Best Tips For Freeing Space On Your Mac

Most people see Macs as highly advanced technology and they aren’t wrong. These computers create a lot of additional value, have a great design, and guarantee an amazing efficiency for many different purposes.

Although there are issues that many Mac users experience from time to time. Especially the ones, who have recently upgraded from Windows computer to a Mac. This is because the owners of the Windows operating system tend to keep piles of files in the hard drive of the computer itself.

What Mac creators want you to focus on is storing your files in the cloud. This way, you can access them more easily. But if you already have a problem and want to clean your Mac, you can use to help you with this task. And for the future, we’ll share some tips and tricks that will help you save more space on your Mac.

Empty Your Trash Bin

This might seem like very obvious advice but many of us have to admit to ourselves that we usually move unwanted items to the Trash Bin and often forget to clean the Bin itself. This is because unlike in real life, the unpleasant smell and image don’t bother us from the computer screen. Therefore it is very easy to forget and not notice how full the Trash Bin is.

On the other hand, you should know that a full Trash Bin will slow down your computer and take up valuable space that is needed for your operating system to function properly. So to clean your trash, simply hold down the Control key and choose the option to Empty Bin.

Remove Apps You Don’t Use

We all like to experiment and try out new apps, especially if they are free. But let’s be fair – most of these apps we only use once or don’t even open them at all. But even if you do not use the apps that are sitting in your Mac, they still take up valuable space. 

Also, have it in mind that very often apps store information on your computer by creating additional files that take up space on your Mac as well.

So the best decision is to delete them. To do so, you can simply drag an app to the Trash Bin or delete it by using the Terminal. Or, if you want to make sure you delete both the apps and the additional files they have created, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner,
  • Click on the option About this Mac,
  • Choose Storage option,
  • Press Manage button,
  • Here, turn on the option that deletes Trash Bin after 30 days – this way you won’t have to always remind yourself to clean it,
  • Click on Applications option,
  • Find the apps you want to remove and click Delete.

Delete Files You Don’t Use


As said before, many people have a tendency to keep piles of files, hoping they might need it one day. And it becomes a very unpleasant issue when you need to perform a task on your Mac as soon as possible and you are out of storage so you need to go through your files and decide what you want to delete.

To avoid such situations, schedule a time to always delete unused files from your Mac – you can use reminders for that. This way you’ll also become more efficient because it will become easier to find files faster and have a better understanding of what kind of files you have on your computer.

Use External Storage

If you already deleted all the files you could but you still have very little storage left on your Mac, it is probably because you have a lot of media files like photos and videos. Understanding that these files probably have sentimental value, you can choose from a couple of options.

If like most people you have access to the internet without any chance of not being able to connect to it, you should consider cloud storage options. First of all, it will keep your files safer because you won’t have to worry that if your computer burns down, you will lose all your photos. Secondly, it will be easier to access these files from anywhere and share them with friends or family. You could try out such cloud storage platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Although if you do have problems accessing the internet, the better option for you would be investing in an external hard-drive. 

Always Invest In A Proper Antivirus


No matter what issue with Mac you want to avoid, you will always need a proper antivirus for your Mac for so many reasons. If we are talking about freeing up more space on your Mac, have it in mind that there are all sorts of malware. Some might destroy your files with no way of getting them back but some might also start creating files and leaking your personal information.

This is a really important step you need to take as soon as possible, especially if you are one of those people who enjoy watching movies online – surely, it is best that you choose secure and well-known websites to do so. But a good antivirus will protect your precious Mac in all situations, so it’s worth it.

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