Call of Duty: Warzone Fan Outlines Tips for Battle Royale Survival

For the past few years, Call of Duty has been on the lips of lovers of shooter games – fans and players alike. We once were Warzone fans, but that was long ago. We’ve all had our share of experience in this addictive battle royale, and we thought it wise to share some tips we discovered over the years with you.

So, in this article, we’ll give you survival tips and some tricks to help you hit those winning targets. But before we proceed, we’d also love you to tuck some Warzone Cheats up your sleeves. That said, let’s get down to it.

Call of Duty: Warzone tips for survival in the battle royale

  • Your placement is important

During our beginner days, we struggled to survive for up to 10 minutes into our matches. Well, this was because of something we were not doing right – landing in counterproductive locations. But you must first understand that nowhere is an ideal landing spot. 

Your ideal landing spot depends on two things. First off, consider your safety. Secondly, think of the availability of loot. If you’re just new to the game, you may be unable to survive locations crawling with loot. This is because such locations will be crawling with enemies who are also after the loots. Therefore, start at the least populated locations and work your way up.

  • Get a weapon as soon as possible.

The second most important thing is getting your hands on a weapon as quickly as you can. You’ll face sporadic battles in the beginning minutes. Such matches will require SMGs and LMGs. If you’re after assault rifles, the AK-47 will do a nice job with its high fire rate and impressive damage.

Once you have gathered enough cash ($10 000), you must buy a loadout. But before then, be on the lookout for the free loadout drop shortly after you land. You could chance on some good weapons and perks among your freebies. 

  • It’s more than just shooting and killing.

Before now, we used to think that battle royale games were all about shooting at enemies and looting stuff. We guess you probably thought the same too. Interestingly, Warzone has another immersive element to spice up the gameplay, making your shooting and looting worthwhile.

We’re talking about contracts. To further improve your gaming experience, there are several contracts to choose from. Some of these contracts are Scavenger, Recon, Bounty, etc. On completing contracts, you’ll receive rewards such as cash, Intel, weapons, and the like.

  • Positioning and movement

Most experienced shooter gamers should be familiar with this tip, but there’s more to it. You’ll need to get yourself a location where there’s sufficient cover, and you also have a good view of the area around you. In addition, you must make sure there’s no entry point or exit behind you. You don’t want a bullet from behind.

As important as your positioning is your movement tactics. Different movements include strafing, bunny-hopping, sliding, counter-strafing, etc. The different movements we mentioned depend on the situation and what you’re trying to achieve. Sliding, for example, allows you to cover distance faster and, at the same time, dodge bullets while moving.

  • Get some extra plates too.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at movement or ducking behind covers; you’ll catch some bullets. While you may have some luck with body shots, a single headshot from the right weapon will send you to the Gulag. Therefore, plates are as important as weapons or covers.

Even after we’ve had some plates, we like to carry some extra too. You can’t tell what will hit you in the next second, so you should do the same too. You could be lucky to find plates in loot boxes. But if you can’t find any, don’t waste time buying some.


If used carefully, the tips discussed above will also help you bag some wins. We also recommend watching videos from some great warzone pro players. You’ll learn a thing or two, which you can also incorporate with the tips we’ve shared to do some major exploits in your subsequent Warzone matches. Above all, consistent, focused practice is the key to whatever you wish to achieve in Warzone and beyond.

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