Resolving Roku Error Code 014. 40 manufactures and distributes a line of online media players known as Roku. They produce content in a variety of formats, including TV networks, streaming platforms, and other media. They are essentially physical consoles that connect to a user’s Ethernet or Wi-Fi link and send data to a TV, mobile device, or computer. They have memory and a processor of their own.

The new Roku consoles will stream in 4k resolution, which is a significant improvement over the 720p resolution that the device’s predecessor could achieve. However, users have been reporting that they are unable to stream videos on their consoles and that an Error named “Error Code 014.40” appears when attempting to create a link.


We decided to investigate the problem after receiving several feedback from multiple users and devised a series of solutions that solved it for the vast majority of our users. We have looked into the causes of this error and compiled a list of them below:

  • Incorrect Wi-Fi information: In the vast majority of cases, the error is caused by incorrect entry of the Wi-Fi password or SSID. Roku needs a safe Wi-Fi link to function properly, and if the information is entered incorrectly, the device fails to stream videos, resulting in this error.
  • Cache: The TV, Roku, and Internet Router cache those settings that are used to reduce loading times and provide a better experience. However, over time, these configurations can become corrupted, resulting in this error.
  • If your router’s Mac filtering is activated, your ISP can block the Mac id for your Roku device from accessing the internet.

We’ll move on to the solutions now that you have a basic understanding of the issue. To prevent confrontation, make sure to apply these in the order that they are introduced.

Resolving Error Code 014.40

1. Network Configuration Re-Initialization

It’s conceivable that the Wi-Fi password, SSID, or other settings is incorrectly configured. As a result, we’ll be reinitializing and reconfiguring the Network Settings for Roku in this phase. As a result:

  1. Using the Roku remote, navigate to the TV’s settings menu.
  2. Select “Advanced System Settings” from the “System” menu.
  3. Click “OK” after selecting “Network Connection Reset.”
  4. To start the reset, enter the code shown on the computer.
  5. Notice that it is shown for some models but not for others.
  6. The network settings for your computer will be reset if you follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. You will be asked to link to a network after restarting.
  8. Depending on your link, choose either “Wireless” or “Wired.”
  9. Choose your Wi-Fi from the drop-down menu.
  10. Select the “Connect” option after entering the Wi-Fi password.
  11. Wait for the link to form before checking to see if the problem still exists.

2. Devices for Power Cycling

If the cache for one or more of the devices involved in this process is corrupted, the link can be unable to be created. As a result, we’ll power-cycle the devices fully in this phase. As a result:

  • Switch off and disconnect “Roku” from the console.
  • Switch off the console as well as the Internet Router.
  • Remove them both from the outlet.
  • When unplugged, press and hold their power buttons for 2 minutes.
  • Connect them both.
  • Connect Roku to the console and see if the problem still exists.
  • Note: Make sure to check with your ISP to see if your Roku device’s MAC id hasn’t been blacklisted.

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