How to Start Mineral Water Plant Business in Small Scale with Low Investment

Are you excited about starting your mineral water manufacturing plant? If so, read this article for a step-by-step guide for how to start a water supply business.

Mineral water is one of the important elements consumed directly by health-conscious people around the world. The mineral water is bottled under very hygienic conditions and under strict quality control. Its main use in 5-star hotels and hospitals where good quality pure water is required for drinking purposes. Mineral water consumption has been steadily increasing in developing countries due to the lack of purely hygienic water.

Before knowing how to start mineral water supplier business, know about what is Bottled water?  It can be defined as drinking water packaged in glass or plastic bottles, and this water may be either distilled water or spring water, or mineral water. Bottled water can come in two forms:

Bottled water sizes range from small individual bottles to larger ones. Now, creating a bottled water business is probably one of the best ways to do business, especially if you intend to work in a populated country. Do you know how to start a mineral water supplier business? For those who are sceptical about this company, here are some reasons why and how to start mineral water supplier business.

The stages of the production of packaged rainwater

how to start mineral water plant in india

  • Identify the source of raw water

    This is the first step in which you decide on the source of water that you will use for the production of conditioned drinking water. The source of water could be well water, municipal water supply or other sources where treatment is possible.

  • Storing raw water

    The next process involves storing raw water in a raw water storage tank using a pumping system. A submersible pump can be used in case of bore well water.

  • Water Treatment System

    In the water treatment process, we use a chlorine dosing system, water softening process, reverse osmosis (RO), UV sterilization and ozone disinfection.

  • Water Test

    In this process, we test the purified water in a home water test laboratory. In the laboratory, water is tested for microbiological and chemical parameters. We will discuss the type of lab required later in this article.

  • Storage of purified water (bottles/jars/ sachets) –

    Production machines are needed to blow bubbles and store purified water. Similarly,            machines are available for storage in pots and sachets.

Step by step guide to start a mineral water manufacturing business

starting a water distribution business

Understand the difference between packaged and mineral water and how to start mineral water supplier business?

There is, however, a general misconception about mineral water in people. Usually, you will find two types of purified water on the market. One is packaged drinking water and another is mineral water.

Water plant business plan in Tamilnadu normally uses mountain spring water to produce bottled water, while the packaged drinking water plant uses groundwater from the well as a source of water, and then purifies with several purification applications to produce conditioned drinking water.

1. Learn the process of making mineral water

process of making mineral water

The pure water is a hydrogen oxide or an oxygen hydride. It is a clear, colourless liquid with a melting point of 0 ° C and a boiling point of 100 ° C. Its refractive index is 1.00 and its density is 1.0. Pure water has no taste. However, the presence of minerals, dissolved salts and added elements improves the good taste of the water.

Depending on the quality of the raw water, appropriate treatment is given to the water to make it conform to standards and packaged in food grade plastic Bottles with label Indicating details of composition, date of bottling, expiry date, quantity etc. You can get a loan for mineral water plant.

2. Obtain the license and the business license

The next step for small scale water purification plant is to get the necessary license to start your bottled water plant. Obtaining a license for this company depends on the country in which you reside. You will need to follow local rules and regulations to decide what type of mineral water you intend to produce. Apply for the vendor’s license from local government officials. You will also need to obtain the operating license from your state health department.

3. Conduct feasibility studies and market studies

small scale water purification plant

Before you can successfully launch a small scale water purification plant, you need to find out what is really involved and what needs to be done to manage such a business, which can only be achieved through market research. Due to the complex nature of creating a bottled water business, it is advisable to do your research alongside a consultant or expert in this area. The result of your research will determine the how to start mineral water plant in India; your location and your pricing strategy.

4. Write a business plan for bottled water

Based on your findings from the market research you conducted, you can then develop a solid water plant business plan in Tamilnadu that will contain details of how you plan to run your bottled water business. This is important especially when you intend to raise funds from investors for the project. As expected, your water plant business plan in Tamilnadu should include a summary, financial forecast, marketing strategy, operational strategy, management team, legal information, and location analysis.

5. Find a bottle supplier

how to start mineral water plant business in Tamilnadu

If you are thinking about how to start mineral water plant business in Tamilnadu then it is important that you find an appropriate and reliable bottle production company that will provide you with the glass or plastic bottles you need. Buy, you need to make sure your distribution company is a member of the International Bottled Water Association; you should also sign up for a membership with them.

6. Look for a suitable place

how can start water business in Chennai

Thinking about how can start water business in Chennai? The next step in starting a water distribution business is to look for a building, which is a hygienic strategic location for your bottling company. You must make sure to set up a separate area for the offices and the production area. When choosing a good location for your water bottling plant, consider factors such as proximity to the market, availability of water, road accessibility, regular power supply, etc.

7. Hire employees and start working

how to start a water supply business

Bottling water is a complex undertaking that can only be done by one person. You will need to hire and train employees to ensure efficient performance and also to ensure the success of your startup bottled water business.

8. Franchise option mineral water factory

startup bottled water business

If you want to easily create branding in your locality for your mineral water factory, you can go ahead with the franchise of major brands such as Bisleri, Kingfisher, etc. One of the advantages of the franchise option for startup bottled water business is that you do not have to work for marketing and building the brand image. People will trust more the purchase of your mineral water because it is already brand water! However, its feasibility must be judged at the initial stage, especially when your budget is low. Taking a franchise can be inexpensive than building your own brand and slowly developing the market.

Your interest in starting a water distribution business is a good idea, as most people now prefer to use mineral water. Anyone who lives in a village or town loves purified mineral water much better than normal drinking water. Purified mineral water is also very good for your health. So, a good business option in this health-conscious world!