How to Generate SBI ATM PIN by SMS, IVR & Online


SBI provides a green Pin facility for all the customers so to make it simpler for them for the generation of new ATM pin or change the existing PIN. A PIN or Personal Identification Number keeps all the SBI Account holders secure from any unauthorized or unauthenticated transactions.

With a pin or personal identification number all the withdrawals, online transactions, and POS transactions are completed only after entering a 4 digit SBI PIN.

An individual may easily do SBI ATM pin generation of SBI ATM debit card anytime and anywhere. Even if an individual has forgotten the SBI ATM pin, the user may easily generate an ATM pin. In most of the cases, users do not need to go to SBI Bank for generating, resetting or changing the ATM PIN.

User needs to do not need to visit SBI Bank. for generating and resetting or changing the ATM pin. An individual needs to visit the website of SBI bank for generating, resetting or changing an ATM pin.

When a user will open a new SBI account, the user will receive an SBI debit card from the bank and it needs to activate.

What are the steps to generate the ATM pin through SMS using SBI green PIN Service?

how to generate pin sbi atm by sms

If an individual will follow the following steps for the generation of ATM pin through SMS will be successfully able to generate an ATM pin.

Step 1: With a registered mobile number send an SMS to 567676 in the given format below.


The user has to provide the last four digits of the debit card number and in the place of yyyy user needs to have the last four digits of the SBI bank account number.

Step 2: After you have sent a message, you will receive a one time password (OTP). It is used to generate PIN for a new ATM card at any nearest SBI ATM counter within 24 hours as a one-time password is valid for only a day.

How to generate SBI ATM (Debit Card) Pin Through IVR (Customer Care)?

how to generate sbi atm pin through ivr

Follow the Steps for SBI ATM pin Generation Through IVR.

It is very easy to generate an SBI ATM pin with IVR. User needs to follow the following steps for SBI ATM pin generation online.

Step 1: with SBI registered Mobile Number, call Tollfree on 18004253800 or 1800112211.

Step 2: after, the user needs to enter the 16 digit SBI debit card Number when the user is asked.

Step 3: The user needs to enter the SBI Account Number.

Step 4: The user needs to enter SBI registered Mobile Number and re-enter it to confirm the number.

Step 5: enter the mobile number and a one-time password will come on registered Mobile Number.

Step 6: with the OTP received on the registered mobile number for changing the ATM card pin via any SBI ATM.

How to Generate the SBI ATM Pin Online?

how to generate the sbi atm pin online

It is very easy to generate an SBI ATM debit card PIN online. Users may follow the following steps to generate the SBI ATM pin online.

Step 1: The user should visit the SBI website:

Step 2: Users should click on E-services.

click on e-services

Step 3: The user needs to click on the ATM card services.

atm card services

Step 4: Select ATM PIN Generation

atm pin generation sbi online

Step 5: You can see two options: “Using One Time Password (OTP)” and “Using Profile Password”.

choose the option to validate

Step 6: The user needs to continue and do the process for the generation of the ATM pin.

Some of the Safety Tips for Using SBI ATM Pin.

SBI ATM PIN keeps user’s transactions secure. Therefore it is mandatory for every account holder to keep the pin secure. Here are some tips to secure the PIN or Personal Identification Number.

  1. A user should never write down SBI ATM PIN on Paper.
  2. A User should make sure not to send an email or SMS with the SBI ATM PIN to anyone.
  3. Users may generate SBI Pin anytime if the account holder forgets the PIN.
  4. It is best for a user to not store the ATM pin anywhere.
  5. While a user enters an SBI ATM pin at any ATM Machine, he should make sure no one looks at the PIN details.

SBI’s Green Pin Initiative

While issuing debit cards or credit cards most of the banks including both the public sector and private banks provide a pin on paper. It enables the card usage at ATMs and at point of sale (POS) terminals. Most of the banks have started issuing debit card or credit card pins. PINs mailers are the most popular delivery method.

SBI has come up with an initiative of Green Peen. it is the greenway to generate a debit card PIN. With the use of the Green PIN feature, cardholders may have a generation of debit card pin.

Following the tradition, SBI or state bank of India has launched ‘SBI green PIN’. it enables customers an easy and convenient way to generate their debit cards PIN.

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