Rarest Video Game Consoles

Since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, many people began working remotely or were just stuck indoors. It is for this reason that most people spend most of their time playing video games and online casinos. Due to the high demand, consoles have become quite expensive to buy, so here is a list of the Rarest and some of the most expensive ones.

The Nintendo PlayStation

The Nintendo PlayStation is one of the most expensive consoles in the market. A former employee of Advanta called Terry Diebold discovered it in 2009. Ten years later, he put it on auction, where it sold for a good number of dollars.

It’s common for companies to compete with one another, especially in the console manufacturing market. Before the Xbox, Microsoft worked with Sega during the development of Dreamcast. Sony is not an exception since it did the same with Nintendo in the nineties.

The Atari Cosmos

If a console had massive success in the video gaming industry, then it is the Atari Cosmos. It was in development for three years, but unfortunately, it was canceled in 1981. Even though they never released it, there are five prototypes in existence. 

Three of the prototypes are empty shells. One of the shells was sold at eBay in 2005, and from the look of things, the other two may be more expensive than the one at eBay.

Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP

Many people consider the Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP one of the rarest consoles: A UK exclusive consisting of The Minish Cap video game and a gold Game Boy Advance SP. It comes in a sealed box in almost mint condition. Just like most rare consoles, it is not cheap. However, if you find it too expensive, you can pay for it in installments.

The PS1 10 Million Edition

The PS1 10 Million Edition came as a result of a celebration by Sony for selling over 10 million units. These consoles were produced in limited numbers; they were dark blue in color, which was different from the initial color of the previous consoles, gray.

As much as they are expensive, people can bargain during yard sales and in second-hand stores. 

Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DSi XL

It is one rare console because it was given a prize to top players who competed in the Pokemon World Championships in 2010. The console is beautiful, being yellow and with decals of various Pokemon. It also has a symbol of the 2010 Pokemon Championships in the corner.

Dreamcast S.T.A.R.S. Edition

Dreamcast STRS is a rare one since it has systems that are so hard to find. Sega released it in Japan. Having a grey/blue color scheme, it also has a special STARS sticker that is on the disc drive. 

Another attribute it possesses is that it comes with a controller, which is code Veronicah. The console also has some Resident Evil merchandise. What makes it so rare is that only 200 consoles were produced, making it expensive. You will rarely find it online.

Maziora Dreamcast 

Sega has different varieties of consoles, but none is as unique as the Maziora Dreamcast. A Japanese vehicle manufacturer made 500 of them. The small number makes them so marketable but that is not the only reason. 

Another reason why people love them is that they have a special coating that makes their colors change. It is the difference in viewing angle or lighting that changes the colors. For instance, they turn aqua blue in some conditions or purple when one views them from a different angle. This also applies to levels of light.

Sega Genesis CDX

During the early 90s, Sega combined Genesis and Sega CD to a hybrid console called the Genesis CDX. With time, the value of the console has risen, making it fetch a lot of money on platforms like eBay. The better quality ones are much more expensive.

Nintendo 64DD

Any gamer should understand that Nintendo 64 ran on cartridges. However, during that time, PlayStation was already turning heads with a new CD Technology. The 64DD is a disk drive peripheral that was released in 1996, Japan.

Unluckily, it was a massive commercial failure that no one remembers. On the other hand, failing makes them rare. If you happen to come across one of them, you will part away with a lot of money.

Cuphead Xbox One S

This is the rarest video game console of all time. Even though there are modern systems, they still can sell for exorbitant prices. The Cuphead Xbox One S was explicitly created for the launch of the LA Games event in 2017. 

Only four consoles were made and given as prizes to some attendees of the event. Since they are rare, their prices may continue going up since those who own them are still holding on to them.


From the list above, you will notice that the rare an item is, the more expensive it will turn out to be. So, for video game lovers, you should always prepare to spend quite some amount when it comes to such video game consoles. Don’t forget that you also need these fight pads.

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