How does one start a PAN card center?

The Income Tax Department of India issues PAN (Permanent Accounting Number). This is an important identification that every taxpayer should have. PAN has been given more importance in recent years. The government plans to issue PAN to all citizens of the country. PAN card centers are here to help.

PAN card centers must be established in every part of India to make it possible to issue PAN cards. People who are unable to apply online for a PAN will be able to do so. 

What is a PAN Card Center?

A PAN card center accepts PAN application forms from individuals and submits them for processing. You will provide the application forms for PAN cards (49A/49AA) to applicants and assist them in filling them correctly. These forms can be found online. The application must be submitted online along with any other documents. After processing your application, you will receive a PAN number. You are responsible for communicating this number to the applicant.

You usually provide the following services as a PAN center:

  • Apply for a new PAN card
  • Application for correction of PAN card
  • Application for a Pan Card for Overseas Clients
  • PAN and Aadhar Linking

How do I open a Pan Card Center?

To establish PAN card centers throughout the country, the government has partnered up with many corporations. To open a PAN center, you must register with one of these corporations: Steel City Securities Ltd., Radium Box. and Pay1.

Visit their website to submit a request for registration of a PAN center (also known as a PAN agency or PAN franchise). They can be reached via their customer service. You will receive a proposal that will include details about the deposit and basic requirements.

The registration fee or franchise fee is usually around Rs.5000. A security deposit may also be required. 

  • A scan of your PAN card
  • Additional proof of address: scanned copy of the office/residential address
  • Copy of bank proof scanned
  • Original copy of educational proof scanned
  • Once you have paid, proof of payment will be provided.

After you register, your center is added to the TIN database. People can search for ‘PAN cards near me and find you there.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible to open a PAN Card Center, you must meet the following requirements. Different corporations might have different criteria.

  1. Your office should be 150 square feet. Ft.
  2. 1 – 2 computers (can be laptop or desktop)
  3. It is important to be involved in a business that has been regulated by one of these:
  • Securities and Exchange Board of India
  • Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
  • Association of Mutual Funds in India
  • Controller of Certifying Authorities/Certifying Authority/Registering Authority (RA), 
  • Minimum one member of staff who is familiar with taxation, general hardware, and operating systems.

What is your role as a PAN Center Manager?

You will assist people in applying for a PAN Card card once you have registered as a PAN center. Registering through a corporation provides software and helps you understand the process. These are the essential steps for every application.

Formulation filling

Give the person applying for PAN a form. Assist them with filling out the application form according to the instructions. Also, please take a photo of the applicant and ask for their signature.

Document uploading

Three types of documentation are required to apply: proof of identity and proof of address. Aadhar card is preferred as proof of identity and address. You can also scan the application form along with the Aadhar cards of the applicants and upload them according to the instructions you get from the corporation.

Payment and collection of fees

For Indian citizens, the current fee for correction and new applications is Rs.107

The application will be processed, and the applicant will receive their PAN card at the address provided or the PAN number to the email id if the applicant is applying for an e-PAN.

What Commission Can I Make

The amount you receive will vary depending on which corporation you register with. They will tell you how much you can collect for various applications and how much you get in commission.

How do you find TIN Facilitation Centers?

To facilitate the application and issuance of forms for TDS and PAN Cards by Indian citizens living abroad, Tax Information Network Facilitation Centers, or PAN card centers, were established in India. These centers are managed by Protean of Technologies Limited (formerly NSDL – National Securities Depository Limited). They are located throughout India to handle PAN applications and other related requirements.

These are the functions of a TIN Facilitation Center or PAN Card Centers/offices in India:

  • They are given TCS/eTDS returns from collectors and deductors and transferred to the central TIN system.
  • They are given hard copies of TCS/TDS returns and other information from non-government collectors/deductors and non-corporate organizations. Then they transfer them to the central TIN system.
  • They collect the Annual Informative Returns of individuals and transfer them into the central system for TIN.
  • Individuals can apply to the TIN Facilitation Centers for new TAN (Form 48B).
  • They can also handle requests for corrections or modifications to TAN data already allocated to TANs.
  • Individuals can apply to the TIN Facilitation Centers for the allotment or renewal of a PAN Card (Form 49A/49AA).
  • They can also handle requests for corrections or modifications to the PAN data on already issued PAN cards.
  • They are given statements of Form 2G by Account Offices (AO) and then transferred to the central TIN system.

India has several organizations, such as Vertex Customer Solutions India Private Limited and Alankit Assignments Limited. They also have branches of TIN Facilitation Centers / Pan Card Consultants all over the country that can handle PAN-related requests and applications.

How do you find the nearest TIN Facilitation Center, PAN card center, or Pan card office?

It is easy to find the closest TIN Facilitation Center. With just a few clicks, it is easy to find the nearest TIN Facilitation Center from the comfort of your own home.

Follow these steps to locate the closest TIN Facilitation Center.

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2 After they log in to this website, they will be asked for the name of the state/union territory they are a part of.

Step 3 After they have selected the name of their state/union territory, a drop-down menu will appear asking them to choose their location.

Step 4: After they have selected their location, a list with the TIN FC Code and facilitator, name of the contact person, email address, and contact address will be displayed on the screen.

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