Top #13 Best Roku Private channels in 2022 | Roku Private Channel List


Various channels may be found on the official Roku channel store which has a huge number of channels available to Roku users. Another way is available to add new types of content. In case if a person doesn’t know, private Roku channels are another possibility to integrate third-party services with the media streaming device.

A person may expect the best Roku private channels available in the following blog. If you are the person who uses the Roku streaming stick, Roku express or Roku Ultra, all the users would receive the same software treatment. A person would get to use both free and premium Roku channels.

All these Roku channels receive new updates. However, a person will find that Roku has got hidden side which is designed for developers as a way to test their services prior to publishing them. This is precisely what Roku private channels are available for and with one major caveat. Any person may use these as long as they know a code that needs to be used. So before exploring the best Roku private channels, a person needs to know one thing. A person needs to know how to install private Roku channels.

Let’s discuss what a person really needs to know. Below A person would find 13 best Roku private channels list in 2019 which bring various types of streamable content.

13 Best Roku Private channels in 2019

1. Nowhere TV

best roku private channels

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1. Nowhere TV H9DWC Free

It is quite interesting enough that Nowhere TV is one of the oldest Roku private channels. It started out has a fairly simple channel that quickly grew into a rich library of audio and video podcasts. Even though, nowhere TV is the mixed bag of video content. It is really fun to use and people definitely recommend trying out this.

Many people would find various types of content supplied by ABC, BBC, CBS, HBO, NBC, PBS and more. Also, there is plenty of content which is related to the MLB, NHL, motorsports and some more similar types of content. So the main point to mention is that Nowhere TV is fully legal and uses online available sources of content.

2. Wilderness Channel

best private roku channels

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2. Wilderness Channel fl821095 Free

It is one of those channels which are especially dedicated to wilderness-related programming devoted to 3 categories of viewers like nature enthusiasts, hunters, and outdoor survivalists. It offers great content and encourages people to experience nature in a whole new way. It has got VOD and live-broadcast of programs like Alone in the wilderness, Secrets of Stealth Camping, America’s Wilderness, etc.

3. iTunes Podcasts

iTunes Podcasts - roku private channel list

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3. iTunes Podcasts ITPC Free

It is the private Roku channel which is especially dedicated to iTunes Podcasts which come free of cost. A person does not need to have iTunes installed on the computer since this Roku channel does not actually need an iTunes account to run. A person would get a chance to browse various types of podcasts which includes favorites, top podcasts. A person may even search for something specific and also these Roku channel servers both audio and video podcasts.

4. Roku Movies

Roku Movies

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4. Roku Movies zb34ac Free

A person would find the majority of free movies that are available on the domain. All those movies are public domain movies. Unsurprisingly, the Roku movie channel is all about movies and a particular type of content. On considering this, it features public domain movies and there is no need to worry it is legal and free to use. Currently, there are around 140 titles that are available on offer. People would find plenty of different movie genres which include action, horror, science fiction, comedy, mystery, and many more. And of course, there is a nice number of silent films available.

5. SpaceTime Free

Space Time Free

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5. SpaceTime Free CN6MRTG Free

It is a nice recommendation for those people who love astronomy. As the name says it is the private Roku channel that is used publicly and content is made available by space agencies around the world. However, the majority of the content comes from NASA which is known for high-resolution footage which has started to become popular a while back. Currently, a person would find different types of content related to Astronomy. This channel currently features the following categories like the deep sky, solar system, space travel, historical and Astrophysics.

6. Lode Runner Remake

Lode Runner Remake

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6. Lode Runner Remake LodeRunnerPreview Free

It was originally released in 1983, Lode Runner is a puzzle-oriented game and in case if you are long term gamer, you would know this game as ‘kong’ or miner. It was initiated when it was built on initial success. A person would find lode runner series which spans numerous games for different types of platforms and computers. A person should keep in note that to play this game a person needs an enhanced game remote for the Roku. A person may choose from three different modes( Classic, Championship, or professional). It features hundreds of levels and various forms of complexity.

7. Update My Channels

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7. Update My Channels UpdateMyChannels Free

Most of the people understand that many of them might enjoy updating Roku channels manually. However, there are people who want to automate this process. This is a place where ‘Update My channels’ comes into play. It is the private Roku channel which is designed to help people update other Roku channels without having to navigate the main screen.

If we move aside from forcing Roku channels to update with ‘Update My channels’, a person would find another role for this channel. People may use this channel to update Roku on a daily basis in the background, so a person would always have the freshest content.

8. Nowhere Coin

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8. Nowhere Coin nowherecoin Free

Most of you people would interest in Bitcoin and many of you have made some investments in this Cryptocurrency. As you probably know there may be high fluctuations of Bitcoin’s value on a daily basis and a person would probably have several sources to track the information. A person may add Nowhere coin to the arsenal of tools. Nowhere coin is the Roku channel which is rather simple. It is actually a screen saver which helps to turn your TV into a bitcoin price tracker and it is simple to use which gets the job done.

9. Relax Time

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9. Relax Time VRQHQ Free

A person would find thousands of Youtube videos that are designed to serve as a relaxing background on the TV. Well, there is a similar kind of solution available on Roku which is known as Relax time. It is one of those Roku private channels which bring some amount of peace into the house.

A person may choose from several different videos which last for half an hour to eight hours. As soon as a person picks a video, a person will see a nature scene on TV which is completely complemented by the sounds of nature. All these are filmed from the camera which was stationary and run without interruption.

10. The Silent Movie channel

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10. The Silent Movie channel ROLLEM Free

A person would have already seen some of the featured numbers of public domain movie channels. However, it is always good to have an alternative. And with this, the silent Movie channel is a perfect option if a person is into old movies. A person would find plenty of different genres to choose from and a person would find a healthy dose of classic silent films.

11. Bloomberg TV+

Bloomberg TV - Roku private channel

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11. Bloomberg TV+ BTVPLUS Free

We expect most of you know about Bloomberg and it requires no introduction. It is one of the most popular TV stations which are related to business and financial news. You should consider that Bloomberg TV is available on a wide range of devices and platforms. It is no wonder that it is available on Roku as well.

12. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV

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12. Red Bull TV REDBULLTV Free

Red Bull Company has managed to build its brand around adrenaline-filled sports. It is the company’s TV network which is an important part of that. The red bull TV allows a person to check the latest events from the MTB, rally, esports, skiing, high diving, and motorsports domain. All of this content is available for free of charge on the web and the various number of platforms like Roku. A person should know that Redbull TV comes for free and hence a person does not need any type of subscription for this channel. A person only needs to add it to the Roku account and its ready to go.

13. Multilive (

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13. Multilive DNLMPK Free

Multilive is the European Roku private channel which is the mixed bag of European TV channels. Currently, a person would find a handful amount of channels here which are made available from Netherlands, France, Cyprus, Luxembourg, and Berlin. There is a TV channel made available from Haiti as well.

Most of us know that this might be a niche Roku channel but many of us are sure that most of you would like to check channels from outside the USA. Hence, we have included Multilive in our list.


All the above-mentioned channels are the best private Roku channels with a simple recommendation. Most of us use weather applications on our smartphones, and many of us check the weather on Smart TVs as well. Well, there is a private Roku channel available which comes with numerous amounts of features.