communities of the user from all around the world.

It is the website that provides plenty of metadata for movies and tv shows. It is used by various users present in the world. It provides posters and fans art from users along with movie and TV metadata.

14. Moviefone

Moviefone is an American based movie listing provider and also the information service. Moviegoers may obtain local showtimes, theater information, film reviews or book tickets. An individual may directly search for movies and find their favorite movies by genres

15. BFI


It is another website which is the largest film archives on the internet. The BFI is the acronym for British Film Institute, it is the website which was established to promote the development of British and worldwide fame and TV for the educational purposes regarding the cinema.

A variety of movie categories are available such as “the greatest films of All-time”.

16. Little white lies

little white lies

It is the website which was originated in the year 2005 and is an independent print magazine for movies and movie reviews. Now this magazine has been converted into the website which features movie reviews written by the professionals available in this field.

The creators of little white lies claim to provide reviews of movies on the bases of the trifold ranking system. It is the system that captures the various aspects of the experience of the movie. The little white lies website also features different podcasts about the films which offer a new and interesting approach.