7 Must-Use Mac Apps for Your Business


Companies of all scales and spheres of activity use diverse apps in their workflow. In this article, you’ll find a selection of 7 indispensable apps that will help your business flourish and grow.

No matter which industry your business belongs to, you rely on dozens of apps for your communications, promotions, billing, customer care, etc. Once you stick to a certain piece of software and make your staff used to it, it would take too much time, effort and maybe funds to switch to a new program.

For this reason’ it’s essential to select the most functional, technologically advanced, and user-friendly solutions from the onset. In this article, you’ll find an impartial selection of top-notch apps that every business should integrate into its corporate routine.

1. 1Password

Too many people keep installing one and the same password for all the apps, sites, platforms, and projects they use, even if they are aware of the potential hazards. If you commit this mistake with respect to your private accounts, at worst you are risking your personal savings, passport data, and reputation. But if you install a simple, easy-to-guess password for your business accounts, a seasoned hacker might brute-force it in a couple of minutes. What’s more, once you have an argument with an employee, they might ruin your company’s achievements out of revenge. Cybercrime has been significantly on the rise in recent years and even teenagers are capable of breaking into other people’s accounts without too much effort.

1Password will generate a long, complex, random and unique password for each service you use and safely store it. Since this password won’t be linked to your child’s name, your pet’s birthday or any other significant data, no one ever would guess it. The app is famous for its outstanding security level, so it’s impossible to hack it either. Feel free to install it on your stationary computer as well as iOS mobile gadget and entrust all your passwords to it.

2. MacKeeper

Unfortunately, stealing your passwords is not the only way to intervene with your business. If your computers contract viruses or malware, they will start running slowly and won’t be able to handle the daily tasks. If hackers intercept your confidential messages or customer databases, they might blackmail or ransom you. Alternatively, they might use your unique know-how to boost the competitive edge of their company.

To avoid this, install MacKeeper — a forward-thinking antivirus that acts proactively, that is, identifies and wards off threats long before they target you. One app can protect up to 3 Macs. It will prevent ID thefts and stop third-party trackers from spying on you online. You won’t see irritating ads anymore. If someone tries to steal your computer, you’ll be able to quickly trace and reclaim it. Moreover, MacKeeper will boost the productivity of your device by thoroughly cleaning its memory and carefully uninstalling unwanted programs.

3. Dropbox

Once your safety is secured, we can pass to communications. Dropbox is an essential tool for sharing files and collaborating on documents. In contrast to using email, after receiving a document you won’t need to download it on your device, open it in a separate program, edit and send back by email as an attachment. Also, Dropbox efficiently copes with large files, photo archives, databases, and other types of content that might be too bulky for emails or casual messengers. This app conveniently integrates with Office 365, Google Drive, or any other solutions you might need.

Given the fierce competition in the file-sharing segment, you might consider other programs of this sort as well. But Dropbox confidently retains the leader’s position. Most of your staff, business partners and customers would be using this very app.

4. Slack

This one is designed for everyday communications — that is, exchanging messages, files, and screens and collaborating on them. Its functionality somewhat overlaps with Dropbox but is tangibly different. Slack is an indispensable item for enterprises that work with freelancers or have multiple branches. But even if there are only 3 staffers in your office and you all sit at the same table, this app will help you to keep things structured and organized.

5. Daylite

It’s one of the most credible and renowned CRMs for small companies. It helps to organize clients’ relationships in a more advanced format if compared to Numbers or Excel spreadsheets. First, you’ll never miss a meaningful detail.

Second, you won’t be wasting too much time browsing, searching, and arranging information. In case your organization grows, Daylite will serve as an excellent launching pad to exploring more sophisticated business software.

6. Billings Pro

For modern enterprises, it’s not enough to rely on an oldschool cash register. This app will allow you to generate proposals, turn them into invoices and secure timely payments.

Billings Pro includes such valuable options as a time tracker and estimate creator — these will come in handy for solo working freelancers as well who bill on a project-based or hourly basis.

7. Instagram

Among all the marketing tools at your disposal, this is by far the most efficient and widespread one. Counting over 1 billion active users monthly, Instagram allows you to “seduce” potential customers with stunning photos of your products or services and thus generate traffic to your site or online shop. B2B and B2C brands can resort to it with equal efficiency.

According to Sprout Social research, 80% of Instagram users follow at least two business accounts. 200 million active users visit business profiles in this app daily.

Given that the in-built functionality of this solution is limited, you might want to install additional software to edit the pictures. Flume serves as a worthy example of desktop apps that help you stand out from the Instagram crowd.


Maybe, you are already using some of these apps — and if not, you must have heard about them. You can successfully integrate them into your working processes by yourself, without any help from IT specialists.

All of these apps feature handy guides and intuitive interfaces and your staffers most likely have some experience of handling them.

Feel free to explore and enjoy their opportunities to expand your client base, maximize your security level, and boost the efficiency of your enterprise.

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