The Cheapest Internet Plans of 2022

High-speed internet does not necessarily have to be expensive. With the right guidance, you can get quite an interesting deal that fulfills all your requirements and comes within a budget. So, if you are looking for economical yet commendable internet service, then you have landed in the right place because, in this article, we are going to discuss the cheapest internet plans for 2021. Without further ado, let us get started right away!

Top 5 Cheapest Internet Plans of 2021

1.   Charter Spectrum

Being one of the leading internet providers in the US, Spectrum serves millions of customers in 44 states including New York, Texas, and California. The company is currently offering three amazing internet deals starting from $49.99 per month for up to 200 Mbps of internet speeds. $50 might sound a bit expensive for an internet connection, but this price goes a long way, thanks to the added benefits that the provider offers with its internet plans. When you sign up for Spectrum Internet, you get unlimited data, super-steady speeds, 24/7 customer support, access to nationwide hotspots, and most importantly, a complete security suite to keep you protected from online threats. The best part about Spectrum is its no-contract policy. No matter which plans you subscribe to, you do not have to sign any long-term contracts, which means you are free to cancel your subscription any time you want without having to pay an early termination fee.

2.   Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity is our second-best choice when it comes to economical internet deals because of its low starting price, which is only $34.99 per month for up to 100 Mbps of internet speeds. This internet package is a solid choice for people who do not mind signing up for a contract as they get to save hundreds of dollars every year while enjoying top-notch services. In addition, Xfinity offers 1.2 TB of internet data with this deal so that users can easily stream videos, play online games, and work from home without keeping a strict check on their monthly usage. If you happen to live in an urban area, then you are most likely to find Xfinity in your vicinity as it provides its services in 40 states of the country with prominent availability in California, Illinois, and Florida. The key distinctive feature that separates Xfinity from the rest of the providers in the industry is its HFC Network Infrastructure, which uses fiber-optic lines to deliver internet data and the system automatically switches over to copper coaxial wires where fiber internet is unavailable. This way, users get to experience uninterrupted internet speeds with utmost reliability.

3.   AT&T

AT&T is one of the largest fiber internet providers in the US with wide coverage across 21 states including Texas, Nevada, Illinois, and California. With internet plans starting from $35 per month for up t0 300 Mbps of internet speeds, AT&T indeed offers everything that one can expect from a reputable service provider. If you are an avid internet user who loves streaming HD content and playing hardcore online games, then AT&T is the perfect provider for you due to its highly stable internet speeds. In addition to this, the company furnishes some of the most sought-after TV and internet bundles, which come loaded with premium networks to keep you entertained throughout the day. The only problem with AT&T Fiber Internet is its limited availability in the country. Due to its extensive infrastructure, fiber internet is not widely available in every state. Nevertheless, the provider compensates for this drawback by offering its outstanding DSL service, which offers internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps for just $45 per month.

4.   Mediacom

Mediacom is another economical internet service provider with broad coverage in 22 states including Iowa, Georgia, and Illinois. With internet plans starting from $49.99 per month for up to 100 Mbps, Mediacom provides the ideal package for families that do not want to spend a fortune on the internet but need an admirable service. Moreover, when you subscribe to Mediacom, you get numerous benefits such as free installation and signal booster for three months. However, the provider does restrict its customers on data usage by imposing limits, which is perhaps the only downside that one gets with Mediacom.

5.   HughesNet

HughesNet houses some of the best internet plans with 99% availability throughout the country. Being a satellite provider, it is widely accessible in almost every state, which makes it quite an attractive option for users residing in remote as well as rural areas. HughesNet offers 25 Mbps of internet speeds with all its plans. The key difference lies in the data caps that come with every plan. Due to technical constraints, HughesNet is unable to offer unlimited plans, but the provider does compensate for this drawback by providing an additional 50 GB as bonus data, which is usable during off-peak hours (2 am to 8 am).

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